Eyes In The Sky – PETA Drones To “Film Potentially Illegal Hunting Activity”….

Peta drone

AFP Photo / Pierre Andrieu

Hell yeah! It’s about time slob hunters are held accountable for their disgusting behavior. Maybe PETA can send a few drones to wolf country in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes.  Time to go on offense!!

“Hunters maim and kill millions of animals every year,” Mullins writes on the group’s website. “With more than five times as many wildlife watchers as there are hunters in the US, we hope to expose further why hunting is a sick and sickening pursuit.”…RT

So slob hunters, poachers and sadistic wolf killers….better look up, someone might be watching!


PETA Plans to Fly Drones That Would ‘Stalk Hunters’

PETA says it’s actively shopping for a drone to monitor hunters


April 8, 2013 RSS Feed Print

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is actively shopping for a drone that would “stalk hunters,” the organization said Monday.

[READ: Drones to Monitor Endangered Animals in Africa]

The group says it will “soon have some impressive new weapons at its disposal to combat those who gun down deer and doves” and that it is “shopping for one or more drone aircraft with which to monitor those who are out in the woods with death on their minds.”

The group says it will not weaponize the drones, but will use them to film potentially illegal hunting activity and turn it over to law enforcement.

“The talk is usually about drones being used as killing machines, but PETA drones will be used to save lives,” PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk said in a statement.

They are currently considering purchasing the CineStar Octocopter, which is capable of carrying a DSLR camera for up to 5 minutes. With smaller cameras, the drone can fly for about 20 minutes. The group says it also hopes to fly drones over factory farms, fishing spots and “other venues where animals routinely suffer and die.”




PETA wants its own fleet of drones

Published time: April 09, 2013 19:52


Photo: Photo Courtesy AFP Photo / Pierre Andrieu

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  1. Right on, PETA! Now if someone could get them to sponsor Jay Mallone’s Petition.


  2. Yeh, PETA!!! People for the ETHICAL Treatment of Animals. That is subversive language if you are a moron. Let’s see how long it takes for idiot cattlemen, sport killer perverts and animal abusing farmers, to push “their” governors and legislators and the feds to make “laws” against using drones to record their sick, criminal and cruel behaviors perpetrated against innocent wildlife and farm animals. This allegedly “Christian” country sure has tons of people who act like the devil and as if it is their “God-given” right to do so. Yeh, sure, if your god is some kind of evil being.


    • Right on! I could not have said it any better.


  3. Fantastic news!!!!!!


  4. The hunters have a blood lust that can’t be satiated through
    ” normal” legal hunting, the nimber of illegal hunting activities must be
    staggering, I love this news from PETA finally some hope that things
    may start turning for the good guys! THE BEAUTIFUL WILD CREATURES THAT NEED OUR VOICES IN CONCERT…


  5. Even with this being outstanding news, this drones should be weaponized, non lethals or at least noise devices to “scare” away animals in imminent danger from a hunter…I would certainly not mind mounting a .50 cal cannon on the drone instead of using it to get footage that is already provided courtesy of the bragging hunters, published on the world wide web, fearless of any federal prying eyes..I’d like a video game like that, drone air strike on hunters, definitely, and I quote, “hell yeah”
    We really need this slaughter to stop, not only the campaign to exterminate wolves, but ALL hunting, killing and torture of innocent animals all around the globe..It is clear now that the homo sapiens possesses more abilities and mental capabilities than any other species, the greatest fail in the history of evolution in my opinion…


  6. I’m sickened that we are cheering for the likes of PETA. I’ve never seen such a joke of an animal organization in my life. They are RADICALS and would rather kill animals than help them any day! I believe the people cheering here, and on other websites, should look into the dealings of this organization before they begin cheering on this drone plan.

    Yes, it may be a good idea to show the atrocities happening to wolves to the public. However, as it belongs to PETA, there is no doubt in my mind that this drone’s purpose will be side-tracked for some other deed later down the road.

