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Please check out the trailer for “Medicine of the Wolf,” a film still in production that explores the spiritual, scientific, and ecological value of wolves. The main human subject of the film, Jim Brandenburg is a renowned wildlife photographer and author who has been a powerful wolf advocate for the last 30 years.

From Director Julia Huffman

I spent the last year and a half working on this labor of love for wolves and I am now I am asking my community of wolf advocates across the country to help me to finish the film. It really does “take a village” to make an independent documentary.  We are on the now in our FINAL 10 DAYS left to go on our KICKSTARTER fundraiser and we need to raise 50K to finish production and post production and get the film seen, My hope is to raise awareness about the current abuse and threat to wolves across the country by interviewing prominent wolf advocates and WOLF WATCHERs like Jim Brandenburg, a world renowned environmentalist and award-winning National Geographic photographer. Mr Brandenburg has spent the last 44 years (longer than anyone in history) on the ground studying and writing about wolves. Medicine of the wolf will take viewers on a journey to understand the value of wolves through the eyes of those that have learned to love and respect their place in the world.

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Photo: Courtesy Jim Brandenburg

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Killing of entire Alaska wolf pack upsets National Park Service…And Me!

Alaska did the same thing in 2010:

Alaska Fish and Game wiped out all four members of the collared Webber Creek wolf pack that ranged in Alaska’s Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. They were part of a sixteen year ongoing research project by the National Park Service.

Exposing the Big Game

Before admiring the “subsistence” lifestyle, think of wolves that the state of Alaska shoots from planes to provide “game” for their hunters…


by Nick Provenza

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Fish and Game officials killed an Eastern Interior wolf pack last week, and the National Park Service — which had been studying the animals — is none too pleased.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that all 11 wolves in the Lost Creek pack near Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve were shot. That included the pack’s alpha pair, which had been fitted with tracking collars as part of an ongoing research project.

Doug Vincent-Lang, acting director for the Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation, says the wolves were in an area adjacent to the preserve that has been targeted by the state for aerial predator control, which is part of an effort to boost moose and caribou numbers.

But Yukon-Charley Superintendent Greg Dudgeon…

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