Too Bad “Utah Legislature” – 74% Of Utahns Want To Bring Wolves Home…. » wolvescartoon The Daily Utah Chronicle

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  1. Very sad, break my heart how this sadistic, barbaric hunters, ranchers and goverments demonise wolves, the only monsters are the hunters, the ranchers and the goverments. Wolves are magnificent creatures, family oriented, we humans should learn from them, they have more compassion than we do. They don’t hunt and kill wildlife for fun, sport or trophy. They hunt for survival, they need food for them, their pack, their pups, break my heart and I cry for them every day, they endure torture, their pups suffer horrible death in their den, Shame on the sadistic, sick hunters, shame on the Goverment that allow the torture and killing of this innocent creatures.


  2. I hope we can accept wolves one day.


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