The National Rally To Protect Wolves – 9/7/13 – Be There For The Wolves!

The National Rally to Protect America's Wolves



Dear Wolf Supporters,

Here’s a special update for The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! that we know you’ll find both helpful and inspiring.

The Rally is a week away and we hope to see you there!


Currently there are eleven exceptional, dedicated and inspiring grassroots wolf defenders who will be speaking at the Rally. Our speakers include the director of a wolf refuge out West who has been a magnificent wolf defender for decades, an active duty police officer from Wisconsin, a retired college professor from that same state, a former rancher from Colorado, an amazing native person from the Upper MidWest, and other excellent wolf defenders from Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts and California. One of the speakers is close friends with world-renowned conservationist Jane Goodall and he will be reading a statement from Ms. Goodall especially prepared for America’s wolves and for this Rally. We are still working on having one of the best wildlife defenders in the US Congress, along with a former governor who has a wonderful track record for wildlife.


Thanks to the generosity of one of our Rally Partners, Adopt a Wolf Pack, we will be offering Rally T-Shirts at the event. In exchange for a modest donation to our wolf defender cause, you can proudly wear a National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! T-Shirt. You may want to arrive before the official 11AM start time, as we expect these T-Shirts to go quickly.


The Rally is within yards of the Washington Monument which is a white marble tower, pointing 555 feet into the sky. It is the most visible monument on the National Mall. Our Rally has the Northeast Quadrant of the Washington Monument reserved as the site of our demonstration and rally for wolves. If you need to, you can ask a national park service officer or local police officer to point you to the Northeast Quadrant of the Washington Monument. Check our Rally website for a google map of the location.


9AM to 11AM – Informal outdoor networking event for wolf defenders. (Your best opportunity to connect with your fellow wolf defenders and to buy a Rally T-shirt.)
11AM – Rally officially begins.
11AM to 1PM – Speakers communicate to the attendees.
1:30PM to 3PM – March for America’s Wolves! from the Washington Monument to the US Capitol Building.


The best signs to bring to the Rally are those that are home-made. Home-made signs attract more attention, from fellow wolf defenders and from the media. We want to keep our wolf defender messages positive and inspiring. It’s OK to protest animal cruelty and abuse, which is certainly part of what we are fighting to stop, but do that in the context of the respect, decency, co-existence and protection we are demanding for America’s wolves.

Here’s some sign suggestions:

*** Decency Respect Co-Existence: The New American Way
*** America’s Wolves Must Be Federally Protected!
*** Americans LOVE America’s Wolves!
*** Montanans LOVE America’s Wolves! (substitute your own state)
*** Respect & Co-Existence NOT Demonization & Persecution
*** Wolves Have Families, too!
*** Wolves are Vital and Beautiful Beings

Thank you for defending and fighting to protect America’s wolves. They need every single one of us.

See you at the Rally, next Saturday, September 7, 2013.

— The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! team


Here are a few more sign suggestions, from a fellow wolf advocate. They address the underlying cause of the destruction of America’s wolves,  Agribusiness.

 “Wolves Belong, Not Cows” …..”Livestock are Destroying Our Public Lands”…”Welfare Ranching is Destroying Wildlife Habitat”….”Wolves Yes, Cows No”

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  1. Sign ideas: “Respect all of God’s creatures.” (to guilt-trip the right-wing hunters and ranchers)

    “Wolves are a symbol of the best of America.”

    “Wolves are a beautiful symbol of the West.”

    I wish I could be there with you all ❤ ~mandy, seattle, wa


  2. Do you all have pamphlets to hand out to passers-by? That would be really helpful, including the link where they can urge US FWS to NOT DE-LIST wolfies. That deadline was extended by a month with public hearings to come in DC, Albuquerque, and Sacramento.

    Information to give people is essential.


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  4. wish i could be there!!..the wolf credo is such a good reminder of the way to live a good heart is with all of you who will be at the rally ..ANd devotedly with the wolves.


  5. I will be there in spirit and always with the wolves and wild things.


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  7. I will be sending my energy & prayers for you all…& our majestic wolves! Thank you so much for this rally!! I know it took a lot of planning for this rally, & dedication for those traveling to DC. I have been there for our horses. I so wanted to, but truly, could not be there to be a presence for the wolves. ~*~ Amazing Grace ~*~


    • I’m hoping for a big turnout Ronnie!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. I’m sad that I can’t be there, but moving once again back to Montana from Washington has taken too much of my energy and time.
    I notice that “sign” suggestions leave out the #1 reason wolves are being killed…..namely to protect livestock. Are signs like “Wolves Belong, Not Cows” …..”Livestock are Destroying Our Public Lands”…”Welfare Ranching is Destroying Wildlife Habitat”….”Wolves Yes, Cows No”…………………are these considered too radical???
    If they are, it’s unfortunate.


    • Hey great suggestions Jerry, I”ll add them to the alert.

      Didn’t know you moved back to Montana.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Yep…recently moved back to the “killing fields” of Montana………..long story


  9. I will be there with 3 friends from Calif and New Mexico . we will be holding the banner with the coexistence message. It is the condensed version of Jerry’s message. The ranchers need to be held accountable and be responsible with their “stock”. It is no different than owning a store ..take precautions..have an alarm system etc..all these tools are out there that are non lethal methods to watch your “stock” ..let’s get these guys educated because they are directing policy from a position of entitlement and ignorance. And the Wolves always lose and so do other wildlife.
    Wild Lives and Places Matter!
    Rebecca Vitale Mandich


  10. It hurts not be be able to go but my heart and soul are with you. I do believe in the power of the mind united like in a “prayer” for the wolves.


  11. Rebecca……..happy to see that someone will be addressing the LIVESTOCK issue.


    • Actually Jerry
      It is the issue and the reason our beautiful wolves are being slaughtered and families ripped apart .. The ag industry owns our wildlife services and US fish and wildlife .. We need education and a coexistence model that people like Camilla Fox from is promoting, check out their work! All about apex predators and she herself is a force of nature and getting things done!
      Getting on plane now to DC to rally for our wolves!


      • Thank you Rebecca for traveling to support the wolves!! May many howls be heard in Washington, DC.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  12. i had hoped to be able to be there, but unfortunately due to many factors am unable to do so. i am with you in Spirit and will continue to do what i can for the wolves. sincere thanks to all who fight for wolves.


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