Intolerance is Sometimes the Only Humane Stance

Exposing the Big Game

There’s been a lot of talk about tolerance these days, but sometimes it seems only the Left side really takes the concept of peaceful acceptance to heart. Fair-minded folk are encouraged to politely tolerate each other’s differences in order to get along. But lately the anti-wolf faction has hijacked the word to justify the killing of wolves.

For example, ten Washington state legislators recently urged their Fish and Wildlife Commission to enact a policy of allowing the unpermitted killing of wolves, “to maintain social tolerance for gray wolves in northeast Washington.” And a wolf-hunter/wildlife snuff film producer told NPR News, “Having these [wolf] hunting seasons has provided a level of tolerance again.” Sorry, but I just don’t see how killing wolves promotes tolerance for them; sounds more like enmity than tolerance.

The only way I can relate is from a converse perspective: doing away with a few wolf hunters might provide some…

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  1. I don’t think we should tolerate this kind of killing at all. The hunters and trappers do not tolerate the wolves, so why should we tolerate them. They are ignorant people who know nothing of the wolves, but how to kill and torture them.


  2. The mass killing of our wolves across America has left me with so little hope for us. The cruelly of it all has been so painful to me. I have seen a massive grassroot effort to save our wolves based on sound science and tourism dollars. As someone who has followed the story pre Yellowstone, I’m just completely hopeless in the voice of individuals in American politics. The violence I see in our country and the blindness of our neighbors to see past next weeks football game. I will not visit Montana this summer as it will never be the place I thought it was. I will continue to write letters and join others to educate the public. Never the less this whole business of slaughtering our wolves has put so much sadness into my life and I fear if it never gets better for them it will be the same for me.
    Animal snuff videos really have we gone completely freaking insane ?


    • Denise, as much as I so hate to read your very sad words it makes me feel not so alone in this helplessness I feel with the forces of vulgarity and brutality that seem to have hijacked humanity. It creates this horrible fatigue in me even as I continue to write, call and speak for a world that we currently do not seem to have.
      I embrace you from afar and all those who gather round the campfire with love for this achingly beautiful world.


  3. Well, it worked for the Great Lakes states (the famous line ‘if they get it out of their system, it will increase tolerance’). Noone could ever accuse these wolf haters of being original. It’s hard to believe this kind of behavior is approved of and even encouraged by our highest levels of government.

    I’m not holding my breath that our newest SOI is going to rock the boat either. Things have been to quiet, and no mention of either wolves or wild horses has been made. Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, an area that has had the crap beaten out of it by our oil needs, is on the agenda.


    • Guess a lot of people can only tolerate dead wolves.


  4. Who better fits the definition of terrorist? These animal torturers so proud to put their crap up on social media sites, or the ones we recruit from prisons to work in slaughterhouses for our (over)consumption of meat, or people who speak out against it? It’s getting so I don’t feel comfortable speaking out because people who don’t approve of wanton killing are called animal rights terrorists with an agenda who don’t care about people…’ It’s hard to believe that we have a Democrat in office.


    • Exactly. The Right has a genius for name calling and stereotyping that undermines the motives of those who disagree with them. Radicals are those who want to protect animals from abuse, terrorists are those who oppose hunting, killing, and environmental destructions, criminals and felons are those who expose the cruelty on factory farms. We need to find a way to fight back and make them look like the bullies they are.


  5. I’ll say further that the reason I think the real terrorists are constantly getting by the FBI is that they are concentrating on animal and eco people too much so that this country can tighten its grip on the status quo. 9/11, Oklahoma City and this latest Boston guy under surveillance, but did nothing. Too busy enforcijng Ag-Gag laws and barking up the wrong tree after the animal rights people.


  6. Don’t ever ask me to be tolerant towards animal killers (official or private)!!!!!


  7. Thank you all for saying all the things that I think. I wish there was some kind of action that we could take. There are many more of us than of them. The hold all the cards. They have the government troops behind them (F&W). The only thing now is hopefully they will fall hard when the climate starts to act up and fry their little brains and make their lives difficult. That’s the only thing I can think of that will stop this madness. Oregon and Washington are trying to make it legal to kill wolves without a permit. There is no place in the wilderness that has not been raped by humans. But thank you all for being here for me to talk to, to listen to. I am not alone. My grieve is palpable and will not leave until we can all appreciate our wildlife, especially the predators. So much cruelty. Tears for the wild ones. The strange thing is most people love animals. Where are they? Why aren’t they cringing too? Predator Defense is making the issue public better than all the big environmental agencies.


    • I may have been a bit harsh with my FBI comment (I’m sure they thwart more attacks than can get through) but for one of their spokespeople to say that Animal Rights and Eco people re the biggest threat to the country is offensive and flat-out wrong.


      • The anti-animal and anti-eco people have very intense, very wealthy constituencies/organizations, which pretty much gets people what they want in the legislatures.


  8. Do you all know that Idaho trapped and killed OR7’s sister? I have no tolerance for this nightmare


  9. Many evenings I wonder if I am a hypersensitive overly dramatic weeper. The internet is flooded with horrifying tales of cruel and angry ways of killing our beautiful wolves.
    I recently was given a copy of Living with Wolves the photographic tale of the ID.Sawtooth Pack. Such astounding photos and vital pack research, brought tears and thankfulness to have an opportunity to share in the secrets of wolf life.
    My point is, reading this blog helped me realize my sorrow is shared and we must never give in and allow these ignorant redneck losers to take what is ours, the wolf.
    Never stop writing the newspaper and be relentless in calling the White House, Sally Jewel, Senators etc and tolerance for wolf haters will never fly.
    PS Obama I’m sure has never set foot on a hiking trail.


    • Yes, mountain climbing and hiking does not qualify one for running the Interior Department. If it did, there would be many qualified candidates I am sure. OR-7 needs stepped up protection because these terrorists in ID are stepping up the violence.


  10. Did you guys hear that Journey’s sister OR-5 was caught in a steel leghold trap and killed in Idaho a day before the trapping season ended?


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