‘Let the Wolves run free’ by Ratty and the Watchers

Wolf Pack Howling On Lake

Your amber eyes and coat of ashes,
I see sorrow in your face,
With the pain the young one thrashes,
a trophy for the human race,
Hunted down I feel the heartache,
from ancient dens the wolves must flee,
Misunderstood beliefs we must break,
education is the key.

I saw a pack when in full flight,
Brothers / sisters chasing starlight,
Their hearts are yearning to be free of our world.

In the night an Alpha male howls,
it’s a song of such beauty,
All they hear is Hollywood growls,
and not the call to his family,
Never safe on the lonely mountain,
the guns are heard in the deep valley,
Another notch on the butt of a rifle,
a cub added to the death tally.

Shadows dancing on moonlit skies,
Leave them be don’t wave them goodbye,
All they want is to be free of our world.

Look in his face, Look in his eyes, there’s only grace, there’s no disguise
Look at their life, what do you see, don’t give them strife, let them run free,
Let the Wolves run free!!


Video: YouTube Ratty and the Watchers

Photo: Wolves Howling on Lake, Courtesy Jim Brandenburg

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  1. Very sad, wolves are amazing animals, family oriented, they need to eat and survive and feed their pups. Their only fault is trying to survive and feed their young. Horrible and heartbreaking, poor animals. Hunters are psychopaths, sick, heartless humans, only an unhealthy sick mind,enjoy the torture and killing of animals for fun, pleasure, sport or trophy. The ranchers are greedy, heartless humans, they lie about wolves, when wolves eat livestock , they hunt the sick, weak animals. The sick, weak animals will be killed by the ranchers. Horrible the cruelty the poor Wolves and coyotes endure at the hands of the heartless, sick, hunters and ranchers, beyond words.


    • I am ashamed of the human race. No one can say what is going on is o.k. These hunters are so very twisted, I can only hope they will someday suffer for what they have done to these beautiful animals.


      • I agree with you, Patricia. I hope that anyone that can harm animals with no feelings of remorse or regret should have karma come back to them three-fold. Shame on them.


    • Helga….everything you said is true and as sad as we are we have to continue to push forward if we are to win this war. I know many are demoralized because of how quickly things have declined but what goes down will go up again and I truly believe we can beat them at their own game.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Yes, Wolves need us, I have a broken heart, I don’t understand how humans are so sick and cruel, It is a horrible, sick Facebook page against Wolves, “Kill all the Wolves”, I reported the page, and every single picture and video to Facebook, but Facebook don’t listen, heartbreaking, poor animals. The Hunters are sick, psychopaths, heartless humans, that horrible page prove they are a danger to animals and humans.Very sad.


      • Helga…Our hearts are broken but we will prevail!

        For the wolves on Earth Day,


  2. Could you please email me the senate bills that they got on wolves? I have the list of all 45 representatives from Minnesota. I can call to help the wolves. Thank You Carla Franklin


    • carlalozanofranklin1013…which state are you speaking of? I’m assuming Minnesota, since you mentioned you have the names of the representatives. If you visit the site “Howling for Wolves” they should have all the up to date info on Minnesota bills.



  3. I’m all for wolves, but also for accuracy: “1149 WOLVES KILLED BY HUNTERS SINCE AUGUST 30,2013” What year do YOU live in???


    • nvnusman…sorry about that…I fixed the error. I live in the year of wolf persecution.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  5. When will this society wake up ? I don’t think it will history keeps repeating itself over and over again . Wolves are loving family oriented and actually more caring than most people I’ve met. If I had a choice to choose people or wolves to live with I would choose wolves. Our country is going down the toilet from evil government and evil people that all they care about is money. Boy are they going to be in a pickle when our money is worth nothing. I can survive in the wilderness with wildlife how many on wall street and our Government can say that. Yes I would rather live with the wolves.


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    Love it!! ❤


  7. The only living thing on this planet that in no way contributes to the ecosystem is humans. I mean, seriously! we even try to keep ourselves from decomposing.


  8. Where have you gone ? I have no e mails from you for nearly a month..


  9. Fighting for justice is the right thing to do. If all of the wolves are gone the ecosystem will collapse. Caribou will run wild. Hunters won’t be able to keep up with the population of caribou. Wolf population is diminishing. This song tells it like it is.



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