Obama and his cowboy @ the Interior, have been a disaster for wolves and wild horses since Obama took office. He delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies TWICE. First in 2009 and again with the help of the Democrats in the Senate, delisted them permanently, by signing the wolf delisting rider/budget bill with NO JUDICIAL REVIEW. He is tone-deaf when it comes to the suffering that his administration has inflicted on wolves and wild horses. And the number of wolves killed is actually much higher than 1084 because Wildlife Services continues to kill hundreds of wolves every year in the Northern Rockies. It’s extermination Part two.

Exposing the Big Game

Since 2011, when Congress stripped wolves of their Endangered Species status, an estimated 1,084 wolves have been killed in the Northern Rockies. Again, that’s ONE THOUSAND AND EIGHTY-FOUR living, breathing, social, intelligent wolves killed by scornful, fearful, vengeful and boastful humans, often in the most hideous ways imaginable.

Of course, that number might not seem so shocking if you consider that 5,450 wolves were killed in the Montana Territory in 1884, after a bounty on wolves was first instated there. Clearly, there were a lot more wolves in the country then as compared to now, but that didn’t stop the Obama Administration from declaring the species “recovered” in 2011 and handing them over to eagerly awaiting hostile, hateful anti-wolf states to “manage” as they see fit.

Now, under a plan supported by the federal government, the state of Wyoming is opening even more wolf habitat to unlimited killing. As of…

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