    Also, I am not a fan of animal hunting myself. Despite that, I know that without hunting the deer populations would go out of control. I live in a deer-populated area, and when deer populations boom there is an increase in human death(and injuring of deer) all around the area. We wouldn’t have this problem if more predators roamed the woods, but as of right now we don’t have this luxury.

    If we want to win the fight with wolves, we CANNOT be seen as a diehard ‘NO HUNTING’ group. This would only bring fuel to the fire and give hunters ammunition AGAINST our cause. There are a lot of hunters in this world. The last thing we should do is give the wolf hunter one step over us. They could easily twist our words to turn the public against us.

    All I ask is that please, watch your wording in your posts and comments. I realize that none of us like the idea of hunting here, but we are always being watched by our opponents. To triumph over them, we must choose our words carefully.


    • Ashley, no matter what you think of PETA, they have done tremendous work, especially fighting factory farming and informing the public with undercover operations. I can proudly say I am anti-hunting and that opinion has evolved over the years, I don’t advertise it but if I’m asked I will let people know how I feel. Subsistence hunting is rare, most hunters have the ability to go to the grocery store and buy food, hunting is not cheap, there’s camo, guns, ammo, time off work, big rigs and all the other equipment that’s needed for hunting. Hunting is more about stalking and killing animals, that’s where the thrill comes in, the meat is a secondary gain.

      To control deer herds we have to stop fish and game agencies from killing off predators.

      Read “Exposing the Big Game” by Jim Robertson or visit his blog, he’ll give you the straight skinny on hunting and what he thinks about it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Well said Nabeki. Exposing the Big Game is a fantastic blog. We need more people like him in the world.


    • Nabeki, I fully agree.

      Ashley, please consider doing a little research on the positive things PETA *has* done. There isn’t any organization that doesn’t need a tweak now and then. Yes, they could be considered “radical”, but that seems to be what is necessary these days to get anything accomplished. It’s what has kept them in the limelight and has helped them continue to work for animals. Be careful of “Humane Watch”, the guy who constantly attacks animal organizations but has done NOTHING…ZERO….ZILCH….to help even one animal. He likes to pocket the donations, though.


      • “Radical” I love that word, it makes me laugh because that’s the best the opposition can come up with while trying to find the a way to discredit animal rights activists. HEY OPPOSITION: Call me a f*cking RADICAL any day of the week/month/year as I will wear that label with PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!! Mkay?

        I would rather be an animal rights “radical” and free animals who are enslaved and abused by humans than be a hypocrite that doesn’t do shit except preach from their armchair of life and smear everyone who’s trying to make a difference.

        KNOW THIS: I will do whatever it takes to get the message out to end the cruel enslavement of animals. Contrary to the opposition’s belief: Animals were not put on this earth to be exploited! Furthermore, men who like hunt do so because they have inadequacy issues and the women who hunt do so because of deep rooted oppression – it’s all cyclical.

        LONG LIVE THE ANIMAL RIGHTS RADICALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


      • Amen, sister!!


    • Despite what you all say, I still believe PETA is a horrible organization. They kill more animals than the ones they help. I will not deny PETA has done some good, but they have done more BAD than they will ever, ever, EVER be able to do for good. I will never support PETA or ANYTHING they do until the day they say they were wrong for all the killings they have done in the name of ‘animal rights’ and take steps forward to step away from their past.

      Also, I do not know about this “Humane Watch”. I’m speaking out of experience and seeing the truth about this organization. There are no little ‘tweaks’ or anything like that. They are the problem. You cannot advocate for animal rights and then give support or money to an organization that kills. If they were a true animal group, THEY WOULD NOT KILL AT ALL.

      I have been an avid anti-wolf hunting advocate. Also, I am against hunting. However, since the predator populations are down in populated areas, hunting is NEEDED until these populations can be brought back up. If you do not believe in that, that is your call. But I have seen for myself the horrible instances that occur when there is an overabundance of deer. I’ve seen the deaths. Human and animals, and trust me. I don’t like the killing of deer any more than you do. Of any animal. I live in a hunting family, and I’m not ashamed to say I have cried for the deer heads mounted up in the rooms in many of their houses. However, since there are no predators here, deer stay in one place. They overeat and hurt the environment while running around in havoc, causing the deaths of many innocent people. (Along with themselves.)

