Environmentalists Aren’t Taking Proposed “Blanket Wolf Delisting” Lying Down….

Cold Warriors alpha male

Alpha Male Delta Pack (Watch Cold Warriors, Nature Channel)

March 27, 2013

If the wolf haters think advocates are looking the other way while they systematically dismantle wolf recovery across the US, they better think twice. As I stated in my previous post the anti-wolf brigade is going in for the kill, they want wolves delisted across the lower 48, which would effectively stop wolf recovery in its tracks. Wolves already face daunting odds dispersing outside the “kill zone” of the hostile wolf states. Even with federal protection they usually end up dead, shot by hunters who almost always claim ” I thought it was a coyote” excuse.

Wolf killed in Kansas first in more than a century

Male wolf killed by coyote hunters

Posted: February 2, 2013 – 6:32pm



Wolf Confirmed Killed in Mid-MO

Wolf Killed in Missouri

warning graphic photo

Mar 20, 2013 8:14 PM

A bow hunter killed the animal near the Franklin Island Conservation Area last year. On Wednesday, the state’s Conservation Department confirmed it was a wolf and not a coyote.



 The same fate was shared by the amazing little Mill Creek Pack wolf, 314f. who traveled 1000 miles from her home in Montana,  to a lonely hillside in Colorado, aptly called  “No Name Ridge”, where her bones were found. Two years later it was announced she was poisoned by the deadly compound 1080, one of the horrific poisons Wildlife Services uses in its arsenal to kill our wildlife.

The Amazing Journey and Sad End of Wolf 314F

May 31, 2012



Can you imagine the carnage if wolves were systematically delisted across the lower 48? They can’t catch a break now,  when they’re  federally protected.  The USFWS has no reason to take this action against wolves. Wolf recovery is not even close to being accomplished and in fact it’s going in reverse due to USFWS removing their federal protections and turning them over to hostile state management. The pressure to delist is coming from the rabid wolf haters, who believe “the only good wolf is a dead wolf”. Where is the science in that USFWS? I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.


Environmentalists band together to defend gray wolves

A U.S. Fish and Wildlife report last year proposed dropping wolves from the endangered list in most areas where they’re known not to live, triggering an outcry.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Western environmental groups say they’re alarmed that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering a plan to end federal protections for gray wolves in vast areas where the animals no longer exist.

The groups say ending federal protections would keep wolves from expanding their range back into states that could support them, including Colorado and California.

“As a matter of principle, I just think it’s wrong,” said Jay Tutchton, a Colorado lawyer with the group WildEarth Guardians.

Tutchton’s group has sued over recent action to end federal protections for wolves in Wyoming. Wolves in most of the “Cowboy State” are classified as unprotected predators and scores have been killed since federal protections ended last fall.

“The Endangered Species Act was designed to protect species, including in places where they no longer reside,” Tutchton said. “You were supposed to try to recover them, not throw in the towel.”

The Fish and Wildlife Service could announce as soon as this spring whether it will propose a blanket delisting of wolves in most of the lower 48 states. Wolves in the Northern Rockies and around the Great Lakes, where reintroduced populations are well-established, are already off the Endangered Species List.

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URGENT!! TAKE ACTION: Frenzy To Delist Wolves Across Lower Forty Eight Intensifies….



Top Photo: Courtesy The Nature Channel (Cold Warriors)

Middle Photo: Courtesy ABC 17 HD News

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  1. Probably some of the wolves in non wolf states were people’s pets? Most people in the general public can’t tell a wolf from a malamute or any Northern breeds wolfdog mix either.
    I used to say the fence was to keep my animals in, now I say it keeps the hunters out!


