A (Wolf) Pack of Lies

Lies and damn lies. There are no depths they won’t sink to demonize wolves. May they all rot in hell.

Exposing the Big Game

Michael Markarian: Animals & Politics

There is more fallout this week in the wake of the MLive.com investigative series exposing politicians and state officials who made up stories out of whole cloth in order to prompt Michigan’s first wolf hunting season in half a century. A leading booster of the wolf hunt, Sen. Tom Casperson, took to the floor of the state Senate yesterday and apologized to his colleagues and to voters for including a fictional account about wolves at a daycare center in a resolution he authored in 2011.

Wolf2Sen. Casperson acknowledged, “I was mistaken, I am accountable, and I am sorry. Words matter. Accuracy matters. Especially here, with a topic that is so emotional and is so important to so many, especially those whose way of life is being changed in my district. A decision here of whether or not we use sound science to manage wolves, as…

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  1. Sorry ain’t gonna cut it Casperson you fucking asshole! Everyone in Michigan be sure to vote Casperson and all of the other arrogant assholes in your state government out of office in 2014!


  2. “It’s up to Gov. Rick Snyder to bring some accountability and transparency to state government, by suspending next week’s wolf hunt.” This must happen because it was brought about by lies, but support him by making sure that he has the correct information.

    I think that it must also be brought about by Sen. Tom Casperson, who at least had the guts to admit to his wrong doings. He should make sure that every newspaper, radio and TV station in Michigan gets to publish and air his apology, even if it means him having to travel around to some of them. The folk and organisations who want the wolf hunt stopped, should use this opportunity positively, by getting the Senator on their side. He can help persuade the Governor to cancel the hunt.

    As it was stated; “This was an abuse of power and an abuse of the process, and the only way to repair some of the damage and restore the public trust is to let the people have a say on whether wolves should be hunted, or not.”

    Let all of the Michigan people, the animal welfare organisations and the State put forward positive suggestions on how the wolves can become part of a green tourism project, adding jobs and income to Michigan. Lastly, punish the farmers who leave dead livestock out so that they have a so-called “excuse” to shoot a wolf or two and then still be compensated for their own negligence.

    Perhaps the State, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Military could work together and consider using Veterans to patrol the protected wolf areas to stop ranchers crossing over and at the same time, keep the wolves from coming out.


    • “[Casperson] at least had the guts to admit to his wrong doings.” Technically, he was exposed, so his righteous humility and mea culpa rings hollow; he is in damage-control mode.


      • Thank you Bob. I did not realise that he was exposed – that does put a different slant on things. But, perhaps this is a good time to approach him as he will be in a weakened position?


    • These people are from the western UP and all think they’re Scotty Walker fro Wis , they do not represent the lower , the UP is a burdenon the lower and always has been but with Snyder in there he pays attention to them, this is his last term and MI is a union state not a Scotty Walker remake


  3. You really can’t talk to stupid: mythologizers, liars, Elmer Fudd Nimrods (sportsmen), ranchers about wolves which they fear and have an irrational gut hate of, and of what they call environmentalists and conservationists. They hate us and want to show us that they are in control. We have to go to the general pubic, media, lawsuits. Although they are highly vocal yokels, their numbers, I think are dwindling, albeit slowly, even in the wolf slaughtering states as their ranks die out and fail to be totally replaced by young recruits and women of like minds.


  4. I’m not surprised that an anti-wolf politician would lie to justify a wolf hunt when the science does not support it.


  5. Protesters needed to monkey wrench the upcoming wolf/coyote hunting derby on Jan 10, 2014 in Dillon Montana. The wolves & coyotes need our presence for this barbaric “sport”.


  6. That is what wolf (mis) managment has always been about, worldwide, thruout history, to justify wolf elimination, LIES, LIES, and more LIES.


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