      Please don’t take my words to mean I am against deer of anything like that. I believe they’re beautiful creatures, but they’re still a prey animal. Those can be dangerous without a predator to keep them in line. (Like the prey-predator relationship was intended.)

      I wish there was a way to put the predator back in the mountains right now, but that is many a ways off in years. Right now, we have to focus on the wolf. Once that is done and they are safe, only then can we put the full force of our might into restoring predators in the East and other populated areas. The public is scared of predators. They grew up with stories like “Red Riding Hood”, that put predators in a scary light. I’ve tried to extinguish people’s fears around me. Unfortunately, it’s fighting an uphill battle.

      It doesn’t help that the media goes out of its way to air stories about people killed by cougars or bears, or other wild animals. They don’t help. If you want to talk about being an anti-hunter, then put your efforts into restoring predator populations. Talk to your senators about that. If you can, try to get the media to air these stories.

      Also, reading over my post I have tweaked a few sentences. I’ll just apologize in advance if any of my words seem to be accusatory or hostile. I don’t mean to come off that way at all, I just have a bold way of speaking that has gotten me into trouble a few times with helping wolves and other animals. ^ ^;; I carry the scars of protecting our wildlife: mental and physical, and sometimes they come out in my writing.

      Also, I have read “Exposing the Big Game” before. I find it to be a wonderful article, and I agree with many of the points in it.


  7. No one would love to see this come to fruition more than me! But unless it’s determined that the air space belongs to all, I think this will be short-lived. There are hunter harassment laws in virtually every state (google) and I feel certain that it won’t be long before they are quickly amended to include drones, even if the only purpose is to get wildlife to move from particular hunting areas. You may be familiar with Steve Hindi’s group “SHARK” which used a small remote-controlled “plane” with camera to get videos of the pigeon shoot in PA. The hunters, infuriated, shot the little plane out of the sky.


    Be sure to check out the comments – which is always telling.

    If PETA can figure out a way to get the job done – I can’t wait!


  8. You do realize the “PETA KILLS ANIMALS” is a smear campaign designed by the opposition. Right? Remember, the opposition infiltrates organizations like PETA. Animal rights activists are not the only ones infiltrating and doing uncover work to take down the opposition.

    Also, why is it up to humans to decide how many of a particular species should live or die? Animals have existed for millions of years without human interference and did just fine without us. Homo Sapiens, on the other hand, have only existed for 200,000 years or so. This same logic has been used to decide that other races are inferior to be exploited throughout history (ex, the Jews). Every oppressed race or group of people were turned into “others” and their otherization was justified on the basis of rationalizing that such a fate was all that they were good for. Your point implies that Humans are superior to all other animals and quite frankly, I disagree. I don’t care how great humans think they are, we need to die. All of us. Every single human on this planet needs to go. We are a plague that is destroying this planet.

    This planet has enough resources to sustain everyone’s need but not everyone’s GREED!


    • GiRRL, Thank you for telling the uniformed that they have fallen for the organized, paid for, propaganda campaign launched against PETA and the HSUS by dirtbag hired guns whose mission it is to muddy the reputations of animal defender groups such as these. Visit both the PETA and HSUS websites and/or call them on the phone to get the specifics of the well paid organized scumbags who are defaming them.

      The wildlife and animal defender community is divided enough with turf battles, egos, traitors (such as creepy wolf biologist David Mech) and wimpy compromisers (Defenders of Wildlife) that have all weakened our side.

      Please don’t fall for the dirty propaganda against PETA and HSUS. They are not perfect but they do spectacular work for wildlife and domestic animals that far far outweighs their imperfections. They are very very good organizations and deserve our support. And that is the truth.


      • My pleasure.

