URGENT: SFW Founder Requests Taxpayer Money To Lobby For Wolf Delisting…

Emergency Alert Condition Red

MARCH 6, 2013



More shameless behavior from the anti-wolf crowd,  that can have serious consequences for wolves across the US!!

Kirk Robinson, Executive Director, Western Wildlife Conservancy, states SFW founder Don Peay asked the Utah legislature, specifically the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality committee, to pay him $300,000 out of the state general fund (taxpayer money) so he could lobby in Washington, D.C., for wolf delisting across the US.  And there is more, please read Kirk’s urgent letter and take action immediately by contacting the members of the Utah Executive Appropriations Committee, that are listed below.

Don’t delay, the deadline is March 6


Dear friends of Canis lupus:  ACTION URGENTLY NEEDED!

Please rally to protest a line item in the Utah budget.  Do it no later than next Wednesday, March 6!

Don Peay, founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, has worked tirelessly do have wolves delisted throughout the West.  On February 21 he asked the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality committee of the Utah legislature for $300,000 from the state general fund (taxpayer money) to pay him to lobby in Washington D.C. to have wolves delisted nation-wide and to ensure that neither Mexican wolf nor Rocky Mountain wolves ever live in Utah, Colorado, Nevada or California.

This money is YOUR tax money, and it will be allocated to a private business – essentially to one individual, Don Peay – to engage in efforts to undermine the Endangered Species Act and to ensure that YOUR wild wolves on YOUR public lands are killed if they should stray beyond arbitrary boundaries.  The very idea is a moral affront to the citizens of Utah and to the citizens of the United States.  It is especially egregious to Utahans because Utah taxpayers will be required to pay for it at the expense not only of wolves and healthy ecosystems, but of public education and other worthy public goods that the money could otherwise be used for.  Killing wolves should not be given priority over educating our children!

Please take a few minutes to email the members of the Executive Appropriations Committee listed in below.  I have separated them by party, but you should contact each one of them so that we have a chance of persuading a majority to strike this line item from the budget.  This is our only opportunity to do it.  On the subject line of your message say in capital letters NO MONEY FOR DON PEAY’S PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST WOLVES!  In the body of your message, say that you find this proposed allocation of your money morally reprehensible and economically irresponsible – or something like that.  Don’t attack the legislator personally; save any attacks you may not be able to resist making for Don Peay.

Your message need not be long.  Indeed, the subject line itself is the message and may be all that gets noticed.  But if enough people protest this allocation of public funds, it just might be enough to persuade a majority of legislators to vote against it.  I will do as I have advised you to do, but in addition I will attach the letter that Utah wolf advocates sent to Secretary Salazar last fall urging against nationwide wolf delisting.  I will also include the text of a talk that Norm Bishop gave in Bozeman, MT a couple of weeks ago.  You never know, some of the legislators might actually want to get better educated on this subject.

Please forward this alert to known friends of the wolf only!  Thank you for your attention – wolves would thank you if they could.

Kirk Robinson
Executive Director
Western Wildlife Conservancy
1021 Downington Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84105


Contact Executive Appropriations Committee Members:

Sen. Lyle Hillyard, Co-Chair (R)


Rep. Mel Brown, Co-Chair (R)


Sen. Jerry Stevenson, Vice Chair (R)


Rep. Brad Wilson, Vice Chair (R)


Sen. Stuart Adams (R)


Rep. Brad Dee (R)


Rep. Greg Hughes (R)


Rep. Don Ipson (R)


Sen. Pete Knudson (R)


Rep. Becky Lockhart (R)


Sen. Wayne Niederhauser (R)


Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R)


Rep. Joel Briscoe (D)


Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck (D)


Rep. Tim Cosgrove (D)


Sen. Gene Davis (D)


Sen. Pat Jones (D)


Sen. Luz Robles (D)


Rep. Jennifer Seelig (D)



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  1. Reblogged this on bearspawprint.


  2. Even though I live in MT, my WHOLE family lives in UT-each of the committee members will be getting a call from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM starting tomorrow, 9:00 am-COUNT ON IT!


    • April, you are awesome!


    • Excellent work, April. ❤
      We all need to rise up and shake up the
      status quo in HUGE fashion.


    • Excellent April!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Here is a copy of the letter my family and I sent to EACH senator and representative.

        Dear Senator Hillyard,

        I and my family live and work in Heber City in our great state of Utah. We recreate on Strawberry Reservoir and hunt deer in the Wasatch Range every fall. Between us we own 2 small businesses that we are struggling to keep open in these difficult times. My niece is a student at Heber Valley Public Schools, and my nephew is a freshman at Utah State University. My mother is a resident at our local nursing home.

