Your Cause is Lost Without Population Control


Truer word were never spoken. We’re racing to the bottom, using up the world’s resources to support the ever increasing billions. Habitat loss, the greatest threat to wildlife and wild places, is a runaway train, yet people blindly continue to procreate. What will it take for us to wake up? The next great plague, the coming water shortages, when water will be more precious then gold? For all our so called intelligence, we are blind to the reality of overpopulation.

Exposing the Big Game

Despite how keenly aware Homo sapiens are of the potential overpopulation of other species, they don’t seem to think the same laws of nature apply to them. If any other large mammal added a staggering 200,000 to their population each day, humans would be in a panic to control their numbers—by any means possible.

But while humans are surging well past 7 billion, they act like the laws of carrying capacity and finite resources don’t apply to them. I wouldn’t want to be around when nature brings the hammer down and finds humans in contempt. It ain’t gonna be pretty…

By sheer coincidence, I just read the following passage from Rudyard Kipling’s 1893 classic, The Jungle Book. Clearly the monkeys (the Bandar-log) represent humans in Kipling’s story as they “danced about and sang their foolish songs,” ignorant of the consequences of their actions and describing themselves thusly, “We…

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  1. It is the crux of the issue. Humans are chewing through the planet. Pushing species to extinction.There have been five previous mass extinctions. We are living in the sixth greatest extinction, possibly the greatest of all and we are the cause.


  2. Humans no longer remember their place in the universe. We have forgotten that we are a part of nature, not separate from it.

    The insatiable urge to control, dominate, and destroy is killing the planet. It is supremely arrogant and ignorant to believe that we can continue to have limitless growth on a finite planet, and continue to exploit all life for our own selfish, greedy purposes without consequence. Modern industrialized culture turns the living into the dead for mass consumption, and calls this “progress.”

    There are 7 billion people on this planet causing more damage and destruction than any wild species ever could or will. I think it’s fair to say that it is the human species that needs to be “managed,” and it’s long over-due.


  3. Both of the above comments are excellent. But notice how very few will comment on the issue. Yes, I do hope for a virus that nearly wipes out the human race because we are not smart enough to manage ourselves. I look at the youth today with small children wondering what the hell they’re thinking, or lack of. The rate were going your kids will have no quality of live. So why have them. Just proves this point, too many humans are self absorbed idiots.


    • Sue…I agree people are loathe to comment on this issue for fear of being judged. It doesn’t mean we have to adopt a one child policy or force anyone to do anything but people need to look at the world today and see we can’t possibly support all these people, it’s destroying the planet. We’re having mass extinctions of plants and animals. Something has to give, water will be more precious than gold, it’s already begun. We need to open our eyes and see the big picture. Do they think we’re all going to go to Mars and start a new colony? Well that’s not going to happen for a very long time, meanwhile this is the only planet we have and we’re very poor stewards of it.

      For the wolves, For the planet,


  4. Procreate, responsibly, and with Moral Restraint ~ Malthus


  5. I agree with you Nabeki. The population explosion should have been controlled long ago. I believe that one of the reasons that politicians do not put any bills forward on this problem, is that they want votes, and unfortunately wolves and other wildlife do not!


  6. The world is over populated with humans, and it will run out of water very soon if something isn’t done soon. Humans do more damage than wolves to this earth.


  7. this is a simple hard truth that humans prefer to ignore.and we will be our own demise but not before exploiting every resource and other animal on the planet.i do not like to sound so negative,but i feel it is heading that way and nothing is being done by the powers that be to stop it ,.while is so hard to stay positive in the face of this destruction,it is still important to me and to so many many others to remain good stewards of this earth of ours.we cannot give up.i know i need the support of such kindred spirits.


  8. We’re doing just the opposite, in fact – we’re planning for more and more people, and planning on taking more and more land and seacoast for water and energy, trying to produce more and more grain for more and more cattle by tinkering with plant genetics with GMO crops, and on and on it goes. We think nothing of taking the reproductive capacity away from other living things, but for humans it is our ‘right’ and inhumane. When the fresh water runs low, we’ll desalinate the oceans. Talk about ‘I drink your milkshake!’


  9. If any other large mammal added a staggering 200,000 to their population each day…

    We’d have never let them get that far. Is there a total population of large mammals and top predators that even has that number today? African elephants are estimated at 500,000; Asian elephants, 45,000. 30,000 grizzly bears estimated in Alaska; 1 – 2,000 in the lower 48 (enough for calls to hunt them for population ‘management’). The entire world population of wolves is estimated at 200,000.


  10. Not going to have children for this specific reason.
    Another point to raise is that we have the technology available to use renewable energy, we have the knowledge how to grow crops and keep said crops healthy in most inclement conditions. Our most intelligent minds understand that the ecosystem is an intricate web of individuals, not just something for humans to look at and take from whenever they choose, we can’t just breed exponentially or we run out of food and space – it’s that simple. But no, that’s too ‘lame’ and unprofitable for the greedy people of the world… humans really need to get over themselves.
    Enough of this overzealous “humans on top” mentality, if we’re on top of anything – it is the systematic destruction of life on Earth, including our own (the planet itself really won’t be affected if life ceases to exist, it will become another wad of ice, dust and gas like every other planet in our solar system).


  11. So right on!
    We are bad teen agrees that need to get kicked out of mother earths house!
    Where to go. ?
    Guess wed better shape up !
    Or get thrown in jail forever and toss that key !


  12. Yes, Zero Population Growth is most assuredly, the most deadly ecological problem of today. Human hordes are devouring Earth, and destroying every reason humankind breathes.


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