USFWS Poised To Drive Final Nail In Wolves’ Coffin….


UPDATE: May 1, 2013

Here are other numbers to call that may be more receptive, a big thanks to Louise K.  for supplying them.  And still continue to call Sally Jewell and the Interior, they need to hear from us.

It may seem the Interior and USFWS are turning a deaf ear to your calls and emails but believe me they’re  listening. It’s our job to call and make noise, remember “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”,  don’t be discouraged. Email, call and snail mail them. We cannot allow this to stand. Wolves need the protection of the ESA as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan have firmly shown us. What did these states do as soon as wolves lost their protections?  ORGANIZED WOLF HUNTS!!  Their actions speak for themselves and are the best examples of why wolves MUST be protected from brutal state fish and game agency “management”!.

Keep on keeping on! We can win this!


Endangered Species Program
4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Room 420
Arlington, VA 22203
Chief, Division of Conservation and Classification
Gina Shultz – 703-358-2171
Chief, Division of Consultation, HCPs, Recovery, and State Grants
Rick Sayers – 703-358-2171
Chief, Office of Communication and Candidate Conservation
Jim Serfis – 703-358-2171

April 29, 2013

The USFWS is moving ahead with its wolf persecution plan. The agency has drafted a plan that endorses the delisting of wolves across the lower 48, basically saying they could care less wolves are being tortured, slaughtered and treated like vermin. It implies they don’t care  about the science. It implies they don’t care wolves in North America have lost almost half their genetic diversity since the late 1800’s. It implies they aren’t concerned wolves are being isolated from one another due to increased hunting pressure, resulting in further loss of genetic connectivity. It implies they don’t care Yellowstone wolves now live on a virtual island, facing death if they set foot outside the park, as the iconic alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack, 832f,  sadly learned.

06 Female Earth Island Journal

“Rockstar”…Lamar Canyon Pack Alpha Female, 832f, gunned down outside Yellowstone

President Obama and his now retired side kick, Salazar are tone-deaf concerning wolves. They pulled the plug on wolf recovery in 2009 by removing Endangered Species protections for the imperiled animals,  first in the Northern Rockies and now the Great Lakes. While the Democratic party once again looks the other way, wolf enemies are pushing hard for across the board delisting. This is ugly politics, nothing more. Ranchers, hunters and the politicians who serve them, are chomping  at the bit to drive a final stake into the heart of wolves. Once a success story, in just four short years the Obama administration has turned wolf recovery into a nightmare. Not only are wolves being slaughtered in the Northern Rockies but wolves in the Great Lakes are getting the same treatment. For the first time Minnesota and Wisconsin held wolf hunts in 2012, mere months after wolves lost their ESA protections.  Wisconsin trophy hunters, want to use dogs to track and trail wolves to their deaths. Michigan, the only state in the Great Lakes that didn’t hold a wolf hunt last year, recently classified wolves as game animals, opening the door to wolf hunts. Michigan residents went to work and collected over 250,00 signatures to allow a 2014 ballot initiative that would give Michigan voters a voice on whether or not they want a wolf hunt but that tremendous grass-roots effort is being thwarted.

Senate Bill 288, approved this week in that chamber and now headed to House, would allow the Natural Resources Commission to designate an animal — such as the wolf — as a game species and authorize a hunt regardless of what voters might decide in 2014″……

This is not success, this smells of dirty pool, backroom deals and backdoor politics.

I remember the Spring of 2009 very clearly.  A new President after eight years of George Bush, what a relief.  Finally we’d have someone in the White House who cared about wildlife.  But the  Obama administration did the unthinkable and appointed a rancher to oversee the nations treasured wild places and just like that wolves were stripped of their endangered species protections. When the news broke of the wolf delisting, I was stunned. Wolves had been facing the wrath of Wildlife Services for almost a decade. Entire packs in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming were routinely gunned down for miniscule livestock depredations. We had no way of knowing  it would get much, much worse for wolves in the next four years.

Before we knew it Montana and Idaho were planning wolf hunts to commence in the fall. In mere months wolves went from endangered to hunted.

