“Minnesota Senate committee passes bill to suspend wolf hunt”

gray wolf USFWS

March 13, 2013

Update: Apparently, just as I was posting this article the Duluth News Tribune launched their new website and the URL for the article is not working. The paper stated it would be up in the next couple of hours with a new URL, so when that happens I’ll repost the link. Sorry for any inconvenience……Nabeki


Finally some common sense for Minnesota wolves. Thanks to bill authors “Senate Environment and Energy Chairman John Marty, DFL-Roseville; Sen. Foung Hawj, DFL-St. Paul; and Sen. Chris Eaton, DFL-Brooklyn Center”. And to Howling for Wolves for their tireless work on behalf of Minnesota wolves!

A bill that would suspend Minnesota’s wolf hunt was passed by a Senate committee this afternoon.

By: Sam Cook, Duluth News Tribune

March 13, 2014

A bill that would suspend Minnesota’s wolf hunt was passed by a Senate committee this afternoon.

The bill, passed by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, would put the hunt on hold “to study outcomes of the wolf hunt on the wolf population and to implement the wolf management plan,” according to its wording.

Minnesota has held its first managed gray wolf hunting and trapping seasons the past two years after the wolf was removed from the federal Endangered Species List. Some groups and individuals have protested the hunt and filed lawsuits trying to prevent it. None of those suits was successful.

The “Wolf Data Bill,” as it’s titled, also calls for an annual wolf population census and creation of an advisory wolf task force appointed by the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. It would also close tribal lands to the hunting and trapping of wolves if tribal leadership requests it.

A companion bill in the House has not been acted upon yet.

READ MORE: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/event/article/id/293688/


Senate committee votes to suspend wolf hunt

Posted on March 11, 2014

by Don Davis

See more at: http://capitolchat.areavoices.com/2014/03/11/senate-committee-votes-to-suspend-wolf-hunt/#sthash.dTQhWCOf.dpuf


Photo: USFWS

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  1. Finally! Maybe the wolf angels are looking out for their kin.


  2. So happy hope these wolf angels keep up the good work


  3. This made my day! Finally a little good news for the wolves!


  4. Minnesota did something no other state has the courage or compassion to do, I hope and pray others will follow what you have done. Wolves are essential in nature and Minnesota just told you ( all states that hunt wolves) that they will not kill wolves any more.


  5. Tears


  6. Wonderful news, now lets see if we can end it forever.


  7. This bill will not end the recreational hunting of wolves. Once certain requirements of the bill are met, the wolf hunt can resume. The bill will put the DNR and the Commissioner of Agriculture in charge of wolf “management,” and they will decide how many wolves can be killed and where. So, the fox will be helping to guard the hen house, as you can bet Big Ag will be involved.

    Also, the native tribes who view the wolf as sacred (wolf is part of their culture and creation stories) have been excluded from having a seat at the table as they are not part of the task force outlined in the bill. Hunters, ranchers, and wolf advocates get a seat at the table, but not the tribes. The tribes are against all recreational hunting of wolves, but this bill is not.


    • Thanks for this – yes, this bill is not an end to the disaster, but merely a compromise and a brief reprieve. This is hardly a victory, more akin to a Christmas truce.


  8. Does this mean they will not be killing any more… for to me that is no what this bill was all about


  9. Well then! This is really no victory if it merely shifts responsibility over to Big Ag. Already, USDA is in charge of ranching interests (cattle primarily) and grazing grounds in forest lands…so whatever anyone wants to believe, this definitely is nothing more than a smokescreen that gets those who do not realize what exactly is going on with this bill will hopefully get off their backs and the same culprits are in charge after all.


  10. wonderful news, lets hope it opens the eyes of many more, we just have to keep trying to protect our beautiful wolves.


  11. This bill is indeed a victory as it will at least temporarily suspend all wolf hunting, therefore protecting wolves while buying time. Its a huge step! Its better to stop wolf hunting for a while than nothing at all, isn’t it? If you know Howling for Wolves, (and I do!) they won’t stop at this, they will keep working to get more and more protections in place for Minnesota wolves!


  12. Wonderful news. Never stop fighting.


  13. Thankyou Howling for justice… top of list of states to visit to listen for wolf howls is Minnisota… very bottom of list … stay away from… Idaho!


  14. Yeah! Reposting on “Defenders of Wolves” fb page. Now if we can just do something in Idaho.


  15. I encourage everyone to actually read the bill.

    The recreational hunting of wolves can resume once certain requirements in the bill are met. It puts the control of wolf management into the hands of the DNR and the Agriculture Commissioner, neither of whom are friends to the wolf. They will decide how many wolves can be killed and where.

    The Ag Commissioner is a former farmer appointed by Governor Dayon, who supported the wolf hunt in the first place. The Ag Commissioner will no doubt favor the livestock industry in implementing wolf policy.

    The Northwoods Wolf Alliance, comprised of tribal peoples and their allies, oppose this bill. They are against all recreational wolf hunting, while this bill is not. This bill also fails to address many tribal concerns, and does not give the tribes a seat at the table. Hunters, ranchers, an independent biologist, and certain wolf advocates will have a seat, but not the tribes–even though the wolf is part of their culture and central to their creation stories, and even though they live in the northern part of the state where wolves are.

    This bill could actually result in the permanent hunting of wolves in MN. If it does, advocates will have a very difficult time reversing it. This bill doesn’t just compromise the lives of wolves–it throws them under the bus.

    One has to ask: How can an advocacy group that claims to want to protect wolves support a bill that allows wolves to be killed for recreation, and puts their lives in the hands of an Ag Commissioner? I think it’s a very valid question.


    • The advocacy group I’m referring to is Howling For Wolves in MN.


  16. great work Nabeki.


    • Thank you Bruce,

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  17. Finally, some good news! I hope that this bill is passed and that the Minnesota wolf hunt is suspended!


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