URGENT: SFW Founder Requests Taxpayer Money To Lobby For Wolf Delisting…

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MARCH 6, 2013



More shameless behavior from the anti-wolf crowd,  that can have serious consequences for wolves across the US!!

Kirk Robinson, Executive Director, Western Wildlife Conservancy, states SFW founder Don Peay asked the Utah legislature, specifically the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality committee, to pay him $300,000 out of the state general fund (taxpayer money) so he could lobby in Washington, D.C., for wolf delisting across the US.  And there is more, please read Kirk’s urgent letter and take action immediately by contacting the members of the Utah Executive Appropriations Committee, that are listed below.

Don’t delay, the deadline is March 6


Dear friends of Canis lupus:  ACTION URGENTLY NEEDED!

Please rally to protest a line item in the Utah budget.  Do it no later than next Wednesday, March 6!

Don Peay, founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, has worked tirelessly do have wolves delisted throughout the West.  On February 21 he asked the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality committee of the Utah legislature for $300,000 from the state general fund (taxpayer money) to pay him to lobby in Washington D.C. to have wolves delisted nation-wide and to ensure that neither Mexican wolf nor Rocky Mountain wolves ever live in Utah, Colorado, Nevada or California.

This money is YOUR tax money, and it will be allocated to a private business – essentially to one individual, Don Peay – to engage in efforts to undermine the Endangered Species Act and to ensure that YOUR wild wolves on YOUR public lands are killed if they should stray beyond arbitrary boundaries.  The very idea is a moral affront to the citizens of Utah and to the citizens of the United States.  It is especially egregious to Utahans because Utah taxpayers will be required to pay for it at the expense not only of wolves and healthy ecosystems, but of public education and other worthy public goods that the money could otherwise be used for.  Killing wolves should not be given priority over educating our children!

Please take a few minutes to email the members of the Executive Appropriations Committee listed in below.  I have separated them by party, but you should contact each one of them so that we have a chance of persuading a majority to strike this line item from the budget.  This is our only opportunity to do it.  On the subject line of your message say in capital letters NO MONEY FOR DON PEAY’S PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST WOLVES!  In the body of your message, say that you find this proposed allocation of your money morally reprehensible and economically irresponsible – or something like that.  Don’t attack the legislator personally; save any attacks you may not be able to resist making for Don Peay.

Your message need not be long.  Indeed, the subject line itself is the message and may be all that gets noticed.  But if enough people protest this allocation of public funds, it just might be enough to persuade a majority of legislators to vote against it.  I will do as I have advised you to do, but in addition I will attach the letter that Utah wolf advocates sent to Secretary Salazar last fall urging against nationwide wolf delisting.  I will also include the text of a talk that Norm Bishop gave in Bozeman, MT a couple of weeks ago.  You never know, some of the legislators might actually want to get better educated on this subject.

Please forward this alert to known friends of the wolf only!  Thank you for your attention – wolves would thank you if they could.

Kirk Robinson
Executive Director
Western Wildlife Conservancy
1021 Downington Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84105


Contact Executive Appropriations Committee Members:

Sen. Lyle Hillyard, Co-Chair (R)


Rep. Mel Brown, Co-Chair (R)


Sen. Jerry Stevenson, Vice Chair (R)


Rep. Brad Wilson, Vice Chair (R)


Sen. Stuart Adams (R)


Rep. Brad Dee (R)


Rep. Greg Hughes (R)


Rep. Don Ipson (R)


Sen. Pete Knudson (R)


Rep. Becky Lockhart (R)


Sen. Wayne Niederhauser (R)


Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R)


Rep. Joel Briscoe (D)


Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck (D)


Rep. Tim Cosgrove (D)


Sen. Gene Davis (D)


Sen. Pat Jones (D)


Sen. Luz Robles (D)


Rep. Jennifer Seelig (D)



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