Republicans Push Lead Poisoning of Wildlife Disguised as “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act”

Exposing the Big Game

For Immediate Release, February 3, 2014

Contact: Bill Snape, (202) 536-9351 or bsnape@biologicaldiversity.orgRepublicans Push Lead Poisoning of Wildlife Disguised as “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act”

Legislation Would Also Roll Back Public-lands Protection, Promote Polar Bear Trophy Hunting

WASHINGTON— The U.S. House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on H.R.Fudd 3590, the misnamed “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act.” Under the guise of expanding hunting and fishing access on public lands, the Republican-supported bill aims to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from protecting millions of birds and other animals from lead poisoning. The extremist legislation also contains provisions to undermine the Wilderness Act, dispense with environmental review for projects on national wildlife refuges, and promote polar bear hunting.

“Another cynical assault by House Republicans to roll back protections for public lands and wildlife,” said Bill Snape, senior counsel at the Center for Biological Diversity. “This supposed ‘sportsmen’s legislation’ would actually jeopardize the health of…

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  1. Wow…just wow..I simply cannot stop wondering what drives this people to push all this insanity forward. Polar bear trophy hunting., I must now admit I’m standing in rock effing bottom. HOW FURTHER WILL THIS GO? I’ve been deliberately kind of overseeing the forum just taking in the news, for my words here have, what impact? I look back to the times where this war had yet to erupt, how far has this shenanigan gone, but what troubles me the most is how will it end? I’m one semester before I finish high school..yet I feel defeated already. Any person who has endured a minimal fraction of the suffering that the wolves have gone through woukd be considered a hero, yet no matter how many wolves are slaughtered, they never go higher than vermin for all that most of the population cares.. You ought to know wolf warriors, I’ll keep moving forward till the end of times if necessary to make sure that the wolves are finally safe.. Thanks for all you do, Nabeki and all wolf warriors, really, thank you. You shine a glimmer of hope.


    • Thank you Daniel! Do you know what’s driving this? GREED and POWER! They want to remove the wolves and wild horses so they can grab more land to graze their cattle. They want to clear the land for tar sands. They don’t care about wildlife or the environment, it matters nothing to them. That’s what we’re up against. Did you read recently that just 85 people control half of the world’s wealth? Is that unbelievable or what? They’re going to turn us all into serfs, if we’re not there already. Of course they didn’t release the names but you can guess who some of the richest of the rich are.

      Meanwhile were battling with all we have to save what’s left of this planet’s treasures while they’re trying to eliminate them so they can line their pockets.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones


      • Absolutely Nabeki… It has always been the interest of the idiotic neanderthals that ironically are in control, but let us analyze the big picture. The methods, the psychological aspect behind it.. the mafia does its misdeeds with surgical precision so does the organized crime, business plain and simple, for greed and power.. yet this ongoing insanity leads me to believe that there is something much more somber to it.. the deliberate torture of the wolves and the mockery of it all by the very perpetrators and the politicians themselves.. I completely agree with you Nabeki, there is interest and bitter greed involved. but this is just too extreme. THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO STOP THE KILLING AND MUCH LESS LISTEN TO US.. I have endured this outrage long enough to know for a fact that the “things” aka pathetic excuse of human beings behind this have definitely etched the thought of killing innocent wildlife as a personal matter…
        I certainly do not want to be pessimistic, especially in this times.. but its about time we realize we are fighting more than a bunch of retard rednecks lobbying for what they believe are their rights but a tidal wave of bottled irrational hatred brewing since the wolves were listed in the ESA..


  2. Sorry, but it isn’t just the GOP. Many western Democrats also behind it.
    Democrat, NM, Martin Heinrich is big supporter, along with Tester of Montana. Many of these politicians, whether Dem or Rep. are hunting & ranching supporters. We need to understand who the enemies are.


    • On Popvox you can look up the bill, see who drafted it, supports it and know who is who.


  3. We need to stop this useless kind of activity. Hunting animals for their fur, for their skins, for trophies. To feed egos. Kill an innocent, feel great about yourself. Really? What a shame that this is how some people think. If you want to feel good about yourself, please go out an do something positive, not something negative. I’m a vegetarian but I don’t push it on anyone. To hunt for food is one thing but for these other reasons? Horrible. And if people are going to eat meat, the animals should be treated humanely while alive and killed in a humane manner. If there is such a thing as killing something humanely to eat it.


  4. I just this morning went to Popvox and supported or opposed all the bills that are listed on Wolf Conservations Page there. I think this is a better more effective format than signing petitions. And all our favorite non-profits are there to see how they support or oppose important bills.
    I encourage all who are registered voters to use this important tool.


  5. Dear House of Representatives:
    Your bill today to further destroy our wildlife is totally unacceptable. There is only a few words to describle what the government is doing to the wolves, polar bears and other animals. SHAME ON YOU. YOU SHOULD HAVE THE SAME THINGS DONE TO YOU!!! If you can’t protect our wildlife and stop all of this trophy hunting and other cruelties against our animals, GO FIND ANOTHER JOB!!!!

    Joseph F Ehrmann


  6. There is truly something wrong with most of humanity. I don’t know what to say any longer. But I will never stop fighting. I have great visions in my mind of what I would like to do but the perverted law supports and defends these killer-murderers- destroyers of my beloved planet and fellow creatures.


  7. My God, what is the matter with them? What are they thinking? This is totally immoral.. The moral compass of this nation hasltered


  8. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. Between all the spills, fracking the everglades, dumping waste on the Great Barrier Reef and more idiocy like this law-one begins to wonder if the war on nature is a metaphor after all??


  9. sportsmen my ass !!! These trigger happy scum, with an agenda to kill anything that moves are the ones that need to be put down… they bring shame to all americans and republican in particular… I will quite literally pray for their untimely, and excruciatingly painful demise… I’d like to see photos of them strung up and gutted… the slaughter of these incredible beings, so much more evolved than the redneck scum that attacks them, is a disgrace…


  10. Great Republicans Push Lead Poisoning of Wildlife Disguised as Sportsmens Heritage Act | Howling For Justice,
    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website
    before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!


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