The killing has only escalated way beyond anything we could have imagined. Not only are wolves facing hunts that grow more gruesome every year but the USFWS wants to finish wolves off by effectively removing their protections across the lower 48. The refrain that wolf recovery is a “success story” is absolute BS.  A SUCCESS STORY? Idaho is holding year round wolf hunts, trapping and snaring wolves by the hundreds. Montana initiated wolf trapping for the first time and eliminated quotas.  It’s a success story if you think success is defined by Wyoming’s “predator zone”, which encompasses over 80 % of the state, where wolves can be shot on sight. Some success story. Scum trophy hunters were luring Yellowstone wolves out of the park with puppy distress calls.  That’s a success story? Just head over to Facebook and read a few of the sick anti-wolf sites, it will turn your stomach. There’s a certain wolf hating page where members admit they get off on torturing wolves.

“The members of this Facebook page come right out and publicly admit (brag is more like it) to ‘getting wood’ when seeing wolves trapped, tortured and killed, whether in images or in real life. They feel ‘orgasmic’ hunting, trapping, killing, butchering, and even eating their victims.

It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to know what else they are doing when torturing wolves to death”…

What’s happening to wolves mimics the extermination of the 1900’s. Not only were wolves trapped, shot, arrowed and poisoned with strychnine but they were also set on fire, had they lower jaws removed, then let loose to suffer and die. The atrocities being perpetrated against wolves in 2013 are every bit as evil and sick.  And who put the rubber stamp on this slaughter? Who weakened the ESA? The Democratic controlled Senate, who stuffed a wolf delisting rider into a must pass budget bill and stripped wolves in the Northern Rockies of their protections, WITHOUT JUDICIAL REVIEW! There was no science involved in that.  It was a ploy to get Jon Tester re-elected,  by playing to the wolf hating crowd in Montana and every single Democrat Senator voted for it except three and Obama signed the bill into law. How shameful is that? What’s even more pitiful is how clueless the MSM is. Jon Stewart was praising Jon Tester for speaking out about another rider, recently slipped into an appropriations bill,  that would give biotech companies like Monsanto immunity from the courts. Maybe Jon Stewart missed the memo that it was Jon Tester who inserted the wolf delisting rider into the 2011 budget bill, to help get himself re-elected. Wake up Jon S!!

Now is the time to stand up and say no to wolf persecution. Sally Jewell is the boss at Interior now and it’s our job to convince her to turn away from this “plan”. Wolves inhabit less than 5% of their former habitat. If the USFWS has their way hostile state governments will draft “wolf management” plans effectively keeping wolves from dispersing outside the “kill zones” of the wolf states, stopping wolf recovery in its tracks.

Please contact the Interior Secretary and let her know Americans love wolves and want them protected. We can’t continue to allow a handful of wolf hating zealots to drive policy.

Please speak out for wolves, we are their voice!


Interior Secretary Sally Jewell


Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240


Wolves need more time

Feds should abandon planned delisting in Lower 48

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Draft rule ends protections for gray wolves

7:54 p.m. EDT April 26, 2013

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L.A. Now Live: Gray wolves may be removed from endangered list

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Protections for gray wolves could end

Posted: Friday, April 26, 2013 1:20 pm

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Top Photo: Courtesy old-district87-org

Middle Photo: Courtesy Earth Island Journal

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  1. Well written Nabeki.
    We need to fight more now than ever!
    Many howls xxx


    • im so sorry …i called that sally women and voiced my opinion on the genocide of our beloved wolves. thank nyou for all you mich…emelie


  2. It truly breaks my heart to read about all the slaughters of wolf … will it never come to an end?


    • I found a great statement about hunting that I suspect most of us will agree with. It is by Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd: “But I do confess I take a modicum of pleasure from hunting myself. You see, I love hunting accidents and every time I read or hear of some ignorant nimrod who shoots himself, or falls out of a deer blind or who blows himself up with a stick of dynamite, I think, ah, another Darwin Award, and the world is just a little safer for the victims. I view huntins accidents simply as a karmic death penalty for murdering the innocent.”