        I am so tried of hearing people using the PETA smear campaign. It keeps popping up and is heavily used by the opposition. I am also sick and tired of certain humans taking an all-knowing stance that they know better than mother nature. This planet is in crisis and there is only one species to blame.

        As the great Philip Wollen says, “10,000 entire species are wiped out every year because of the actions of one species. We are now facing the 6th mass extinction in cosmological history.If any other organism did this a biologist would call it a virus.”

        I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard his speech but it is worth a listen.


        In fact, he is one of the few I know of who is challenging the opposition.


      • YaY PETA !!!! Ashley, I believe that PETA wants to use the Drones to document and stop “illegal” hunting- not hunting all together. We do need the drones to help us stop the killing and cruelity against animals.
        Good for PETA!!!!


    • Smear campaign is right! It’s unfortunate that so many people are believing it and feeding into it. “HUMANE WATCH”, who is in the forefront of discrediting PETA and other humane organizations would love nothing better than to splinter all pro-animal groups. They attempt to convert people from the direction of animal rights to animal welfare which means as long as you supply food, water and shelter, you should be able to do ANYTHING you want with animals. I strongly disagree with some of the accusations I’ve read about PETA and will continue to support them. Though they are not perfect, they do get focus where focus belongs.


    • GiRRl, I agree up to the point of ALL humans have to go. I think the unethical, sadistic, thrill-seeking power and greed junkies need to go. It’s an evil, putrid gene pool, that should die off. But yet they still rise to power, since the time of the Ancient Greeks, when Spartan mothers threw their own children off a cliff for weaknesses or deformaties to the US Gov’t sterilizing Native American women against their will just for being Native. That went on right up to the 1970’s. Evil seeks to gain power and eliminate the competition. They do this by convincing the sheeple that their rights and safety are at risk. All the evil men in history knew this, even wrote how easy it is to do.
      What we can not allow ourselves to do is to become like the enemy. Sometimes, in the trenches, it is hard to remain philosophical. I know. But true warriors know this and know that their job is done for love, not hate. It is your choice which voice to follow but I think you will always follow your voice of love for animals? Not voice of hate for man. Understand, you can not walk two paths at once. The path of hate leads to your own destruction. That would be a tragic to wolves and to all of us.


      • Well said and you’re right! 🙂 Thanks.


      • Thank you so much for that inspirational encouraging reminder: that we cannot follow two paths at once. That whatever path we follow is that path that results…..to choose to follow the path of loving animals and not the path of hating man….I will repeat that to myself as a mantra because of late I have been divided and needed so badly to be reminded to focus on love of animals. Period. Thanks again. I am certain that I am not alone in needing that mantra reminder. Bless you for reminding me/us.


      • Meegwetch, Nikki. I am humbled. Change is coming, and for the better. We must all join together and never argue in anger between ourselves. We can not be a house, divided, noe become our enemy. The wolves will heal you. They know.


  9. I don’t know about where you guy’s live, but in Maine, if the pot growers see a drone, they are gonna think DEA and blast it. I wish I had a drone to catch the poachers on my land. You don’t need a dslr. You can get a spy camera that weighs almost nothing. Home security stores sell them and on the internet. I’ve heard of people using a smart phone and tracking the gps online while recording video live using the phone. Of course you can still use whatever kind of drone you want but quiet one is best. Deer have well worn trails. You can set up game cameras in the trees and anyplace you think a human could hide. The deer run through, then the wolves and the poacher waits and picks off the alpha pair and any others he can get. The only problem is you still have dead wolves. You just know who did it.


    • Melody, trail cams are a good idea if one is trying to catch poachers in the act of hunting on private, posted property and one wishes to bring charges against the perps. But as long as wolf hunting is legal, and if it’s being done with either landowner permission or on public land, there isn’t much point.


