Happy Halloween Wolf Warriors…

The Vampire Diaries Parody By The Hillywood Show

blood drop


Video: YouTube Courtesy The Hillywood Show
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  1. Wolf jihad: Wolf hate elements of society still continuing the scare tactics, hysteria, folklore, lies and myths associated with wolves. Our forefathers brought to this country all these folklore tales, wolf jihad mentality, hysteria, erroneous belied that they had to be exterminated. This nonsense continued through the decades and centuries to the present and through and with the state and federal wildlife agencies. Look at the mentality of the wolf massacre states (MT-ID-WI-WY) and the USFWS who side with hunters and ranchers and the reasons to kill wolves’ myths (ungulate decimation and stock predation) which are grossly exaggerated lies, myth, and folklore. Look at our entertainment fare: Werewolves, lycans, vampires, zombies, middle (dark) age’s demons and possessions. Man the toolmaker is advanced. Man the humane animal, the sentient animal coexisting with other sentient animals is still in a very primitive state.


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  3. The original werewolf came from the Pagan (the actual religion) ‘wolf man’. This entity was not a vicious killing machine, but a gentle and wise forest spirit.


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