      I’m sure that a lot of church-going people would find Captain Watson’s comments uncharitable, but many of them are the people who believe it is God’s will that human beings hold dominion over all creation and can kill as they want because they are superior. Well here’s to Captain Watson:)!


      • Yes, chers to captain Watson´s statement :D, I just can´t see or understand people enjoying killing


  3. just called the Secretary of Interior’s office to try to leave a message but someone answered and told me call back at 7:45a.m…what i did not like was the”long-suffering” tone of voice of the’ gentleman” who answered…such an Imposition to answer the phone,it seemed…where is civlility ,never mind “manners”, in today’s world?seemed defensive to me..but i will call again at 7:45, til i get to leave my polite yet firm message to help our wolves.


    • Thank you helen for your efforts


    • I just had a similar encounter with operator Natalie at USFish and Wildlife. She told me they were not accepting comments on wolves at this time??!!
      They purposely get disinterested borderline rude people to answer the phone


  4. he USFWS is proposing delisting the wolf in the lower 48 and turning the management over to states and the ruling elements within those states that have been traditionally wolf haters and wanted to marginalize them or even wipe them out. This agency is so full of lies, myths and folklore that the stupidity of it is astounding! It repeats the myths of attacks on game herds, elk, which have actually increased in numbers prolifically since wolf recovery and it repeats the myth of attack on cattle (less than .0026 %). This agency reflects policies that could have been written by the stockmen’s association of any western state or any sportsmen (hunter) group of any western state or any group of wolf hating, misinformed, lie, myth and folklore spreading group of bloggers seen on most discussion sites. This agency shows extreme prejudicial leanings, which totally has bought into rancher-sportsmen-yokel anti-wolf bias. It is a shameful perpetuation of decades old, since the inception of wildlife agencies, anti-predator bias and the alliance of USFWS and other wildlife agencies with anti-predator elements and traditions of this country and the march of civilization. The wildlife agencies have been party to and heavily involved in the upset of natural ecological systems by participating in the mass killings of wildlife, especially the predators. The USFWS has to be sued to do its’ job of protecting the totality of ecological systems. This agency and other wildlife agencies, like the USDA Wildlife Services should be fired top down.


    • The USFWS should be dissolved and the
      agency’s officials tried on charges of high treason!
      We need to rise up in a major rebellion
      (even if it means by flying the Stars & Stripes upside-down)
      and demand that the agency be dissolved and its
      officials and their political henchmen, be prosecuted
      on charges of high treason against the American people!


  5. We have to keep calling Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, plead for the wolf no matter how rude the person at the other end of the phone line is. Now we really have to push…no matter how many hang ups, ignorant people we run into. Keep calling! 202-208-3100, emailing at:, contacting agencies that will fight for the wolf. We have big guns too. The only difference is we don’t carry them in our hands….we carry them in our hearts……and they don’t run out of bullets.


  6. I just emailed the Interior Secretary; Sally Jewell:

    Dear Secretary Sally Jewell;

    I am writing on behalf of the ancestors of our family pets, the wolf. Every day when I read the news, all I can hear in my head is, “GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!” The helicopters swoop in firing their guns, the barbaric hunters/poachers set their cruel traps, lacing bait with strychnine. These cruel people think that taking pot shots at a mother wolf is fun…or another favorite sport is if a wolf has been caught in a merciless trap for 72 hours and is not dead…kicking them until death releases them from their pain. The wolf, is being slaughtered for political gains, favors, blood money. I beg you, please, if you have it in your power and if you have a heart, stop this merciless slaughter! The wolf is not our main predator. If a farmer looses one of his livestock, it’s more than likely, in predator order; either a pack of wild dogs, large cats, bears, then at the bottom of that list is the wolf. Most of the livestock that have been lost to predators (less that 00.1 of 1%) have been scientifically proven not to have been by the wolf. (By scientists, I am referencing the ones who are not taking blood money to falsify a report). When it has been proven by these legitimate, honest scientists, biologists, conservationists that it was a wolf who took down an animals that is livestock, the government has offered to reimburse the farmer….BUT, guess what, the farmer, after all his screaming about his monetary loss doesn’t want the money, he wants to keep killing for the fun of it. They call it “sport” hunting. That really goes against the term…”sport”. I thought a sport is when both parties are in agreement.