        I write this to you because, as we are all struggling to keep our businesses open and food on our table, you and the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality Committee are poised to give $300,000 of our taxpayer dollars to Don Peay of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife for him to lobby Congress for delisting of the grey wolf. How can you even consider a line item for ANY amount to a private business (one individual)? This when I and my brother are struggling just to keep our movie theaters open. You see, we used to live in Colorado-I sold everything I owned and he cashed out his retirement in order to purchase the only 2 movie theatres in Heber City-the Avon (which we have lovingly restored) and the Ideal. We have contributed to the health and beauty of our community. In these difficult economic times, and now with the SEQUESTER and its potential budget cuts, we may lose what we have. Residents of our town cannot even afford to buy a movie ticket for $7.00! This $300,000 you are being asked to give to Mr. Peay could be used for important things like helping our education system, for starters.

        SEQUESTER promises to do the following to our state:

        1. Furloughs of personnel at Hill Air Force Base

        2. Utah State University will lose contracts and grants for research

        3. Small business will be hit because customers will have less money to spend (THIS IS OUR BUSINESS)

        4. Law enforcement will be cut

        5. Primary and secondary schools will see funds cut

        6. Cuts from our clean water and air quality programs

        Rather than giving this man our taxpayer dollars to kill animals (wolves), maybe you could help us with educating our children or giving relief to small businesses who are struggling just to survive right now. If this is approved, we as voters will be very disappointed and will seek to elect representatives who are truly concerned about the real-life struggles of Utah families.

        Thank you for making the economically responsible decision regarding this matter.

        April Lane

        Heber City, UT


      • Excellent job April!!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. So, we need to declare war on anti-wolf elements and lobby, and sue, and educate the general public, and find senators and representatives to battle for us– for some it should be good PR.


    • Roger, you’ve got my vote. 🙂


  4. This needs to be posted on every Pro- Wolf page on FaceBook…time to rally the troops.


    • I totally agree, hon. ❤
      ~Action Speaks Louder Than Words~

      What is really needed, are a series of
      large protest rallies, near, far, and wide.

      I know the economy is not all that great…
      But if we could think of some ways of
      fundraising drives, whereas all proceeds
      to go towards covering the costs of getting the rally(ies)
      put together (including permits, etc.), plus food
      and transportation costs for local and
      long-distance participants, that would be awesome-pawsome.

      And to make our efforts work effectively,
      we need to have ALL of our beloved pro-wolf
      groups and like-minded organizations to join forces,
      as one one voice or "legion" to hold or take part in
      these rallies that's inspired by the huge rally against
      the Keystone XL Pipeline, where 50,000 couragous warriors
      bravely rose up to challenge the status quo.


      • ABSOLUTELY, Keystone pipeline people and keystone predator people need to unite to stop one and save the other! we can do this to save the wolves and stop that pipeline..together we can get huge media coverage and do great work for both of the KEYSTONES!
        I’m in! organize now!


      • That’s what needs to happen. I think wild horse, wolf and anti keystone pipeline advocates are a perfect fit. Think what could happen if the three joined together.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. Now this is enraging. Never thought I would hear it this bad… not yet. Although it has been pretty bad for them at this time. I am glad there are other out there who are willing to speak for them as I attempt to in my prejudice community. I wish my luck to them.


  6. I will be doing this tomorrow! what an ill informed man this guy is …and he wants us to pay him so he can get the wolves further delisted… NO DUDE! ignorance is no excuse for killing!


    • Thank you Rebecca!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. They better not give our money to this sicko I will send all of them a e-mail this is our state too and no killing our Wolves


  8. why can’t the poor wolves be left alone?! God put them here on this earth for a purpose and man is now playing God and destroying them,saying wolves do not need to exist.maybe it’s man that doesn’t nees to exist,especially those that kill without remorse.shame,shame on our so called government.no wonder soo many people are starting to hate us!!! all our men can think of anymore is kill,kill,kill. no wonder women outlive men. we see beyond what men see and they need to start LISTENING to us if THEY want to live. maybe we women should start training wolf hybrids to kill men. ha-hA!!!! that’d be JUSTICE!!!!!!


  9. I sent my e-mail to the committee but it came back as “blocked”.
    It’s time we rise up, get our paws on the ground,
    storm these political offices, and demand these officials to resign.
    If these politicians refuse to listen to us, then they should
    be forced out of office in our noble “Revolution For The Wolves”.


    • WiZaRd…they might be blocking emails from people outside of Utah. I’ll look into this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Yes, I have noticed when I called about issues like this that the e-mail gets blocked, the phones don’t get answered, or the numbers get changed. They just don’t want to hear.

      If I remember correctly, taking the wolves off the endangered species list for the current hunting came about after a rider was sneaked into a budget bill that had nothing to do with wildlife. Legislators can get they and their big-time constituents want surreptitiously if they think it is something people will fight otherwise.


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  11. That’s unacceptable. I don’t want any more wolves hunted. This is not necessary. Saving the wolves means a lot. I don’t like politics.


