Let The Wolves Run Free by Ratty and the Watchers…..

arctic-wolf-wallpaper brothersoftdotcomJuly 9, 2013


Photo: arctic-wolf-wallpaper-brothersoftdotcom

Posted in: Wolf Wars

Tags: wolf wars, wolf persecution, save the American wolf, Ratty and the Watchers

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  1. This wallpaper is absolutely beautiful..how could anyone want to kill this magnificent animal. Let the wolves run free!!!


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  3. Nabeki, I’ve been missing your post very badly. I’m so happy you are back and hope you are well and got some much needed rest. As always thank you for for your post. Bert C.


  4. i cry every time I read the body count of our wolves. I have done all I can…and nothing is working…these wolves are being slaughtered at a rate of 100 per day sometimes…when is it going to end? WHen is man going to realize he is ruining the world by doing this……If there is a God…please pray for him/her to save our wolves..Nothing else is working, maybe prayer is the answer.


    • Maybe prayer is one part of the solution, I hope so.


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  6. Beautiful!


  7. Center for Biological Diversity asked me to pass this along please take action now to request that Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe to extend the wolf delisting comment period and organize hearings so the wolves have a fighting chance at survival


  8. On the CBS news last night (10 Jul 2013) the Minnesota DNR announced their intention to reopen the wolf hunting season in the fall.
    413 murders weren’t enough!


  9. Words cannot express the magnificence and beauty of this image.


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