      • Hi Gail, yes, you are correct. I was speaking of my own property. I have a problem to resolve. It has to do with how do I post water? The sneeky poachers come in via the streams and wetlands. They murdered about 100 poor little Coyotes. I think they do it at night with radios? A couple of weeks ago I heard hidious howling, poor creature frightened out of his mind, ran up on my porch at four in the morning. By the time I got boots, coat and leather gloves plus a flashlight, there was no coyote. My question that night is what ever crazy windego person out there with who knows what, hounds or ? could make a coyote seek refuge with wolves?
        I don’t hear gunshots at night, usually, so how are the killing them? The little song dogs, once thriving here, are all gone. Perhaps the one on my porch, that was freaking out, went into a den my alpha female dug under the porch a few years ago and survived? I am hopeful for him.
        Here, if I can figure out how to post water, I will have to post about two miles of rugged wilderness, and I have a bad neuropathy issue. But if I get helpers, get it posted, I can count on the fish and game wardens to enforce the law. Same guy’s as North Woods Law on tv. Maine has very strict tresspassing laws and illegal hunting laws.


      • Melody, come on Melody, time to invest in trail cams and start getting images of these criminals. Radio collared attack dogs, chasing coyotes would make alot of noise that you would hear. Perhaps they are baiting near your property and using silencers. How about having a group of trusted friends explore your entires property for bait piles, trail cams the criminals may have placed, etc. A few of your friends could sit up in a tree stand at night and keep watch with cameras and cell phones, ready to call the wardens. Also where would the criminals be parking their trucks to access your property? Find out where they are parking. You can do more to catch them and protect the coyotes, instead of wringing your hands and asking questions with no action.


  10. Maybe they should use the drones to monitor the nonhuman animals they kill themselves. Then they place them in that industrial size freezer they purchased after their employees were caught dumping kitten and puppies in a dumpster. This happened after they had promised people to find homes for them.


    • Nancy, whatever happened to those unfortunate puppies cannot be blamed on an entire organization. I don’t believe they were “instructed” to do what they did. We haven’t forgotten those innocents, believe me, but we must remain diligent – and move on.


  11. Hope this can come into being asap.  



  12. Finally!! I’ve been waiting for PETA to join in our fight. As we all know, they are an organization that protects animals’ rights. I’d have thought they’d join sooner seeing how the wolves are treated by the barbarians. Anyway… it’s terrific to have their support now. Maybe we’ll actually get something more done! 😀


    • Lover of Wolves, YES to PETA helping to defend and protect our wolves now and finally.


  13. I follow SHARK and I know they got their eye in the sky shot down. I think its great that PETA is looking to get drones. I wish they were weaponized to at least make noise to scare the prey away to safety and weaponized with non lethal that would stun the hunter with tranquilizer darts so the prey could get to safety and in regards to laws, the killers have had sway for too long and it is time for the majority who are not killers to have the laws on their/our side. Killing for the thrill/fun is against the Commandments of the Lord….it is Satanic! They are bullies and cowards who are not real Men and Women. THEY ARE THE REAL THREAT TO SOCIETY AND THEY NEED TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED/IDENTIFIED SO THEY CAN LIVE IN A SEPARATE LOCATION FROM THE REST OF US, LIKE A PRISON CAMP, WITH NO ACCESS TO ANY ANIMALS.


    • Great post Nikki. SHARK I great and so is PETA. Our side has to use our strength and numbers to expose, overwhelm and defeat the killers. We need PETA, SHARK, HSUS and every animal defender group and individuals to step forward with us. Great post!


    • What’s SHARK?


      • Hey, Pete, SHARK is a wonderful animal defender organization. It is an acronym for: SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness. They have been focused on shutting down pigeon shoots by aholes in Pennsylvania and exposing the cruelty of rodeos. They use very courageous and creative methods to both record these abuses and get the word out to the public. Google: SHARK animal defender group… and you can check them out on-line. I hope they will soon add protecting wolves to their efforts. The wolves need them now.


