“Montana Governor Steve Bullock and the Politics of Wolves” by Stephen Capra

Quanah Animal Edutainment

April 9, 2013

Common sense writing on Montana wolves, I  thought  it was worth sharing.

Are you listening to their howls Governor Bullock? Wolves are treasured by real Montanans who care about wild places and wilderness. Be bold! Don’t listen to the crazy rhetoric, it’s not grounded in fact.



This week’s Sunday Sermon Vol. 1  No. 2

Montana Governor Steve Bullock

and the politics of Wolves

 Stephen Capra

 There was a time when I use to think politics really mattered. I remember going to a rally for Senator Eugene McCarthy, as he ran for President in 1968, in Madison Square Garden, the energy and belief could really change our nation, or so I thought.

I really believed that democrats would change our country, by the end of that year our heart had been stolen by too many bullets, to many great leader’s had fallen. I think of that today with the state of affairs in Montana, a state led by ignorance, political pandering and a Governor who fancies himself progressive.

This all comes back to our heart being stolen. In this case it’s not men that have fallen, its wolves. I have watched as Montana shared in the magical return of wolves to Yellowstone, watched as tourists have flocked from around the world, watched in Lamar Valley as you could not estimate the price of cameras in a one-mile stretch, all focused on wolves. Since President Obama sold wolves out and the Endangered Species Act on a rider that ensured another Democrat would get re-elected, Senator Jon Tester, clear thinking shows us that faith in political leaders is very overrated.

Over the past few months the Montana Legislature, seemingly some of the most ill-informed, and job destroying group of people God ever put under one roof, spent the majority of their time trying to find new ways of killing wildlife. Spear-hunting was a hot topic, yes spear-hunting. Of course, new ways to kill, more jobs. Yet, when it came to wolves and bison, this group could not have enough blood on their hands. If it was not so heartbreaking, it would be funny. Listening to Montana Game and Fish talk about “responsibly harvesting” predators, none of it with any science worth discussing.

This is a group designed to kill animals, not protect. New bills are now being introduced. to allow silencers on guns to protect the precious ears of hunters; continuing to allow dead wolf members to be used as traps set to kill the rest of the family; making licenses easier and cheaper. New non-resident permits can be had for $50.

When Governor Bullock panders to the wolf hating bunch, he opens the door to killing more beautiful animals and their family units slaughtered by ignorance and by the ego that demands reelection. If Democrats do not have the guts to stand up for wolves, [by standing up I mean vocally,] publicly, and ignore the stupidity of state Game and Fish departments, there will be shooting in the dens of newborn pups. Introduction of strong and important protections for wolves must happen now and end the shameless pain of trapping once and for all. The Governor is aware that people come from all over the world (meaning serious tourist dollars) to observe wolves.

  The whining rancher scenario is a SNORE.

I believe in wolves, I love bison. I am sick and tired of Democrats that want only their reelection and refuse to acknowledge how important wildlife is to our humanity. I challenge them to causality.

 It amazes me that some people can feel nothing when confronted with wild animals. For me it is so magical, such a spiritual experience. I have seen grizzlies in the wild, wolves and bison. It is a gift; there is more than enough land to share. Throughout our history we have destroyed as a means of growth for man to feel magisterial.

 William Beebe said it so well, “When the last individual of a race of living things breaths no more, another heaven and earth must pass before such a one can begin again.”

 I was inspired in 1968. I look forward to being inspired once again, but my Democratic party and Governors like Bullock must become inspiring, must take chances, and must become a voice for those who cannot speak.

 Don’t be redundant Governor, wolves belong! Be BOLD!

Let your soul heal in the wild spirit that wolves bring to us. Amen!



Photo:  Quanah Animal Edutainment

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  1. This is so out of control. I am so disgusted with these people.


  2. I am always inspired by smart as well wise and thoughtful people.Stephen Capra has put my own feelings into such eloquent words. I am touched by the fairness ,open -mindedness and honesty of his writing.There is hope in those words ,along with a very real condemnation of our political leaders’ behavior.If only those close minded ones in power could be courageous, shed their cowardice and open up to the truth of what they are doing.


