Too Bad “Utah Legislature” – 74% Of Utahns Want To Bring Wolves Home….

wolvescartoon The Daily Utah Chronicle

The Daily Utah Chronicle – Luigi Ghersi

Big Game Forever, Don Peay and the Utah Legislature may want to stop wolves from returning to Utah but 74% of the state’s citizens are in favor of reintroduction. (

The only thing that disturbed me about this opinion piece was this quote:

“The prime number of wolves for the available habitat space in Utah is 200. This amount would allow optimal growth of the species. Anymore would create an influx, which was most likely the problem with the Yellowstone restoration of wolves.”

It’s always about the end game, the day when wolves reach some magical number and then the slaughter begins.  That’s what we’re fighting in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes. Wolves are never going to be safe under state management.

  Mexican gray wolves need to expand beyond the Blue Range Recovery Area that’s choking with cattle. If they are to return to Utah,  these highly endangered wolves must remain protected under the ESA, otherwise in a few years they’d be facing the same brutality wolves are experiencing in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes. Once their numbers grow the “sportsmen” will decide it’s time to break out the guns!

But salient points were also made.

“Wolves had been a part of Utah’s ecosystem since before the pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock — before Utah was even a state. They used to freely roam the whole state — until humans pushed them to the brink of extinction.”

“Tourism is one example of additional economic benefits that would result from reintroducing wolves to Utah’s ecosystem. Our state parks would see a dramatic increase in the total amount of visitors per year, bringing in more revenue to the state.”

I think Mexican grays should return to Utah but only if they remain protected from wolf hunts.


Mexican gray wolf should be reintroduced in Utah


Cartoon: Courtesy The Daily Utah ChronicleLuigi Ghersi

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