Exposing the Big Game

When an activist friend asked me to write an overview of the wolf situation, my first thought was: “What a daunting and extremely depressing task that would be.” But having followed the wolves’ story since long before their reintroduction to Yellowstone and the Idaho wilderness, I suppose it’s only natural that I take this on. After all, I’ve covered the issue many times in articles, on my blog, and I devoted two chapters of my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, to the plight of wolves.

At the time I wrote the book’s chapter, “From the Brink of Oblivion and Back Again,” wolves were still federally protected and their removal from the Endangered Species List was just someone’s bad idea that had yet to see its dark day—I never quite realized just how apt that title would soon be. Until recently I remained hopeful that…

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  1. Today’s wolf-haters panic at the thought of natural predators competing for “their” trophy “game” animals and loath anything that might threaten their exploitive way of life.

    That one line says it all …


    • The hunters and ranchers have decided that “public” lands and the “wilderness” with its wild inhabitants belong to them and that they are free to rob them of their living space and to take their lives. Unfortunately, they have bought off the legislators and get the laws they want.


  2. You’re so right, Janet!


  3. You tell the story well my friend.
    To the future of the wolves, may we find it within ourselves
    to share this land of ours with wild things. May the friends of the wolf
    never stop fighting for them and may we all teach our children and grandchildren, then perhaps we will see the dawn of a new day.
    Never quit telling the story.


    • I say Blessed be to that, no matter how disheartening reading this was it makes me want to fight them even more, no living being should ever suffer such a fate and injustice that has been done to these beautiful intelligent animals, Long Live the Wolves, Let Them Once again and Forever Given Peace and Freedom and Left to the Wilds


  4. I don’t understand why these states feel that they should only have a minimum number of wolves (in the low hundreds) when they can tolerate thousands of bears, cougars, and other predators! It just doesn’t make any sense from an ecological perspective! If the ecosystem can support thousands of other predator species then there is no reason why it couldn’t be able to sustain thousands of wolves as well! Wolves are not an invasive species or anything like that; they are native wildlife, and deserve to reclaim their role in the ecosystem! These states need to stop killing off the wolves, and instead should protect them, allow them to maintain healthy populations, and permit them to recolonize their former range!


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