  14. I am a supporter of licensed hunting of game animals…deer, elk and moose..NOTHING ELSE…no cougars, no bog cats, no wolves..no predators of any kind. Shooting game for food is not a bad thing…we do it with cows on a daily basis…that meat is not nearly
    as healthy as a freshly shot elk or moose is…but I am also an avid supporter of wolves and other predators that are being wiped off the face of the earth…Too bad these drones can’t fire some sort of projectile at the poachers…non lethal of course but something to get their attention…some rock salt perhaps? I love this idea and would donate to help them create as many of these as they can…


    • I’m also in favor of arming these drones. Especially since their targets could attempt to shoot them down. Perhaps with some kind of wireless electric discharger that can shoot lightning at the perps with enough volts and amps to paralyze them at the least. If the shock kills them, great!


  15. Melody, do you have people who will help you post your land? You may first have to find out if the creek or stream or whatever it is that runs through your land is either “yours” or “neutral” in that anyone has the right to walk through it, even though it is on private property. I am sorry to read about the little coyote that sought refuge on your porch. I hope he or she was able to make it. You mention that there were many coyotes at one time in your area but none now. Do you think they were hunted out? What was the time frame? I ask this because it is common knowledge that hunting them only brings more coyotes to fill the void. I am interested in your thoughts on this. I hope it’s okay to discuss this a little even though this forum is for wolves. We are all connected.


  16. Reblogged this on Carinas space and commented:
    I really hope they intend to use these drones to do some good – including wolves. Only time will tell.


  17. We are having crazy legislation introduced in Oregon now. Hateful and ignorant.This is from Oregon Wild.

    Fighting anti-wildlife legislation in Salem has become an unfortunate annual ritual. With your help, we’ve defeated every wolf kill bill. But that hasn’t stopped the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association from trying again this year.

    We’ve been working hard this year to stop a slew of anti-wildlife bills. Thankfully most of those bills have already been defeated. However a new threat has emerged. HB3452 is one of the most misguided bills we’ve seen in a long time – and that’s saying something.

    The bill would declare a state of emergency and allow private citizens to kill any wolf they believe has caused past damage. Given the wild claims made by some who still fear the big bad wolf that could mean open season on wolves.

    Just a few weeks ago, headlines were made when a wolf was blamed for attacking a Shih Tzu near Baker City. If HB3452 were law, any wolf in the area would have been fair game. DNA testing ultimately concluded the dog had simply been attacked by another dog and not a wolf.

    This latest wolf kill bill is not only dangerous and misguided, it’s completely unnecessary. In 2012, with the states wolf killing program on hold, the number of livestock lost to wolves plummeted while the wolf population nearly doubled. Meanwhile, in neighboring states, over 1,000 wolves have been killed in the last two years. In those states, wolf numbers are dropping and conflict is increasing.

    Simply put, killing wolves doesn’t solve problems.

    Rather than find new ways to sidestep basic protections for endangered wildlife, Oregon should redouble efforts to prevent conflict. That’s why it was so disappointing when vocal anti-wolf voices in the livestock industry recently rebuffed our efforts to provide more funds for non-lethal conflict deterrence.

    Things are moving quickly in the capital. HB3452 will likely not be the last threat to wolves, wildlife, and conservation values.

    Please take a moment to sign on your support for common sense collaborative solutions. We’ll deliver this petition to decision makers whenever those threats arise.

    For wolves and wildlife,
    Rob Klavins
    Wildlife Advocate
    Oregon Wild

    PS – Oregon’s wolves have supporters around the world. Whether you live in Portland, Pendleton, Pittsburgh, or Perth, you can show your support for wolf recovery in Oregon.


  18. Tuesday April 16th- is a special open house mtg. in Reserve, NM to give folks a chance to let the FWS know how they feel about a proposal to release a bonded pair of mexican wolves into the Gila Wilderness in either april or june. The mtg. is from 6-8p.m. at the Reserve communtity center on Mountainaire Road. Please show up!!!!!!!!!


  19. Nabeki, please remove my last comment, I got something on it wrong, sorry, thanks!


  20. they need to boost up the fly time on these drones, but our government even if caught gives minimal punishments to these scum bags, we need to get prison times for the scum that repeats a second time on breaking the law.. unfortunately -most of our politicians are part of the scum that hunts and protects these loser barebackers.


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