ALERT: Wolf and Wildlife Rally March 11 In Sacramento, California: Be There For The Wolves

Howl Across America Cour D' Alene

From Justin Forte:


Attention all wolf and animal rights activists! A wolf and wildlife rally will be held on the steps of The California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, California on March 11TH, 2013 from 1PM TO 5PM.

If interested in helping or attending, call Kim Richard at (903) 363-5353. Let’s remind the politicians that they work for us and we demand the slaughter of our wolves and wildlife be stopped! Everyone who can help or attend please do!



Ph0to: Courtesy Ann Sydow

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  1. This is great news! I hope there is a huge turnout to make the point that some people care about wolves. Legislators, hunters, and their organizations won’t be able to hide behind their disconnected phones and blocked e-mails when they see people who care protesting.


  2. Go Cali Go ! raise the roof


  3. love the wolf!!! is it a real wolf or hybrid?


    • I believe he’s a wolf dog laurie.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Thank you so much for doing this-I am sorry I live too far away to go. We need to do many more of these, and take it right to the steps of Congress to gain national attention. Thank you for your steps to help us stop the killing of our wolves!


  5. Canadian/Alberta wolf supporters are watching and grateful for your efforts! Wishing you sucess.


  6. If I had the means of transportation,
    I would head over there at a drop-of-the-hat,
    and rally with our beloved howlers, near, far, and wide.
    However, I’m in Hamilton, MT and I don’t have a car to drive over there.
    I will be there in spirit, and inspired by the
    upcoming rally, I might look into putting another studio wolf rally
    together that coincides with the rally in Sacramento,
    and post it on YouTube.
    Nothing’s ruled in or out yet, ’cause I still have
    an unfinished project to complete that’s related to our
    noble cause, and that’s to urge the public to boycott the
    meat industry in favor of plant-based protein products,
    such as beans, nuts, kale, spinach, blueberries, etc.
    Not only to save our wolves, but also to promote good health.


  7. I’ll walk with you in spirit but live too far away (Denmark)


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    Wolf and Wildlife Rally March 11 in Sacramento, California


  9. I would love to attend but will be out of town…when did this get decided? ..If more notice I would have changed plans and been in attendance with others…! This is soooo Great ! About time! who is in charge of this? will there be another? please let us all know and even more people can attend! and let’s notify the media..etc.


  10. I’ll walk with you in spirit and with all my heart!
    For the wild ones,
    Sylvie (France)


  11. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    “The term “Wildlife Management” is actually a fancy euphemism for allowing hunters to manipulate and exploit wildlife and their populations for the benefit of hunters. This dictatorship that hunters and ranchers have had over the rest of us on wildlife policy has gone on for too long! It is time for all of us to stand up and say ‘No More’!” ~ Justin Forte


  12. I’ll walk with you in spirit from Alabama.


  13. I’ll walk with you in spirit for our wild brothers and luck to all who run for siblings and more wolves


  14. I am with you in spirit. Let your voices be heard. Make them hear you. Show them you mean business. Alert the media from all over the country. The wolves need our best. Illinois hearts bleed when the wolves bleed.


  15. We Want WOLF DAY! WWW. Join the Event. … sign the Petition.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,for my Music for the Wolves go to


  16. Yes!!! a Rally. I live in Colorado, and its a very long drive to Sacramento.However I have a brother and sister that live there and, they will be there! Also my best friend (I grew up with) will be there.
    And my heart and spirit will be there also. May God bless all who attend.may they travel safely, to and from. And may they BE HEARD!!!!!

    Howl with your friends, & In this case Howl as loud as you can!!!!


  17. I wish that I could’ve gone to the rally, but it was too far away and I had school to attend. I hope that it was a success! Long live wildlife!


  18. Is there a Rally in Minnesota in May? I find it hard to get the information. This website is a little difficult to figure out–


  19. Thank you for his support. Lets save all animals before they become extinct or only for zoos.


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