A sad Montana moment for wild bison

And what’s even sadder is the tribes are involved in the slaughter.

“This is the first time Yellowstone has turned bison over to the tribes under the slaughter agreements. According to James Holt, a Nez Perce Tribal Member and a member of BFC’s board, “It is disheartening to see tribes support these activities.”

“Buffalo were made free, and should remain so,” he said. It is painful to watch these tribal entities take such an approach to what should be the strongest advocacy and voice of protection. It is one thing to treat their own fenced herds in this manner, it is quite another to push that philosophy onto the last free-roaming herd in existence. Slaughter Agreements are not the answer.”  http://www.thewildlifenews.com/2014/02/12/yellowstone-initiates-2014-wild-bison-slaughter/



Exposing the Big Game

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

For wild bison, the idyllic images of Montana being splashed across Seattle ads does not match reality, according to guest columnists Bonnie Rice and Glenn Hockett.


THE state of Montana has been spending big bucks in Seattle and other cities across the U.S. to entice people to visit its great state. You’ve probably seen the billboards, bus ads and store banners across town with beautiful, scenic images of Yellowstone National Park and its wildlife. Unfortunately, for one of Montana’s most recognizable animals, wild bison, this idyllic image doesn’t match reality.

Bison have been at the center of controversy this spring as they leave Yellowstone National Park in search of grass and calving grounds in Montana adjacent to the park. Instead of being allowed to roam outside the park year-round like other wildlife, bison are…

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  1. I won’t visit Montana for this very reason.  THEY SHOULD LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE.  


  2. Ranchers have been displacing wildlife and wilderness for thousands of years, since the dawn and march of civilization. They do not see themselves as such, but ranchers, farmers, hunters have led a war on wildlife. Ranchers often see themselves as stewards of the land and conservationists because they allow some animals on their land, even if the the land is public leased land. But they are not tolerant of predators. wild horses, bison. Hunters often see themselves as conservationists because they work to expand and protect the game herds for their blood sport traditions, but they create a huge distortion in wilderness ecology by marginalizing predators and farming ungulates and game birds. Both groups are hugely into entitlement thinking. Ranchers, particularly in the West, see all public land as “their land” and they are against wild horses, bison, predators. Hunters and fishermen see their sports targets as theirs and resent sharing with raptors, storks, apex predators. They are wrong about it all, not seeing the benefits of balanced ecology and the healthy roles of predators. But their thinking errors get in the way of any change: Entitlement, power and control, victim stance, use of their delusional righteous anger to control others, dehumanization of opponents to their views, self centered thinking. Major obstacles to change are society’s own ignorance, and indifference to the unsustainable animal farming and game farming effects, most obivous to inevitable extinction of land and sea wildlife and maybe our own existence (too abstract a concept for them).


  3. was it not possible to use dailogue & education in advance to prevent????


  4. Good Ole Montana is off my list (glad I’ve been to Yellowstone) of
    places to revisit. Now, I’ve added Arizona to my list and good old
    Senator John McCain is A-OK with slaughtering the bison in
    his state. Then too, I’ve been to Arizona but I’ll alert everyone I know to skip these States as there oh so many others to visit. What makes me mad is that I have to check what’s happening with wildlife in all these others States to be sure I’m not going to a State that is doing the same thing. Personally, I think the USA is going downhill and fast..


  5. very sad news


  6. Many of the various tribe elders, out west have turned their backs on their own spiritual practices, by turning not only bison, but their horses into commodities, after being lied to by and then pandering to the feds and various state agencies.

    Members of these tribes do not even know this type of thing is happening until it hits Facebook and many of these wonderful creatures are dead.


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