  2. Never good news!!!!!!! Why only is there good news for wolf hunters who have never earned a degree like scientists and doctors do. I don’t understand why they have the right to murder for their own blood seeking pleasure. There are educated humans that are pleading for help and nothing is being done to change American history. This wolf hunting is nonsence. Nerver heard of just any having the ability to kill and it be ok. Every gun owner and including all hunters need mandatory mental evaluations period. Wolves are natural to be in nature like God intended. Ranchers/Farmers are not doing anything of nature that’s natural. How many of these wolf hunters are actually doing a favor for farmers? Stop the your vicious evil wolf hunts


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  5. Michigan is saving their wolves…they only have one more hurdle, then the wolves will live in peace. We too can do that for the rest of the wolves. These people who are killing them haven’t a clue as to why they are. They are political puppets and makes them feel like real men to kill a wolf…the ancestor of their family pet. Let them tell their children, “Well Billy, today I am going out and kill the dogs that live outdoors.” See how far that will get them with their children. What idiots!


    • There is a story, I’ll have to find it if I can. A ‘hunter’ takes his little son with him – I think it is in one of the Great Lakes states. He tells him he’s going to kill the wolf he finds. The little boy calls out and points – “dog!”. “No, it’s a wolf!” the father insists. “Dog!” the little boy keeps saying. You just can’t corrupt goodness and innocence.


  6. Reblogged this on Carinas space and commented:
    It is scary how greedy the human race is ~ I’ve said this before and I say it again ~ why is it such a completely impossible concept, to share this planet with and it’s resources with wildlife? America is such a large country with vast low or no-populated areas, there is definitely room for the animals as well.


  7. I just don’t want to be like this anymore… How can I be just here typing my outrage, arguing with haters, signing petitions, making calls, sending emails and everything that has been for absolutely nothing!! Kill counts just keep rising and rising, wolves are dying off!! I have just realized that this has either 2 endings; or the haters manage to completely delist wolves and wipe them all out OR their numbers fall so low that any disease that spreads to them ends up wiping their already agonizing numbers, just like the disease that has been killing bats..WE ARE GOING TO LOSE THE WOLVES IF WE DO NOT DO WHAT THEY DO…
    This people express their hatred towards wolves by killing them, no mercy..Diplomacy HAS FAILED, petitions HAVE FAILED, lawsuits HAVE FAILED MISERABLY.. POLITICIANS AND HUNTERS MOCK OUR ATTEMPTS TO SAVE THE WOLVES.. Wake up!! This people have televised live wolf kills claiming that “its the funnest thing they’ve ever done”! seriously? calling advocates a bunch of “wingnut screwballs”? IF the government or ANYONE cared, we would really see this being fought back… IT’S ABOUT TIME THAT WE REALIZE THAT NOBODY IS HELPING, NEITHER US, OR THE WOLVES, IT IS US AND THE WOLVES ALONE.. We really must have SOLDIERS determined to, if necessary, start a REVOLUTION, it os only that way the people have overthrown the oppressive!! I’m through! I cannot take this suffering that wolves are enduring, I love them more than my own life and ite makes it even more painful! I’m sorry, I just cannot take this anymore, I can stand as tall and strong as I want, but the obliterating blows would vaporize even the most stiff of bulwarks..I’m stuck here in TX, hell I’m not even 18 yet, I’m half a year before that…I sincerely cannot imagine myself, in my 24-5’s, sitting, remembering the creatures I loved so dearly, long vanished, exterminated..I urge people in the front lines, PLEASE if you love wolves, this is the time to risk it all, DEMAND this to stop, set an “if not” and ENFORCE it, bring this terrorism down now FOR GOOD.
    Daniel Timberwolf.


    • Daniel, you are a brave warrior, you just need a rest! You are too precious to wolves to give up forever. Let the bad stuff drain out of your body, visualize all that emotional pain and the sickness of others, flow out of your mind, out of your heart and down to your feet and out into the ground. Be free of it.
      If there is a wolf or wolfdog educational center, refuge, etc. go volunteer to help them. Let them heal you. There is a place for all of us in the fight. When I am really bummed out, I sit on the ground and let my face get covered in wolf kisses and have a good howl with them. 🙂
      When you feel better, see if you can go help Ralph Nader in D.C. Just a short time there and you will get a priceless education for only your time. You will learn how politicians can be beaten and dirty tricks overcome. Your time will earn you recomendations to ivy league law schools and maybe scholarships? You can study environmental law. You are a very smart guy and I know you will fit in.
      You can write to me and I will help you.
      Grandmother Sleeping Wolf ( Melody)