    People do not stop and think…without this magnificent animal, they would not have their family dogs. Where do they think that their dogs learned loyalty, social ability, protectiveness of the family? From a book? No! These wonderful, amazing traits were taught to them thousands of years ago by the wolf. It’s in their genes, the genes of the wolf.

    A wolf will not attack man unless he is cornered, or mostly if their pups are being threatened. Almost sounds human, doesn’t he?

    Please, set aside the politics, political gain….listen to the cries of pain….not only from the wolves, but from a nation that loves them.

    Thank you for your time,


  7. I just called the 800 number for US
    Fish and Wildlife selected O for operator. Spoke with Natalie. I said my family of tax payers was opposed to the upcoming delisting of wolves in the country. Further, we were disgusted by the large numbers of wolves that were killed over the winter.

    Her comment……we are not accepting feedback on wolves at this time??!!
    I replied that was crazy and the have no
    business restricting when and if they will take taxpayer comments.
    When I’ve called these various government depts in the Intrrior I have routinely encountered arrogant and ignorant
    Phone reps.!!
    I asked that she make a note of my comment and repeated they should not be restricting tax payer comments.


  8. They, the agency, authorities, we should not accept these. NAMES, FACES, SPECIFIC POSITIONS IN AGENCIES AND GOVERNMENT MUST BE PUBLIC. I want to know if they have the guts to show their faces. These people should be investigated, I am sure you will find a lot of skeletons, child abuse, domestic violence, bullying employees and citizens, just to mention a few.


  9. All, I phoned and left a message for Sally Jewell. Also, below is the e-mail I just sent:

    Dear Secretary Sally Jewell,

    It is my fervent hope that you will STOP the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s plan to de-list the wolf across the lower 48 states! This would spell catastrophe for this species, who is already under siege in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, not to mention my state of Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

    The fact is, the wolf is in trouble. Since the wolf’s delisting from the above-mentioned states, hunters and joy-killers have been trapping and slaughtering them in droves – a move like this will send the wolf BACK onto the Endangered Species List in just a few short years.

    Science is telling us that by killing senior wolf pack members, it leaves their young with less experience in how to hunt large prey – so they are more likely to go after livestock. Science is telling us that genetic diversity is in danger of becoming even more eroded than it already is by this relentless persecution! And the poor Yellowstone wolf packs live on a virtual island; stepping one foot out of the park means certain death. This has become, sadly, quite common. All the hard work, all the protection, all the taxpayer money to bring the wolf back to our country (to occupy only 5% of its former range) to co-exist in his rightful place has been completely obliterated in just 4 years.

    I am sickened over this wanton abandon of wolf protections by our politicians due to the heavy influences and big money of special interest groups i.e. hunters and ranchers. Wolves belong to ALL the people!

    What will you do to stop this final nail poised to be driven into wolf’s coffin?

    Please STOP the USF&WS from de-listing!

    More people must write and call! I will continue to spread the word far and wide!



    • Beautifully expressed and reasonably expressed. I hope she will do something.


  10. Is Earth Justice a good place to donate for the wolves? Would you recommend it?


    • I recommend Earthjustice.
      Here’s the postal address:

      50 California Street, Suite 500
      San Francisco, CA 94111-4150

      They are very good in the noble fight for our wolves.
      I think we should also send a stern warning to the
      USFWS that if they take our wolves off the
      protections list, not only the U.s. will forever be put to shame,
      but will also run the risk of being boycotted by the rest of the world.


  11. Over my dead body. We’ll see if these idiots have as much cojones to hurt a human being as they do innocent wildlife.


  12. This morning I went online at CNN com – contact US/ Story Ideas to HLN Story Ideas and asked Dr. Drew to go on Facebook to the anti -wolf haters ,crush videos and please do a segment on the minds of these sick individuals. Hopefully it will take a week to analyze their sick behavior and bring to the public’s eye what the rest of us know. I would like the rest of you please do the same, more he hears from the more likely it is he will do it.


