USFWS Poised To Drive Final Nail In Wolves’ Coffin….


UPDATE: May 1, 2013

Here are other numbers to call that may be more receptive, a big thanks to Louise K.  for supplying them.  And still continue to call Sally Jewell and the Interior, they need to hear from us.

It may seem the Interior and USFWS are turning a deaf ear to your calls and emails but believe me they’re  listening. It’s our job to call and make noise, remember “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”,  don’t be discouraged. Email, call and snail mail them. We cannot allow this to stand. Wolves need the protection of the ESA as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan have firmly shown us. What did these states do as soon as wolves lost their protections?  ORGANIZED WOLF HUNTS!!  Their actions speak for themselves and are the best examples of why wolves MUST be protected from brutal state fish and game agency “management”!.

Keep on keeping on! We can win this!


Endangered Species Program
4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Room 420
Arlington, VA 22203
Chief, Division of Conservation and Classification
Gina Shultz – 703-358-2171
Chief, Division of Consultation, HCPs, Recovery, and State Grants
Rick Sayers – 703-358-2171
Chief, Office of Communication and Candidate Conservation
Jim Serfis – 703-358-2171

April 29, 2013

The USFWS is moving ahead with its wolf persecution plan. The agency has drafted a plan that endorses the delisting of wolves across the lower 48, basically saying they could care less wolves are being tortured, slaughtered and treated like vermin. It implies they don’t care  about the science. It implies they don’t care wolves in North America have lost almost half their genetic diversity since the late 1800’s. It implies they aren’t concerned wolves are being isolated from one another due to increased hunting pressure, resulting in further loss of genetic connectivity. It implies they don’t care Yellowstone wolves now live on a virtual island, facing death if they set foot outside the park, as the iconic alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack, 832f,  sadly learned.

06 Female Earth Island Journal

“Rockstar”…Lamar Canyon Pack Alpha Female, 832f, gunned down outside Yellowstone

President Obama and his now retired side kick, Salazar are tone-deaf concerning wolves. They pulled the plug on wolf recovery in 2009 by removing Endangered Species protections for the imperiled animals,  first in the Northern Rockies and now the Great Lakes. While the Democratic party once again looks the other way, wolf enemies are pushing hard for across the board delisting. This is ugly politics, nothing more. Ranchers, hunters and the politicians who serve them, are chomping  at the bit to drive a final stake into the heart of wolves. Once a success story, in just four short years the Obama administration has turned wolf recovery into a nightmare. Not only are wolves being slaughtered in the Northern Rockies but wolves in the Great Lakes are getting the same treatment. For the first time Minnesota and Wisconsin held wolf hunts in 2012, mere months after wolves lost their ESA protections.  Wisconsin trophy hunters, want to use dogs to track and trail wolves to their deaths. Michigan, the only state in the Great Lakes that didn’t hold a wolf hunt last year, recently classified wolves as game animals, opening the door to wolf hunts. Michigan residents went to work and collected over 250,00 signatures to allow a 2014 ballot initiative that would give Michigan voters a voice on whether or not they want a wolf hunt but that tremendous grass-roots effort is being thwarted.

Senate Bill 288, approved this week in that chamber and now headed to House, would allow the Natural Resources Commission to designate an animal — such as the wolf — as a game species and authorize a hunt regardless of what voters might decide in 2014″……

This is not success, this smells of dirty pool, backroom deals and backdoor politics.

I remember the Spring of 2009 very clearly.  A new President after eight years of George Bush, what a relief.  Finally we’d have someone in the White House who cared about wildlife.  But the  Obama administration did the unthinkable and appointed a rancher to oversee the nations treasured wild places and just like that wolves were stripped of their endangered species protections. When the news broke of the wolf delisting, I was stunned. Wolves had been facing the wrath of Wildlife Services for almost a decade. Entire packs in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming were routinely gunned down for miniscule livestock depredations. We had no way of knowing  it would get much, much worse for wolves in the next four years.

Before we knew it Montana and Idaho were planning wolf hunts to commence in the fall. In mere months wolves went from endangered to hunted.

The killing has only escalated way beyond anything we could have imagined. Not only are wolves facing hunts that grow more gruesome every year but the USFWS wants to finish wolves off by effectively removing their protections across the lower 48. The refrain that wolf recovery is a “success story” is absolute BS.  A SUCCESS STORY? Idaho is holding year round wolf hunts, trapping and snaring wolves by the hundreds. Montana initiated wolf trapping for the first time and eliminated quotas.  It’s a success story if you think success is defined by Wyoming’s “predator zone”, which encompasses over 80 % of the state, where wolves can be shot on sight. Some success story. Scum trophy hunters were luring Yellowstone wolves out of the park with puppy distress calls.  That’s a success story? Just head over to Facebook and read a few of the sick anti-wolf sites, it will turn your stomach. There’s a certain wolf hating page where members admit they get off on torturing wolves.

“The members of this Facebook page come right out and publicly admit (brag is more like it) to ‘getting wood’ when seeing wolves trapped, tortured and killed, whether in images or in real life. They feel ‘orgasmic’ hunting, trapping, killing, butchering, and even eating their victims.

It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to know what else they are doing when torturing wolves to death”…

What’s happening to wolves mimics the extermination of the 1900’s. Not only were wolves trapped, shot, arrowed and poisoned with strychnine but they were also set on fire, had they lower jaws removed, then let loose to suffer and die. The atrocities being perpetrated against wolves in 2013 are every bit as evil and sick.  And who put the rubber stamp on this slaughter? Who weakened the ESA? The Democratic controlled Senate, who stuffed a wolf delisting rider into a must pass budget bill and stripped wolves in the Northern Rockies of their protections, WITHOUT JUDICIAL REVIEW! There was no science involved in that.  It was a ploy to get Jon Tester re-elected,  by playing to the wolf hating crowd in Montana and every single Democrat Senator voted for it except three and Obama signed the bill into law. How shameful is that? What’s even more pitiful is how clueless the MSM is. Jon Stewart was praising Jon Tester for speaking out about another rider, recently slipped into an appropriations bill,  that would give biotech companies like Monsanto immunity from the courts. Maybe Jon Stewart missed the memo that it was Jon Tester who inserted the wolf delisting rider into the 2011 budget bill, to help get himself re-elected. Wake up Jon S!!

Now is the time to stand up and say no to wolf persecution. Sally Jewell is the boss at Interior now and it’s our job to convince her to turn away from this “plan”. Wolves inhabit less than 5% of their former habitat. If the USFWS has their way hostile state governments will draft “wolf management” plans effectively keeping wolves from dispersing outside the “kill zones” of the wolf states, stopping wolf recovery in its tracks.

Please contact the Interior Secretary and let her know Americans love wolves and want them protected. We can’t continue to allow a handful of wolf hating zealots to drive policy.

Please speak out for wolves, we are their voice!


Interior Secretary Sally Jewell


Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240


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Middle Photo: Courtesy Earth Island Journal

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