      • Daniel
        I love you, dear soul of beauty !!! I feel the same way, I am going to DC week of April 8th to turn in my “please stop killing us”@change.org petition re Wolves…I literally do not sleep because of this madness knowing they our beautiful ones are caught in traps and snares awaiting their fates. We are a cruel species and we have to call in our higher good constantly. I am asking all of us to hide the wolves in their hearts and blanket them with love from the ignorance and we must prevail. I too will give my life for them.
        Mato Woksape is having a Wolf Walk starting soon and he can be contacted through this blog. You should join him there will be much knowledge and healing thru this walk. The Native Americans have been persecuted for years by the same group that are now after our native keystone predator. These wolves are held sacred in the spiritual practice and yet those old white boys continue to think they know best…and are being allowed to slaughter a being that is at the heart of the “religion” …
        Don’t forget Jesus was also crucified, ignorance is the name of the game…but we don’t want to be in their ignorance and hatred, we need to lead everyone out of the darkness into the light…We are the resurrection and the light..we can do this for our wild beings that suffer, don’t give into the despair, keep walking the truth and the truth will come now…and so it is…Wolves are us and we are Wolves.


      • Thank you all for your kind and noble words Melody and Rebecca..I can assure you both that I will NEVER give up, I just wanted to point out how obliterating this all is to me, and trust me if I am not in a sanctuary, is because there is none here in south TX where I live.. As much as scarcity of such places I simply cannot afford to travel to the front lines both economically and academically, and that is because I would probably end up jailed for deserting school under this ridiculous law..I just keep volunteering in as much as I can here, but, I still feel useless amongst birders when I was meant to be with the wolves..


      • Hi Daniel,

        I know this is really a rough time for wolf advocates, I feel it every day and I also get mail from anti wolfers that advocates never see unless I choose to include them in a post. I want to shield you from that nastiness, we have to put up with enough of it outside this blog. This is a blog for wolf advocates, a place to exchange information, to rant, to commit, to express our love and care for wolves. The problem is many people are getting very angry and think it’s OK to make death threats against the other side, which is not OK here. With that said one of the reasons we are all so frustrated is because the fight we’re in is so one sided. The fish and game agencies, politicians, ranchers and hunters have all joined together to persecute wolves. Did an anti wolfer get in trouble when he proposed poisoning wolves with Xylitol? What about the officers who held the SSS contest? What about the RMEF donating $50,000 to Montana FWP?

        Family pulls award over Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s wolf policy

        What about Don Peay and Big Game Forever receiving over a half million dollars in taxpayer money to lobby against wolves, what about Jon Tester inserting a delisting rider into a budget bill to strip wolves of their protections, what about Harry Reid letting it happen, what about the majority of Democrats in Congress voting for it, what about Obama signing the bill into law? What about Obama delisting wolves in 2009 when wolves have such a long and sad history of persecution in this country. So much nasty stuff happening on the other side while pro wolf advocates are literally ignored.

        BUT we can change things, it’s going to take a groundswell of protest from the American people. people are going to have make a decision to do something about it. They are going to have to hold protests, boycott the wolf states, get active to relist wolves. That is the only way the USFWS is going to listen is if the American people speak loud and clear that they want these animals protected. Trying to deal with the states in the Northern Rockies is almost impossible, it’s completely rigged against wolves.

