Please Attend “The National Rally To Protect America’s Wolves” 9/7/13

National Rally For Wolves 1

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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    Thank you for posting this! Please everyone make this go viral!


  2. I would love to, but I’m in NY, on oxygen, plus taking care of sick animals. I do fight tooth and nail from here. Wish I was healthy and circumstances were difference because I would be there in a flash. Thoughts and many prayers (loud ones) I am sending.


  3. i will be there and I messaged all my signers on my petition re our WOLVES “please stop killing us”
    love and light for the wild ones


  4. Earth First Wolf Sabotage manual just released:


  5. Sorry, in my haste to get the news across about the manual I omitted a word- I meant wolf HUNT sabotage manual.The wolfs have already been sabotaged enough as it is.


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  9. With great sadness I say to you I will not be able to attend simply because of lack of money. I’m doing all I can sharing, promoting, signing petitions. All the energy of positive thoughts, light and prayer will be there with all of you,


  10. I AM SO THERE!!!!

    ~For the Wolves~ ❤


  11. I want to come but I am way out in Washington state. If I can get a train out I will come. We had an informational picket in Sandpoint, Idaho today for the wolves and gathered more signatures to send to Sally Jewell.


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