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To breathe and clear all the grief and sorrow out of your head. The way I do it is through meditation and music. So here are a few of my favorite songs and bands. Yeah, I like grunge…

Even  Flow – Pearl Jam


Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days


Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

RIP Kurt


Alice In Chains – Would?

RIP Layne and Mike


Videos: Courtesy YouTube:

Even Flow – PearljamVEVO

Fell on Black Days – SoundgardenVEVO

Smells Like  Team Spirit – NirvanaVEVO

Would? – AliceInChainsVEVO

Photo: Courtesy just care health

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  1. Great idea Nabeki – thank you, even though it is not my favourite genre.


  2. The first hunt was so painful for me and my beautiful mom reminded me “They go to Heaven Denise, nothing truly dies” I hang on to her words of wisdom, when the insanity and cruelty become too much for me to handle.


  3. Yes, music is so healing. I play my harp as a prayer and meditation for the wolves and all the suffering animals. Whatever your genre or mode of healing, it is so important so we can keep on in this struggle to create a loving and beautiful world.


  4. I love music of most every genre – you made me think of two of my favorite ‘grunge’ bands (with some of the same members of the ones you listed!) – ‘Hunger Strike’ by Temple of the Dog (Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell), and ‘Like a Stone’ by Audioslave (Chris Cornell).


  5. The true sadness is that the American people through general apathy allow the few to dictate to the many.We Cannot just mourn these and all wonderful animals we must be proactive and get angry And fight for them.Rallys,donations,testify for them,volunteer to educate and even confrontation with our opponent is therapy at least for me.


  6. These help me
    SS Decontrol -Glue-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcrJgyYtElE
    MDC- Millions of Dead Cops:

    Black Flag’s Rise Above

    Minor Threat’s Screaming at a Wall:

    Bad Posture- GDMFSOB:


  7. Yes music does help, for me it’s Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, you get the idea. A little bit older music. Although my children love it too. We all need to lose ourselves in music for a while.


  8. The majority of music from the late 80’s-early 90’s for this fellow; soundtracks are nice too – theme from Schindler’s list makes me tear up. John Williams, Enya Brennan, Craig Armstrong, Yoko Kanno, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer are all brilliant performers/composers.


  9. “Bright eyes, burning like fire. Bright eyes, how can you close and fail? How can the light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale? Bright eyes.” Music can go so deeply into the heart of things. These lyrics from the song “Bright Eyes” performed by Art Garfunkel resonate with the grief we feel and expose the sin that the wanton killers of wildlife have to answer for. Thank you, Nabeki for sharing.

    Also, an interesting story about the social lives of wolves just came up on MSNBC http://www.nbcnews.com/science/wolves-can-also-be-mans-best-friend-scientists-say-2D11690658

    Something to sing about!


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