        I know I keep talking about our campaign to save America’s wolves but it is going to happen. We’re working on it now, we’ve been working on it for a year, we’ve hit so many bumps in the road but we believe this could be a game changer. I can’t give out the details but we hope after we launch our campaign that you will feel a little bit better and you and all wolf advocates who care about wolves will get on board and work to see them protected once again.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Thank you Nabeki for your words, I greatly appreciate that the people around here not only shows tveir support for the beautiful wolves, but for the rest of the ones who also love them..I indeed knew everything about the dirty moves from Obama and the anti-wolf lobbyists, its just that remembering it makes me even more enraged.. As for ecology as Helen and Melody pointed out, I’m definitely well instructed, I try my best to make all opportunities of presentations available in school about this issue, I try to raise awareness by showing everyone the crude truth behind this slaughter, and I have indeed changed many minds I can confidently presume.. I wil be studying for veterinarian just for the sake of having the knowledge to actually help animals in need, hopefully if I can afford it, I’ll specialize in wolves and wildlife.. It has all been hard, and by any means I would come to this blog to whine about it, but the reason this makes me want to termiante all those redneck knuckledraggres, is because all my life I have remained powerless, unable to do anything for the wolves, since something cracked in me around early middle school, and I banned hurting animals sfrom my entire brain, even though I have been raised in a world where animals are treated as vermin..It has also been hard to find a start, as I supported the idea of leaving behind my home in Mexico to come over and help the wolves, for my love for them knew no frontiers, but I think I’m on the right track. Thank you all again, you jnspire me to continue on, and to think I felt all by my own a couple of years back, thanks to you, nevermore.
        I will keep it up, I know you all will too and all my praise and love to you for that…
        Daniel Timberwolf..


    • Also Daniel, the other thing you can do is to learn the ecology around wolves (and all the other species they help and the good stuff they do for the land) as well as you can and become an educator. As someone who lives in Florida without too many opportunities to actually be around wolves (there’s a zoo with red wolves about an hour away and a couple of sanctuaries, including one about 4.5 hours away from me). We definitely need more passionate folks to help speak up for the wolf but we also need to be well-prepared and educated. I agree with the idea of also learning about the policies and laws involved. We need more people with a balance between policy and science as well as passion and people skill.

      Two things I’ve found very helpful in relieving the bad stuff in the absence of wolves or other natural surroundings are lifting (almost impossible to stay upset for long after a few heavy dead-lifts or swinging the kettle-bell around for a while) and moving meditation of some sort (target/field archery or any of the various martial arts for example).

      There’s just too much bad press and too many bad myths out and about on this amazing apex predator. If people only understood the ecological importance of the wolf, as well as the examples they provide for us as humans.

      Good luck and I wish you the best!

      Helen (Cylithera Greywolf)


  8. Daniel, the animals all teach us. Learn all you can from the birds. I just know you are gonna fly so high some day when you finish school. We all have to do things we don’t like but there are lessons in all things. Sometimes we don’t see them until we get older. Sometimes they just happen. Sometimes we have visions if we are really lucky, maybe once in a lifetime? I had a vision once many years ago in sweatlodge, it is still fresh in my mind, now. I will write to you because it was about wolves and why I started rescue work.


  9. To carlozenofranklin 1013:

    Just as with the heinous freak ‘hunters’ with their steel-leg hold
    traps that take photos and videos of their ‘victory’ and grin in the forground;

    in the background, the wolf bleeds slowly to death in agony
    in the leghold trap…(real fair);

    these worthless humans may or may not have a degree, and
    who really cares.

    For what they have nothing better to do than KILL, I would make
    sure my property, self, family, and any domestic pets be safe-
    guarded against the murderers that roam the area, by night or
    broad daylight.
    Alert everyone who lives in the area as well, to do the same.

    Blood lust. It spreads like ripples in a pond when a stone is
    thrown into the water.

    Why can we not obliterate these monsters that relentlessly
    hunt the wolves who are trying to live a life?

    Our ‘officials’ do nothing about this but put a ‘band-aid’ on a gigantic problem and list wolves as ‘endangered species’, while we can do
    little but pray that ancestors and animal spirit guides help the
    wolf packs.


  10. I rant, I post and repost my commitment for the wild ones, I urge people to the cause. I cry and my heart rips open every night as I lay in bed my thoughts on the mindless torture and killing of the these beautiful creatures. I will continue to contact state legislatures. I will continue to petition. I will do what it takes to help stop the slaughter. I will not rest. Keep up the phones calls in whatever state you live. LIVES DEPEND ON IT!


