Anti-Wildlife Legislation Introduced to Congress

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Exposing the Big Game

Here’s a glimpse at things from the point of view of the dark side–an article in the “Daily Caller” in the “Guns and Gear” section from the Safari Club International (the self-proclaimed keepers of “common sense”) touting pro-hunting bills (which need to be stopped)…

Essential legislation to protect hunting introduced in U.S. Congress

Washington, D.C. – Safari Club International (SCI) supports the Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act introduced by Congressman Dan Benishek (MI) and Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK). H.R. 1825 and S. 170 will require the U.S. Forest Service (FS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to manage their lands for hunting, angling, and target- shooting based recreation. Members of Safari Club International will be traveling to Washington, D.C. on May 9th to advocate for H.R. 1825 and S. 170.

“For hunters, it is critical that legislation be passed that will ensure future generations of sportsmen…

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  1. Oh no. Not this thing rearing its ugly head again. We don’t have the wildlife to support hunting and fishing for future generations. The only thing that will do that is conservation. What is wrong with these people? I hope we can count on our politicians to beat it down once again. 😦


  2. Listen up all you politicians: it is your responsibility to take the bull by the horns and stand up for wildlife or there won’t be any left to enjoy in the future.


  3. Why bother, Congress doesn’t make good decisions regarding wild life.



  4. You can’t count on the politicians to make any good decisions because their only interest is their wallet. Until people wake up and get some new blood in Congress, we’re all screwed, including wildlife.


  5. You know, kids, it’s kind of a sad joke. Poaching is up above the amount of permit kills. There are people out there who don’t have any respect for the law. I used to say, well, at least there’s a law against it. But there are so many of the mad hatters out there with guns taking and shooting whatever they want that it might as well be the 1800’s. Every book I’ve read about a studied wolf repopulation of radio collared animals have been shot or poisoned. I agree that it is scarey that they are making laws to protect their monstrous needs to kill and control but in reality, either way, you have knuckle dragging Jethro and his inbred brothers who would use their guns to spite you. They are nuts.. There is no educating them. They are contraries and belong behind bars.


    • Too bad they aren’t all out on a porch playing a banjo instead of out in the woods killing. Now that the NRA and the gun groups feel that they are fighting for their paranoid lives, the hunters think they have a chance to get more killing in. I’m so tired of hearing the politicians, some of whom want more gun controls, assuring the hunters that no one wants to interfere with their “sport.” Hell, I would like to interfere big time. Unfortunately, the army of the slack-jawed will keep taking to the woods, and the innocent wildlife will keep dying. I hope there is justice some place, because it certainly is not here.


  6. We are trying to put something on the ballot this year to outlaw trapping (to a degree) in Oregon. Even if it passes, these people don’t care if what they do is against the law.


    • Seems to me we passed a law against traps here in Washington, but the first thing the hunters and trappers did is work on getting it overturned.


      • But that is what they do and work to get things overturned. We need to be just as persisdent.


  7. Look what happened in Michigan – 250,000 signatures against wolf hunting just written off and ignored, and politicians do what they and the hunters want. Our democracy is a joke.


    • The people in Michigan and Wisconsin need to be vocal when the election and vote the bad apples out. Sad thing of life is that money talks. These hunting clubs have money. The NRA has a lot of pull in Congress.


  8. Z’ev


  9. IT’S A CRIME!!!!!!


  10. I think we need to remind those politicians of what happens when we put the interests of hunters above the needs of wildlife, of the fates of the Thylacine and all of the other species that went extinct due to hunting and persecution.




  12. Just emailed Tim Janes, (

    Good morning Tim,

    It hit me this morning. After all the articles in defense of the wolf that I have posted on Facebook and Twitter, and all the comments I’ve made on Word Press “Howling For Justice”, after all these years of banging my head against the wall, crying for the each wolf as they are brutally slaughtered, poisoned, trapped, after fighting for them for over 40 years, especially these last couple of Obama years, a president whose agenda is all about himself and would call a “stand down” to cover his stupidity claiming he had Al Quada on the run and let four brave Americans die at the hands of these terrorists so he wouldn’t have to own up to his lies so his reelection would not be jeopardized….what would ever make us think that he would right his wrong and reinstate the wolf on the Endangered List, permanently? What I think we have to do is go in through the back door. I don’t know how to make a petition online, but if that could be done, and if we could get 10,000 signatures, give these signatures to the many animal activist groups/ organizations in the states that the wolves are being slaughtered, and they in turn could deliver them to the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in each of these states…that would be a lot of signatures, a lot of people crying out, a lot of voices heard. Then maybe, just maybe, these corrupt F&W in each state, being confronted by many, many organizations who are delivering the cries of many, many voices….they might, hopefully listen and hear and stop these bloodbaths. They would have to be convinced because they are the ones who would have to convince Obama to do what is right.

    Not sure if I made too much sense. Tried to explain what I think we have to do the best way I could. In the past, I’ve printed out many packages of petitions with many signatures, mailed them certified mail to many of the Senators in the states where the wolves are being slaughtered, but they are in Obama’s pocket….so….if thousands of voices are delivered by many organizations/groups that are fighting for the wolf, I think that would have a much larger impact.

    Thank you for your time.

    As always,

    Fighting for the Wolf,


  13. Hi
    I have been donating a bit to the wolf protection cause and just watched a documentary about wolves by a man who studies them named Shaun Ellis around 28:27 starts the segment I am talking about.

    He lives with wolves and has kept away wolves in Poland using wolf calls because wolves are territorial. He says that the method needs testing and many farmers need to do just that, for the verification that scientists need. Because it’s either that or continued wolf hunts and death to livestock. Time is crucial because wolves are an endangered species so inaction is the worst enemy here.

    Shaun can be contacted directly at


    • theevolutionofosiris….Thanks for sharing (:

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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