Action Alert: Comment NOW On USFWS Bogus Push For National Wolf Delisting! » Photo by Scott Flaherty

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  1. There is such substantial evidence that delisting the grey wolf in the lower 48 IS based on greed and fear,NOT SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE .It has become unconscionable to even consider this proposal.We seem to be moving backwards in our attitudes towards the importance of a balanced eco-system.It horrifies me to think that Man has, still, the attitude of being above the rest of the natural world,that it exists only for own purposes and desires. Haven’t we learned ANYTHING in these last 200 years of taking whatever we wanted,including lives of native peoples and subjugating other races.I find it shameful to be of the white race,still predominantly lead by men with these archaic beliefs.WAKE UP PEOPLE.otherwise it will be too late.The world will continue on very well without the presence of MAN and we are headed on that path.”What happens to our brother Wolf,will happen also to Man.”


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