Wisconsin should call cease fire on wolves

Exposing the Big Game

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June 07, 2014 11:45 am  • 


Almost as soon as gray wolves were stripped of their federal protections, Wisconsin commenced a hunting season on them.

Last winter, in just one season, Wisconsin wildlife officials perpetuated a 19 percent decline on the state’s wolf population. They set too high a quota. Worse, the state sanctioned methods of hunting wolves that are barbaric and unsporting.

Why? Because state wolf managers cater to a vocal minority, defying the majority of voters’ wishes.

This travesty of the public commons can be rectified if Wisconsinites speak out now on behalf of wolves during an upcoming public process.

Biologists warn that hunting this iconic species — even at low levels — prevents population recovery. And not every wolf that is killed is counted.

That’s because when fellow pack members are killed, wolf packs can disband, leading to starvation of the pack’s youngest members.

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  1. you have taken great glee in killing as many as you can….enough! we are sick of this genocide


  2. There is a comment on the link site by an idiot named Redtape. He said that if you let a little kid wander in wolf territory that they would be killed. Number one…I never heard of such lunacy in my entire life, number two, there was an instance many years where a child got lost in a snowy mountain range, but was found alive the next morning. There were tracks where the child had spent the night. They were wolf tracks. They had kept him warm that night, otherwise he would have froze to death. Third, how many children have you read and heard about where the family has dropped a child off in wolf country and driven away. The culprit here I think would be the parents, and I wouldn’t be as concerned about wolves as I would bears and all the other predators not to mention the natural elements of Mother Nature. My God! Get a grip Redtape and back up your pipe dreams!!!


    • Anne, That’s the very reason I posted the dog bite and fatality numbers, not because I wanted to demonize dogs, whom I love but to show how ridiculous the statements are that wolf haters make. Dogs bite over two million children a year. How many children do wolves bite? Dogs kill 30 people every year on average, wolves have been accused of just two controversial human fatalities in 100 years. Dogs bit 4.5 million people in 2013, how many people did wolves bite? We can even forget about dogs, deer kill more people in a year than wolves in 100 years. More people die from bee stings. We could go on and on but that is the response I would write to that guy’s ridiculous comment. We have to fight these harmful myths with facts and keep repeating them over and over.

      Another one that gets my blood boiling is that wolves are a threat to the cattle industry. In Montana last year, wolves were accused of just 60 cattle losses and I say accused because those stats come from ranchers and Wildlife Services, two entities who have a bad reputation concerning wolves. But even if that were true, there are 2.5 million cattle in Montana and ranchers lose about 50,000 a year to non-predation. So the statement that wolves are a threat to cows is so ridiculous it borders on the insane but they keep repeating it because people believe it. Actually the reverse is true, the cattle industry is a threat to wolves and other predators. Cattle are very destructive, they tromp our native grasses, pollute streams and they get wolves killed. Wolves are killed on public land that ranchers rent from the government dirt cheap. Wolves should trump cattle on public land. The nerve of these ranchers!! It’s the cattle industry who should be paying the American people back for all the destruction their cows cause and predators that have died in their name. And I don’t blame the cows, they are just sad pawns.

      We have to be the truth tellers, I can’t even count the number of posts I’ve done on this subject. Thanks for calling attention to the propaganda the haters spread about wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Hi Nabeki,
        A couple of days ago there was documentary on television. It noted the 10 most dangerous predators (outside of man) beginning with number 10 and working down to number 1. The wolf was nowhere on the list. 🙂


      • Anne, A breath of fresh air 🙂

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • PS: have you seen this video. It’s beautiful!!
        I received it in my email, so I posted it to Facebook, Twitter, and Care2.com.


  3. Yes, leave the wolves alone.  


  4. Now that Congress has illegally delisted wolves and barred judicial review, how to get this demon back into the bottle will be extremely difficult. A very, very sad situation and one that I cannot forgive Democrats for.


    • Me neither Ida but I’m amazed at how many people have no idea Democrats were responsible for this. They blindly still pull the straight Democrat lever at the polls. It’s mind-boggling.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • LOL We don’t seem to learn either – Democrats are talking about Elizabeth Warren for president in 2016, a freshman senator with no experience, who Congress will chew up and spit out just like they did Obama. You think we’d have learned what a unmitigated disaster inexperience creates after the past 8 years!


  5. Hopefully many from Wisconsin will support the wolf. That seems to be the only way that a change will come about. Although today nobody wants to take a stand for much of anything. That is the sadness of all of this. People care but not enough to get together in the large numbers that are needed to force change.


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