Action Alert: Boise Wolf Supporters, Hearing Today on Wolf Control Board Bill…..

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 Today, Friday – March 14, 2014

A hearing is scheduled for today on H470, the Wolf Control Board bill. There will be an opportunity for public comment. Please come and show your opposition to the bill!


Idaho Capitol Building in Boise, Idaho
1:30 P.M. … Room WW55
Friday, March 14, 2014


Bell: Wolf Fund Won’t Receive $2 Million

BOISE • A bill asking for $2 million to kill up to 500 of Idaho’s wolves won’t get even half of its requested appropriation, said co-chair of the state’s budget committee.

Instead, an unexpected bailout to make up for missing federal e-rate funds to pay for the Idaho Education Network (IEN) broadband program has taken precedence, said state Rep. Maxine Bell, R-Jerome, co-chair of the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee.

“We have some flexibility when it comes to killing wolves,” Bell said. “We don’t have flexibility with IEN.”

JFAC has already approved $6.6 million out of this year’s budget to make up for past-due payments to Education Networks of America, the state’s contractor on the broadband project. It’s money the federal government was supposed to pay for the state’s school broadband program but never did.

The supplemental appropriations bill passed both houses and now just needs the signature of the governor.

“Frankly, based on our discussions with legal counsel, we are obligated for this piece,” said state Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert, while debating the bill on the Senate floor. “I need to inform you that this is the first half. The second half we are still arguing and discussing and re-discussing what we do for fiscal year 2015.”

Ever since the news was announced earlier this session, multiple lawmakers expressed their frustration with the state’s Department of Administration for extending the contract with the Education Networks of America through 2019 without informing lawmakers that the broadband vendor was not receiving the federal e-rate payments.

JFAC is expected to discuss the future of IEN next week, which includes a $7.3 million request from Otter and the Department of Administration to cover the federal payments for fiscal year 2015, Bell said.

This means that the wolf bill will also be discussed next week, Bell said, but it won’t get the requested $2 million.

“It will probably get less than $1 million or closer to the $400,000 that was requested last year,” she said.

Bell was referring to a recommendation a committee submitted to Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter last summer on how to fund ongoing wolf control efforts. The recommendation asked for $400,000 annually for five years to kill wolves that preyed on livestock.

Instead, Otter ignored the recommendation and requested $2 million of one-time funding to kill wolves during his State of the State speech in January.



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  1. If there is a God, I wonder if God regrets including human beings in the scheme if things? I am sure God never intended humans to become so very cruel. If a human prices itself with a pin, it hurts, if a human pricks any other living I things on this earth IT HURTS. Americans kill wolves and deer and anything else that moves, the British kill badgers and anything else that moves, the Australians kill kangaroos and anything else that moves, and the European use birds in flight as target practice,


    • Me being in Africa, have the daily horror of hearing of another Rhino being butchered for its horn.
      Something is horribly wrong in the human make up.




  2. Oh! And I forgot, the Africans kill elephants and anything that moves.


  3. It would be great if the Idaho state government concentrated on education instead of killing wolves. They should also teach their children about compassion for all living creatures.


  4. There is about 17 of us all going to Idaho ,,, were going, but after finding out about what they do to wolves, we will go somewhere else where they don’t kill wolves. Wolves are necessary.  


    • Thank you for boycotting Idaho, everyone should until they stop the slaughter and torture of animals. Hit them where it hurts in the pocketbook. Boycott their products too, starting with potatoes. They have no respect for life and no conscience.


  5. This Gov. Butch Otter definitely has a problem. Greed is first, then politics, then either it’s mental instability or just plain stupidity…..but this moron Gov. better wake up and get on the bandwagon with the others that are suspending wolf killing…or he’s going to find himself in the crosshairs and in a painful trap that he won’t be able to get himself out of.


    • Unfortunately, politics in Idaho is the good old boys network, and Otter has a lot of support. He represents the old guard — farmers, ranchers, hunters, trappers, and “resource” exploiters of every stripe. He is an anti-government hero, as biased and prejudiced as they come, and unapologetic about coddling the ag industry and “sportsmen” and leaving the rest of us completely out of the conversation. Otter lacks a moral compass and will remain a monster to his dying day.

      The majority of the legislators in this state are just like him. While I think it’s critical to go to the hearings and testify, it is sadly an exercise in futility. The legislators don’t care. Many are farmers and ranchers and “sportsmen/women” themselves, and they vote their own interests and biases. The only hope I see for changing Idaho’s war on wolves and all wildlife is pressure from both inside and outside the state. There is a lot of federal land in Idaho, and it seems to me that people in every state have a stake and should have a voice in what happens on those lands. Idaho has declared all wildlife on all lands in Idaho its own to “manage” — i.e., exploit, manipulate, “harvest” in perpetuity. As I see it, only intense prolonged unrelenting scrutiny, ridicule, criticism, pressure, and public outrage will budge this relic-of-a-governor and his many legislative allies.


      • True and well said.


  6. A bit of light for those that care:

    I happen to be a proud if humble supporter and will continue to support our dear brothers and sisters in any way that I am able.


  7. I shared this and wish I was still in Idaho and could attend.
    Otter needs to get his priorities straight but I seriously don’t see that happening any time soon! The man is on a total power trip and I am sure if his financial records were pulled he would show a lot of money paid to him by the ranchers to fund this damn witch hunt!


  8. Otter doesn’t know the first thing about balance of nature and wolves.

    He is truly on a power trip for the trappers and the ranchers. I bet not one of these ranchers has even tried the many different solutions others have tried to live in harmony with wolves that have worked.

    Oops, I forgot, it may cost them a little money and a little time. Too bad we don’t take that approach when it comes to their cattle using OUR PUBLIC LANDS!!! The whole thing is a travesty.


  9. You should give people more notice like the day before too.


    • Sorry Elaine, it was announced at the last minute.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  10. What a gorgeous photo – hope all goes well today but I think the powerful will try to get their way.


  11. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


  12. The” Butcher of Idaho”
    apparently is ignorant of wolves economic and ecological benefits to his state.. He needs to get in on that fund for a real education
    Go back to school governor and get some SCIENCE!


  13. Did he ever even graduate from high school? Seems like he is an idiot.


  14. This is the reason my husband will not let me go back up there,i was told they would shoot me if they saw me up there again and if I did not have MS I would do it anyway but not allowed to drive that far,I am really sick of these backwards States,and Idaho governor is a Moron who thinks he can sick his lackeys on us,And yes they are poorly educated and most do not graduate high school most drop out between 6 and 9th grade such lowlifes.


    • That is so awful to make threats like that. It is their way or you pay. Real sick people. Really, unfortunately, your husband is right, you should not put yourself in danger. Although with a large group well, maybe then. I wish I lived close to these idiots.


  15. I really hope that this bill does not pass and I just made a video to protest against it and the war on wolves in general (I can post a link if anybody wants to see it)! Ugh, I’m sick and tired of this war on wolves; why can’t we just let them live?!


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