  12. We need pro-wolf lobbyists in Washington.
    Why aren’t the large groups like Defenders of Wildlife or Friends of Animals or the Alliance of the Rockies pooling their funds and hiring lobbyists?
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


    • I have wondered about this very thing for a long time..I don’t want another wolf plush toy, I want action in DC and I want it now…I have spent a lot of time and funded these organizations for this cause and the wolves don’t seem to be represented, no positive results, no media coverage, can’t they pay a PR firm to get to work and get these stories into the mainstream media?..Just what are they doing! …what’s the status of the delisting/relisting lawsuits? And don’t they have any activists on the ground organizing rallies, boycotts? it seems they just ask for money but we NEVER get any results..just more bad news! This can’t be right…Does anyone else wonder why we don’t seem to make any headway?…these are big groups ..get PR and get activists and let’s win these lawsuits..If they organize a rally for wolves I will be there! How about you?
      Stop the Violence against Wildlife!! NOW!!!
      Ignorance is no excuse for bad policy we need to educate and take this revolution on the road to the people! and SAVE OUR WOLVES NOW!!!


      • Very good points rebecca. With all the money the big orgs take in there should be massive lobbying campaigns to counter act the bs coming from the other side but if they are lobbying they’ve been very ineffective. The grass roots movement is the biggest hope for wolves because they can organize more effectively. It seems all some of the big groups do is ask for donations that don’t seem to be helping wolves. Wolf hunting is being accepted now in the MSM. They talk about it as if it’s business as usual. Meanwhile wolves are dying and dying and dying.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. No community or nation can afford senseless waste of taxpayer money especially on things like this. May this proposal be defeated.


  14. sigh, I just don’t understand why ‘they’ think that killing wolves is the best/only thing to do! I’ve written to all the Utah government officials to add my opinion. with all the studies that have PROVEN wolves are not inherently dangerous to livestock, deer/elk, and people – I just don’t get it!


  15. Don peay is enemy number one for wolf recovery….he’s got his little bit-/ protege Ryan benson from big game forever following in his footsteps. These predator haters need to be exposed


    • You got that right William!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  16. I don’t live in Utah nor do I have family there so I doubt that they would heed anything I have to say. I think it is shameful and disgusting that these wolf-haters want the government of Utah to pay for their propaganda. I have told my own Congressional representatives and the President that I want wolves relisted as an endangered species and I am battling efforts to kill wolves in my own state, Washington.


    • We still need to try Marian…I think they will pay attention if they are deluged with emails. We should all take the time to write and let them know that Don Peay should not be allowed to use tax payer funds to lobby against wolves, $300,000 no less. It’s an absolute outrage.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  17. Thank you, Nabeki, for this vital information and for making it so easy to get in touch with each and every one of them. They mostly look like male Republicans and I know they throw away all the letters from people who can’t vote for them and don’t even take notice but I got in touch with them all and have an address in Utah all made up. Thank you again and keep the info coming. We are very willing to act on it. We have no power but that. Please stop killing the poor wolves. Let the ecosystems live and be healthy.


    • Your’re very welcome nancy…knowledge is power and we have to call them out on every sneaky little deal they are trying to pull. Kirk Robinson is really responsible for doing the work on this letter, I’m just a vessel to get the word out and will continue to speak out and tell the truth about what is happening to the wolves. We can still win this, we have a huge battle ahead but the wolves are worth every sacrifice we have to make to see they are freed from this prison of suffering and death, so they can once again run free and wild without leg hold traps, snares and wolf hunters chasing them at every turn. The wolf haters think we’re defeated but they are sorely mistaken.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  18. Reblogged this on Carinas space.


  19. Emailed each one.


    • Thank you Pam!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  20. Yes, will do, just in case a call goes through or a message gets composed in such a way that it is or is not from UT .

    Suggesting animal and conservation activist take a hard look at cohort tactics in the era of Corporatocracy.

    Someone in UT, can you contact a lawyer that knows non-profit law and request an evaluation of this misappropriation of public funds via the state legislature to a private non-profit? Is NLG in UTAH? Can a state watchdog group help? Perhaps ALEC chapter or ACLU.

    I think callling the SFW Board and asking them if they are prepared to be accountable for Peavy’s request might be interesting. Nobody wants to think of loosing their ‘house on the hill.”. Perhaps SFW board members should be asked to rein in their errant founder before they are entangled for legal misrepresentation in a non-profit which doesn’t act like one.


  21. I wrote every senator and rep a letter with various reasons why not to fund this fellow ,the main reason being that 2/3’s of the American public want the Endangered Species Act strengthened and not decimated or riddled with bullets so another iconic species can become extinct… But anyway ..Rep Pat Jones email is pjones@le.utah.gov….. not what was posted above..Last day is tomorrow!!!!! ..I was polite and complimented their beautiful state, which it truly is and said it was outrageous to pay for a junket for him to visit lobbyists in DC so he could kill wolves already decimated by the current slaughter in the other western “killing states”. I think they heard me but I sent every letter in love and light in honor of our beautiful fallen wild ones!
    Please support “projectwolf.org” that is putting up billboards to raise public awareness they need funds to continue..
    thank you so much!
    and please sign my petition at change.org” Please stop killing us” under animals …


  22. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    Last Day to comment!


  23. As a student myself, I feel that it is absolutely insane to prioritize the killing of wolves over improving education! Are these people really that backwards, to do such a thing?


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