  3. If these people need something to hunt, why don’t they just hunt one another. Leave the wolves out of it.


  4. Reblogged this on Girl for Animal Liberation (GiRRL_Earth).


  5. It amazes me that some people can feel nothing when confronted with wild animals. For me it is so magical, such a spiritual experience. I have seen grizzlies in the wild, wolves and bison. It is a gift; there is more than enough land to share. Throughout our history we have destroyed as a means of growth for man to feel magisterial.

    My feelings exactly – people who feel nothing for animals are hollow and empty, missing something. Spear hunting? I thought we had already hit rock bottom but apparently not. Are these modern day great white hunters fit enough for that? 🙂


  6. How many governors are anti-wolf? I have created photos and a webpage of the Senators and congressmen,, plastering their faces all over the internet. I’ve given a link to our international friends to contact the US embassies with their outrage. Maybe it’s time to also create a page of all the governors photos…


  7. It amazes me that some people can feel nothing when confronted with wild animals. For me it is so magical, such a spiritual experience. I have seen grizzlies in the wild, wolves and bison. It is a gift; there is more than enough land to share. Throughout our history we have destroyed as a means of growth for man to feel magisterial.

    This world needs to go back to the beginning…All a pack does is try to survive, raise a family, play when possible and live in peace. All man wants to do is take everything away. The root of all evil “money”!!!! We could learn so much from our brother wolves…they only take what they need to survive..Man wants everything at any cost.

    Gov. Steve Bullock, What is so hard for you to understand. A Wolf Pack is a family. Father, Mother, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles ect… Just like our families. Have you ever watched the Druid Pack at Yellowstone on video? Have you ever seen how they function as a family unit? Have you ever seen them mourn? A howl is not just a sound to scare you…it’s a conversation..it’s their way a calling home and checking in…I haven’t heard of any wolf attacks on humans…so why bother these beautiful animals…I’m sure cattle farmers could get some kind of help for livestock losses. Some kind of government funded program maybe? You keep taking away from the natural environment and things will get worse. Please watch some of the videos on the Druid Pack, Sawtooth Pack or any wolf documentary. You might change your way of thinking.


  8. Absolutely elloquent letter which gives me an idea for a letter to the good governor from us. We just need to let them be aware that there are more of us than the oudmouth wolf haters. They are losing tourist money, mine.
    Eloquent writing, Mr. Capra. Make me emotional. Hope it makes the Governor sit up and take notice.


  9. Nabeki, thanks for sharing Stephen Capra’s words. We each must continue to work not only on our own state’s legislatures but also those who are in power in the wolf states. Bombard them! Make our voices heard! Lives of our wilderness brothers and sisters depend on it.


  10. What you guys think about this?



    • I love it….go PETA!!! Accountability, amazing! Let’s see what those killers are secretly doing to our wildlife, although we already know.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. I hope that Stephen Capra sent a copy of this to Governor Bullock.


  12. Reblogged this on Carinas space.


  13. i own property in montane and don’t agree with all the wolf killing, i think you are listing to the jack pine saveges in your state and not science!


  14. Nabeki,
    Hi ! It’s been a long time since I have been able to post . I suffered a stroke due to a traumatic head injury and then my computer suffered on as wel – no juke ! Anyway , I don’t know how else to contact you , but I need to know why I have not received the past 5 posts – not simce April 10, 2013 ? My computer has been back from the shop and running since then , and put back together. PLEASE send me those 5 posts, I have alot to catch up with , and your posts are the most informedThank you for your continued loyal,firce , determination in our Fight for Our Wolves !.


    • Oh Krista, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury and stroke. I hope you are on the mend, please keep us posted on how you are doing. You can always contact me via private message on Facebook @ Wolf Warriors.

      As for the five posts, I’m not sure why you haven’t received them. Maybe you should unsubscribe to the blog and then resubscribe? Try that and see if it works. Also you can just scroll down to the last five posts and read them. If that doesn’t work please send me a PM on FB and I’ll try to help further. Please take care of yourself!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  15. I’m sure I said this a million times, but, LEAVE POLITICS OUT OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT!!! Wolves – and other wildlife – are suffering because wildlife “management” is being dictated by politics and not by the science it should be based off of!


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