Exposing the Big Game

We interrupt our regularly scheduled rant against hunters, trappers and wolf-haters to bring you some good news for Michigan wolves–just in time for Easter Sunday…


from Keep Michigan Wolves Protected:

253,705 Signatures Submitted to Place Wolf Hunting Referendum on 2014 Ballot

More than 2,000 Michigan volunteers rallied to gather signatures in 67-day period

LANSING, Mich. – Keep Michigan Wolves Protected submitted 253,705 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office, that, when certified, will place any plans for a wolf hunting season on hold until Michigan voters decide the issue at the ballot box in November 2014. During a short 67-day period, the coalition far surpassed the 161,305 valid signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

“The public response over the past few months has been tremendous, and it demonstrates that Michigan voters in every corner of the state oppose the pointless trophy hunting of wolves,” said Jill Fritz, director of…

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  1. Such wonderful news!!! Be sure to take the LA Times poll. As of now, 85% are AGAINST hunting wolves!


    Thank you, Nabeki, and bless the wolves!


    • Let’s hope. Seems a lot of legislators aren’t paying as much attention to the polls of the people as they are to the special interests. Look at the current attempts to change gun laws. Up to 90% of the people want some restrictions, yet getting the votes from members of Congress who will be punished by the NRA, gun manufacturers, and the gun “nuts” for voting the wrong way–that is for smaller magazines, no assault rifles, even background checks, will be hard. Unfortunately, even the people who are concerned about harm to people seldom care about the animals hunted and killed by “sportsmen.”


      • I agree, wouldn’t it be nice for a change, for politicians to consider the polls when they vote instead of their wallets. What a fantastic story. Now if we can only get the worst states to follow, like IDAHO, MONTANA, and MINNESOTA.


      • True, but traction and momentum have to start somewhere. We can hope.


  2. Good let’s hope for the best


  3. Reblogged this on Carinas space and commented:
    Michigan voters rally to put wolf management on ballot to vote!! Great news for wolf supporters!! Read below in Howling for Justice. Made my day so far. =D


  4. Thank you,Nabeki, for this good news….


  5. Wolfs are beautiful animals the cruelty against them must stop!!


  6. Thank You for sharing this good news


  7. The same should be here in Wisconsin. Good going Michigan.


  8. That’s such great news. It’s wonderful to be rid of the horrible reports of hunters and other jackasses.


  9. So many names on the petition to save wolves. It has to have impact with lawmakers. Afterall, we vote, too, because we are Americans.


  10. “We interrupt our regularly scheduled rant against hunters, trappers and wolf-haters to bring you some good news for Michigan wolves” <– I'm sorry, but that is funny!

    Funny introductions aside, this is fantastic! Just comes to show that the majority of citizens in these states care about wolves and do not want them to be hunted!


  11. CNN had Sen.? Imhoff of Oaklahoma commenting on the background check for guns – now, I understand what a sick jerk he is – he is the one that wants to dismember the ESA, among other anti-environment, anti-animal projects – you would think these “people” could find something constructive to do rather than try to kill everything, of course he is a old, white man!


  12. Great news for a change! Wish they could do this in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I bet they could with the right leadership. How wonderful. Minnetotans love their wolves. I’ll bet there are a lot of people elsewhere that would sign such petitions and ballot measures. The haters and murderers of wildlife are a minority!


  13. Our Democratic legislators here in Colorado were brave and even when there were death threats they passed new gun safety legislation. We now have expanded background checks and a ban on magazines with more than 15 bullets. Last week, hunters said they are going to boycott Colorado because of these sensible gun laws. We don’t have any wolves here, but I am thrilled that many of the other wildlife in our state won’t be facing hunters’ bullets. I say good riddance!


  14. Thank you for all you do for these amazing animals!!!! and God Bless you!!!


  15. Thank you for this good news,you see if we keep on fighting we will win.
    Good news from the Netherlands,the wolfs are close to the border and they think that this year he will enter our country.
    Hopefuly they will leave him in peace.


  16. it was all a republican trick put on in a lame duck session, my districts rep sponsered it and we dont have a wolf within 200 miles


  17. Many deep and heartfelt thank yous to all who helped out with this. It is inspiring to see and read about news like this. Much love to all, especially our wolf brothers and sisters.


  18. Now let’s do this in the REST OF THE COUNTRY!! WOO-HOO!!


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