  13. We as a society should be ashamed of our abhorrent treatment of these beautiful creatures. The wolf should be a symbol of America’s independence and beauty. Wolves deserve our protection from deep hatred and ignorance. When is it going to end…


  14. I like Earth Justice another good one is Let the Wolves Run Free and Howling for Wolves,,Animal warriors Global etc they are all fighting to save these beautiful animals,anyone that can kill living beings would not have a problem killing their own kind they already are, teaching their kids to kill sounds like they are raising little serial killers isn’t this how it start out, because of these kind of inhumane sadistic creeps and those in power helping them this country has gone to hell, they say they want to heal this world will it start’s by protecting the Innocent the ones that don’t have a voice.


  15. Hi Nabeki~

    I just called a left a message for Secretary Jewell politely expressing my disapproval over the delisting of wolves from the ESA and asking her to restore protection to them. The gentleman I spoke with did not seem to give a hoot about who I was or what my message was, and replied with an apathetic “I’ll pass the message along”. I fear we may not have a change of perspective or policy with Jewell. I pray that I am wrong. Who would have thought that President Obama would singlehandedly cause this much damage to our environment? What a terrible legacy he is leaving. As a lifelong Democrat, I cannot even begin to express my utter disillusionment with his environmental and conservation policy and actions. It is shameful. Please keep up your hard work. It is so desperately necessary.

    With sincere thanks,
    Melissa A. Grieves
    Little Silver, NJ


  16. They should go to prison!


    • If I were the one in the White House right now, this wouldn’t be happening. Not only would the persecution of America’s wolves be illegal, but doing so would net treason charges for the guilty. There’s only two punishments for treason in America: Jail, or death. Not only that, but I say the current capital punishment methods we currently are too good for the anti-wolf crowd. In fact, here, maybe this clip featuring the late George Carlin can explain it better.


  17. It also implies they don’t give a damn about the American people… Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 07:44:48 +0000 To:


  18. PLEASE READ!!!!!
    There once was a wolf-and this is a true story-named Sheyenne, after the mountains she once called home, who had a blue healer’s aura. The man who single-handedly took care of every wolf at her at the wolf sanctuary took her to hospitals all around the country. She absorbed so much negative energy from the people in the hospitals…well; everyone knows healers can’t heal themselves. Her vet said she would live only one more year…if she stopped healing people. She left a message-one of many- to that pure, kind-hearted man, saying: “Why would I want to live a year to be sick a year?” She continued to heal people for two more months. Just before she died, she left one last message to the man, saying “it will take three to replace me.”
    A while later, three wolf pups were born in the sanctuary. One day, a young girl was visiting the wolves, when one of the pups brushed his snout against her forehead. Now, this girl had been having these terrible migraines-sometimes so bad she couldn’t even walk. A week after the incident, she called the man, and told him: “My migraines are gone! Your wolf must have healed me.” These three wolf pups all had a blue healer’s aura-but only at a third of the power of their predecessor. They are now full grown-and healing more wounds of the body and soul.
    You see? That wolf loved us and healed us-and what did we do? We gave her so many of our problems, that we killed her. The man at the sanctuary gave me a lock of Sheyenne’s fur. I wore it in a pouch around my neck every day-until one day, it just disappeared. After that my life started to improve. I got better grades in school, and I was able to cope with my Asperger’s Syndrome better. I like to believe that the fur went back to be with the rest of that wonderful wolf, who still continues to heal people today from beyond the grave.


    • Beautiful story. Glad to hear that you’re coping with the Asperger’s better. I have PDD-NOS, which is similar to Asperger’s and is part of the Autistic Spectrum Disorders category, so I can relate to that.




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  22. Emailed Tim Janes at the Center for Biological Diversity. God bless him and that organization. I received a reply:


    Thanks for your email. I’ve put the word out to a couple of people to see where they most need help. As I get answers, I’ll get back to you.

    I’m also sharing your information with Alexis Simontacchi, who coordinates our volunteers.

    Tim A. Janes
    Assistant Membership Director
    Center for Biological Diversity
    520.396.1140 direct line


  23. I too was duped and though voting for Obama would bring change. I wish I could take back my vote. I wonder what he will tell his daughters when they ask why wolves no longer roam the earth. I wonder if he will tell them HE played a heavy hand in their demise.

