Wisconsin should call cease fire on wolves

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June 07, 2014 11:45 am  • 


Almost as soon as gray wolves were stripped of their federal protections, Wisconsin commenced a hunting season on them.

Last winter, in just one season, Wisconsin wildlife officials perpetuated a 19 percent decline on the state’s wolf population. They set too high a quota. Worse, the state sanctioned methods of hunting wolves that are barbaric and unsporting.

Why? Because state wolf managers cater to a vocal minority, defying the majority of voters’ wishes.

This travesty of the public commons can be rectified if Wisconsinites speak out now on behalf of wolves during an upcoming public process.

Biologists warn that hunting this iconic species — even at low levels — prevents population recovery. And not every wolf that is killed is counted.

That’s because when fellow pack members are killed, wolf packs can disband, leading to starvation of the pack’s youngest members.

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