Marius, the baby Giraffe’s Last Peaceful Moments Caught On Surveillance Camera

Here is beautiful Marius, so graceful and calm, having no idea a death sentence is hanging over his head. What a sweet baby. This hurt me to the core, it’s the senseless murder of an innocent, just like the wolves are slaughtered every day, for absolutely no reason. RIP Marius!

Warning Disturbing Image

Zoo visitors, including young children, look on as Marius is skinned Picture AFP_Getty
“Zoo visitors, including young children, look on as Marius is skinned (Picture: AFP/Getty)”

Now another zoo in Denmark is considering repeating this terrible tragedy with a giraffe, named of all things, Marius. Apparently they see nothing wrong with the way Marius was treated and are just as defiant as the Copenhagen Zoo, despite outrage from around the world over the baby giraffe’s brutal slaying. Sounds like they’re circling the wagons over there, stubborn to admit what happened to Marius was reprehensible!

“Jyllands Park zoo has announced that it might have to kill Marius 2, the Guardian reports, because he could be unsuitable for the European breeding program that the zoo participates in.

Zookeeper at Jyllands Park Janni Løjtved Poulsen says that the zoo will not let the controversy sparked by Marius 1’s death affect their decision. After that young giraffe was euthanized at Copenhagen Zoo to avoid inbreeding, staff at the zoo received death threats and Danish embassies around the world received angry messages.

“It doesn’t affect us in any way. We are completely behind Copenhagen and would have done the same,” Poulsen says, stressing that it would be difficult for the zoo to find a new home for Marius 2. His fate now lies in the hands of  the coordinator of the European breeding program.”…..Time World is thinking about repeating the same horror at their zoo?”

Notice the reactions of the children in the video, that’s included in the article below. As the  zoo is killing and chopping up Marius, to feed to the lions. I see sadness and confusion reflected in their gaze, one little boy was covering his face. This is such a travesty and now Jyllands Park zoo is thinking about repeating the same horror, with a giraffe with the same name? Has the world gone nuts? I think I’d scratch Denmark off of the list of places to visit.


Danish Zoo Considers Killing a Second Giraffe Who Is Also Called Marius

Are you getting déjà vu?

By Michelle Arrouas @Michelle Arrouas Feb. 12, 2014

  • Petitioning Jyllands Park Zoo

Spare the life of Marius the giraffe at Jyllands Park Zoo

Another giraffe named Marius may be killed changedotorg



author: Carol Wilson

target: Helle Thorning-Schmidt Prime Minister Denmark

signatures: 101,814
Video: Courtesy YouTube Breaking News
Top Photo: Courtesy Metro
Bottom Photo: Courtesy Changedotorg
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  1. O please–he knows exactly how humans are and how he is totally dependent on them as to whether he lives or dies. I don’t find these final moments peaceful at all. This is a sentient being who KNOWS, on very many levels.


  2. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


  3. Bad enough this happened but to allow children to watch is even worse. I have four children, I have taught them to respect animals and to treat them well. I would never allow them to watch this sick act. Obviously these places could care less about their animals.


    • These sub humans are far from parents, they should be ashamed of themselves for having their kids there. Any parent who does this, does not realize how visual children are, especially the very young. This will be imprinted on their young minds forever. The whole thing looked like some sort of sick sacrifice ritual.


  4. He knew, I swear he knew. There is a look in his eyes, sadness, resignation love. How many more non human animals have to be murdered in anonymity, wolves, sheep, cows, lions? What have we done?


  5. It’s beyond words to comprehend the cruelty and sociopathic behavior.


  6. Many people have responded to the murder of the young giraffe. Now, it’s time to see some action with the firing of those who approved the kill, the killer himself, and those who fed him to the lions. This MUST NEVER happen again.


  7. I can’t agree that another solution would not have been possible. This is 2014 after all. I will remember you Marius.


  8. don’t kill


  9. I could not believe what I am reading.And to allow children to watch this!This is supposed to be Europe not some third world country!!! A disgrace,half the world is appalled!


  10. I just find this so appalling and disgusting I cannot tell you – how horrible some people are.


  11. Human race is so stupid…


  12. even that corporate hack – Jack Hannah – found this awful – guess he is concerned anger will translate to closing down zoos – IF ONLY that were true, in lieu of that how about eliminating the over-populated human race?


  13. The Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished! (Nahum 1:3)


  14. The Danes have a whole different culture and no one can change their minds about anything. I found this out on You Tube. One after another defending the Zoo’s actions. I was polite and merely asking questions, but was told to shut up, I was an idiot, child, low mind. all because I wanted to ask a few simple questions.

    So my opinion of the Danes is, they can keep their freaking country to themselves.


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