N. Minn. hunting guide hit with mountain of charges involving bear, deer kills

This is just the tip of the iceberg, they have no respect for wildlife, period. Remember the guy that shot a bear in it’s den while it was hibernating? These people have a chip missing.

Exposing the Big Game

 by:  Paul Walsh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PAUL                 Star Tribune

November 5, 2013

A north­ern Min­ne­so­ta bear hunt­ing guide has been charged with using vari­ous il­legal tac­tics in­volv­ing the kill­ing of bear and deer, ac­cord­ing to auth­ori­ties.

A north­ern Min­ne­so­ta bear hunt­ing guide has been charged with using vari­ous il­legal tac­tics in­volv­ing the kill­ing of bear and deer, ac­cord­ing to auth­ori­ties.

Keith R. Slick, 32, of Baudette, was charged Fri­day in Lake of the Woods District Court with a long list of offenses, a­mong them: two counts of pos­sess­ing an over lim­it of bear, three counts of un­law­ful pos­ses­sion of deer, two charges of un­law­ful­ly trans­port­ing a bear, fail­ure to reg­is­ter a se­cond bear, fail­ure to tag a se­cond bear, il­legal pos­ses­sion of a car-killed deer, untagged big game ani­mal (bear), no bear out­fit­ter/guides li­cense, un­law­ful trans­fer/lend or bor­row of li­cense, fail­ure to reg­is­ter bear bait sta­tions, hunt­ing with­in 100 yards of an un­regis­tered bear…

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  1. It looks like Slicky Dick thinks he’s a big brave boy when in reality he has no moral compass and no spine – just llike his buddy who shot a hibernating bear in its den…


  2. Let’s follow this case and make sure he get’s a punishment worthy of all his crimes.


  3. One single man!! what would be, if each would act like this?! I agree with Irolf


  4. Wonder how many wolves he has slaughtered barbarically, but the so called good old boys in the seats of authority have looked the other way? If these moron authorities ever said anything against the other hunters slaughtering the wolves, it would be only out of greed, wanting to keep these beautiful animals for their “harvesting”. I have a dream. “The guns are turned. The morons are being trapped, shot, poisoned, kicked to death…then the alpha male wolf has a wall full of governmental heads in his den” That makes me smile.


  5. This is the “modern hunter” in America, and there appear to be very few who are the exception: Cruel, vicious, unethical, no respect for life, no respect for regulations, no sense whatsoever of the sacredness of life. And “hunters” wonder why so many oppose the way they “hunt.”


    • Great comment Joanne. I agree 100 %.


  6. The fine is only $4500? And that doesn’t even mean he will have to pay THAT!! What was the cost of this investigation? Who pays for that? & the court costs? Why isn’t it $4000 per animal & the money given to the sanctuaries that will be the only place are wildlife will be safe?! Soon enough these killers will wipe us out & since they can’t ‘hunt down’ vegetation the landscape will be trashed again & we will lose more species and landscape.


  7. They make me sick, hopefully he will be made “sick” now. I doubt it though. The sickness allows more sickness and so on and so on. I pity the animals and pray we can change this for them.


  8. SIcko indeed.I hope that he will be prosecuted and stopped. No way for the poor animals to die


  9. ROT IN HELL Keith R Slick.May the blood of the very animals you
    murdered scream loud in your ears. And may their screams enter your dreams, so you will be afraid to sleep. When you are alone may the screams be so loud you will never find peace!


  10. like i said before, most hunters and trappers are cheating, lying , pos’s i’ve listened to them for years telling me how they have taken game illegally and had no problem with it.


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