Action Alert: Comment On USFWS Wolf Delisting Proposal Today…Deadline @ 11:59 PM Tonight!!

Remote camera pictures of the Minam wolf pack in Eagle Cap Wilderness of Wallowa County. Photos taken Dec. 14, 2012. Photo courtesy of ODFW

Minam Wolf Pack in Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa County, Orgeon

UPDATE: March 29, 2014

1,392,985 comments received by the deadline. Good work everyone!!


UPDATE: March 27, 2014

Today is the last day to comment.!! The deadline is 11:59 PM ET. Please speak for the wolves. This rule, would stop wolf recovery in its tracks, it must be revoked! Your voices could make all the difference!

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!docketDetail;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073


Photo: Minam Wolf Pack ODFW

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Tags: USFWS, national wolf delisting rule proposal, Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, Dan Ashe, wolf persecution,  please comment, deadline March 27


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  1. This would be a catastrophic mistake. Wolves have been a part of the eco chain since the dawn of man and have received unjust treatment due to wide spread misconceptions. Wolves are hunters like many other predators but they are not the demons of the forest that most unenlightened believe they are. A wolf is a beautiful majestic animal that should be respected and protected. I was once one of the unenlightened until I owned a gentle beautiful wolf dog with gorgeous blue eyes. A gentle giant that is devoted and loveable and my best friend.


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  3. Wolves have been a part of the eco chain since the dawn of man and have received unjust treatment due to wide spread misconceptions. Wolves are hunters like many other predators but they are not the demons of the forest that most unenlightened believe they are.


  4. Just commented last night, thanks.


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    I love wolves. They should be protected. I hope everything works in their favor. Theincensewoman


  7. I left my comment stating that Wolves had to be Imported from Canada as the Federal Government allowed them all to be killed. It is the same no matter the type of Lupine, they still use illegal and torturous methods of killing them. I also said why every three generations are Wolves demonized all over again? They all deserve to be fired and we should start over!


  8. Time to leave the wolf alone on its land. They were here first. Livestock belongs on ranches and not public land. Even that ranch intudes on nature, so remember, she may take some. Consider it rent way past due! There is no such thing as the big bad wolf, only ignorant people who don’t understand the cycles of life and the balance of every link. Honor all living creatures.


  9. Please please protect the wolf it’s a majestic animal a very important part of our ecosystem. I live in England so limited to what I can do but I sign every petition I can. Keep up the good work Howling for Justice.


  10. This is ridiculous and it needs to stop. Stop killing our environment and our planet please!!!!! This is 2014 and we are aware of all the animals that play a vital role in our world!!! Wolves are one of thes vital roles!!!


  11. Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to protest against any and all killing of wolves that the government is seeking to authorize.
    The wolves are trying to survive in their own natural habitat and have every right to.
    Please support their right to exist as we do.
    Thank you,
    Johnny F Wolffe, Sr


  12. Done.


    • Done. I hope that they pay attention!


  13. Whenever violence against animals is justified by and padded lies it is many times more disturbing. Wolves harm fewer livestock in a decade than the farm animal industry does with cold blooded cruelty each day.
    Thank you for this comment space. Keep up the effort please!


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  15. Great Spirit, the war between the Government of this land , and the wolves that rightfully call this land their Home , as well , has reached a very serious standoff. Just as it did with the Native Forefathers of this great land. The Native Americans and the wolf have very much in common . We shall look to you for guidance , wisdom, and courage – especially if this war against the wolves has a bad outcome. Please give us strength , as well.

    Krista/Cherokee animalwoman ~ Voice of the Voiceless


  16. Please listen to the American citizenry.We want the Wolves here.I can’t Imagine the Earth without them and shouldn’t have too.They have the right to live and they keep our Ego System balance.Lets not be the destroyer of our Earth by killing this Amazing and icon that was created for this purpose,we can share this Earth with others.


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