    WHAT is up with some HUMANS?! They’re not happy unless they kill every GD non-human occupant of this planet. I wish Aliens would come down and exterminate all human inhabitants. I would gladly give my life it meant saving the lives of all innocent animals.


  24. Called USFWS. Phone rep had just awakened from a nap, I think.
    Not funny.

    What corporation is Sally Jewell from? Anyone have any inside data? That is likely the best place to call as there will be stacks of coins moving from one place to another.


  25. Perhaps everyone should also call API and Mobil Legal departments to support re-listing of wolves?

    2 salient details from readings online. URL’s follow for your reference.
    1 “19 years in commercial banking sector and engineer for MOBIL OIL.”
    2 …announced” plans to offer energy explorers more than 21 million acres offshore Texas in an August lease sale”

    Links for reference

    2 Original article:

    From CS Monitor article
    ” Jewell helped steer REI to a retail leader in outdoor gear when she served at the helm there. When Obama rolled her out earlier this year, the American Petroleum Institute (API) stressed the U.S.” energy revolution” lies in her hands. Before ruling over REI, she spent

    The day after the GSA announcement, she backed into API’s corner by

    The Gulf of Mexico, she said, is the “cornerstone of the United States’ energy portfolio.” 
    Lawmakers in the House of Representatives last week passed legislation that would open up acreage along the U.S.-Mexico maritime border. As much as 85 percent of the leasable acreage in the Gulf of Mexico, the so-called cornerstone of U.S. energy, is still off limits, API’s Eric Milito testified. Opening up more acreage, he said, would add to the 8 million barrels of oil expected from the United States per day by the end of 2014. That didn’t sit too well with the Sierra Club, however, which said there’s “clearly enough” acreage available to keep the energy industry busy. (Related article: Statoil Eyes “Considerable” North Sea Discovery


  26. This is horrible! Gray wolf recovery has been a great success so far, but it is not over yet! Delisting Canis lupus nationwide will be a great hinder to the species’ restoration! Instead of delisting them completely, why can’t the USFWS just downgrade their status from “endangered” to “threatened?”

    At least the Mexican Wolf will finally be protected as a subspecies separate from other gray wolves. But still, they could and should list the lobos through a separate ruling rather than including it with the ruling to delist the other gray wolves. It brings up an interesting question, though: why are they willing to list the lobo as a separate subspecies now yet refused to do so back in, what, October of last year? If the science supports listing the lobos now then it should of supported listing them a few months ago. I sense political meddling…


  27. Whatever happened to these decisions being based off of sound science? The ESA and all decisions regarding it and listed species are supposed to be based off of science, not politics! I fear for what is in store for other controversial species that are listed on the ESA List (such as the Preble’s Jumping Mouse); who’s to say that they won’t become victims of political meddling in the near future? Perhaps the gray wolf is just the start to the demise of endangered species protections…


  28. Beloved howlers, I think it’s time for a major revolution,
    and topple the arrogant rogue USFWS!!
    We need to get thousands (or perhaps a million)
    of our paws on the ground, in a mega-protest rally
    against the USFWS and their political henchmen,
    demanding that the agency be dissolved and the
    politicians who passed anti-wildlife legislation,
    to resign immediately or else we will remove
    them from office by force!


    • AGREE !!!!!


    • But how, many of us don’t have the money or the means to attend, I’m one of them & sadly all I can do is pray, which I always do but is that even enough?


      • I make wolf videos on YT and I put petition links in the description below the video…I always get hunters and trappers on there flinging insults at me. They say the only good wolf is a dead one…shows the mentality of these people. All I say is that the videos must be a threat to them, cause why bother to make comments like that on them. Many of these hunter/trappers are very narrow minded and ignorant people…it shows what we are up against.


      • It certainly does Jan!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Yes! For the wolves..for the wild ones!! Jan-Animikeeg


  29. I Agree, a major revolution is needed!!


  30. […] USFWS Poised To Drive Final Nail In Wolves’ Coffin…. ( […]


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