  11. Yes, I wrote the President and Dept of Interior today and urged them to RELIST the American Wolf because I have found that many, many Native American people want the slaughter of their sacred Native Wolf to be stopped..In their spiritual practice they are revered beings. As Easter draws near and our Christian/Judeo tradition celebrates the passover and resurrection, what in heavens name are we again doing to our Native Nation and their right to have religious freedom? Their beliefs and traditions do not merit respect and observance of the constitution? We are violating a sacred trust we have with our nation that promised religious freedom..Can we protect and respect their rights? How can we be allowed to kill their/our Native sacred wolf?
    I had not even thought of this perception until I started getting responses from Native American signing my “please stop killing us”petition@change.org.
    Please join me in calling and writing the Feds to stop killing our American Wolf based on our Native Americans spiritual/religious rights. I am ashamed as an American that our govt has neglected their rights in this discussion. I am making amends now and notifying all our officials of this’ racist ‘oversight. I say take our beautiful WOLF down off that crucifix and look for their resurrection and true place in our world as a revered being.


    • HE has heard their groaning and will come down and deliver them.
      The wolves, the wild ones.

      Comfort your heart Vickie Ravens Dubie – it is in giving that we

      Behold, you will see the heavens open and the Lord Wolf
      in the clouds reaching down with his paw to pat your cheek for your caring.


  12. […] See on howlingforjustice.wordpress.com […]


  13. Ugh, I am so sick and tired of that stupid “I thought it was a coyote” excuse! In most places it should be obvious whether an animal is a wolf or coyote, as wolves are much bigger than coyotes; the only area where this excuse is somewhat justifiable is in Eastern North America, where the larger coyotes and coywolves are similar to the small native wolves. But even then, a hunter should not shoot unless he is certain that he knows what his target is! And even if none of this was an issue, coyotes (and coywolves) should not be hunted in the first place! As long as that “I thought it was a coyote excuse” continues to go unpunished (and gray wolves are removed from the ESA), then it is unlikely that wolves will return to parts of their former range as they will be shot in the mistaken view that they are coyotes!


  14. Dear God,

    I heard about a wolve in trouble.

    Yet, God, I am so far away from this animal.

    I feel stricken by his suffering and my own powerlessness.

    I cannot see this animal by reaching out my arms to rescue.

    But I can do this,

    I can pray for the wolves’ safety,

    Please God, keep the wolves safe.


  15. I try and try to rationalize this war on the wolves, I read all the articles written by all of the advocates for the wolves, I have read the words of our enemies to see if I can make sense out of their blood lust and enjoyment of killing, I sign the petitions, I call the congressmen, I wrote and called Obama’s office and nothing seems to happen, it only seems to get worse, I can’t think of anything that will stop this, It keeps me awake a night, I keep thinking that maybe I have over looked something, someway to stop this, I see the pictures of the babies standing and crying over their dead mother’s I don’t understand how people can do this.
    My husband has asked me to stop reading the articles and looking at the pictures but I can’t he says he can see their pain reflected in my eyes, maybe he can I don’t know, what I do know that wolf could very well be hunted into extinction and for what? There is no reason but some screwed up ideas of why hunters think they should be eradicated, they are wrong the kill numbers by the wolves are wrong the numbers are made up by those who want the wolves gone.. My heart is laid upon the ground in sorrow for my brother the wolf I am sorry that I have failed to come up with someone way to stop this, I look to the Grandfather and ask for help, Mother earth to send an answer and I hear nothing but the wind and the howls of the wolves their pain I feel..


  16. Things don’t make sense anymore. How are people like me supposed to save these wonderful, magnificent, glorious creatures? They are misunderstood no one truly understands them and no one ever truly will. God mad life not so that it could be ended but that is thrived in worshiping him. We are to only kill through the glory of god in a way that glorifies him. Not for pleasure. Things like Wolves should not be killed for nothing, they should not be killed for anything. I speak for the Wolves and that is my plea.


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