How Many Wolves are in Montana? Just Ask the Hunters

Yeah, great idea Montana FWP, put hunters in charge of counting wolves. Of course they wouldn’t over-inflate numbers so more wolves are killed. Oh no, that would never happen. And how scientific. Unbelievable!

Exposing the Big Game

FWP looks to new technique to document wolf population sizeBy TOM KUGLIN Independent RecordHelena Independent Record
June 19, 2014 6:00 am  • 

Researchers from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the University of Montana estimate the state’s wolf population at more than 800 using a new statistical technique.

Researchers conducted a study of the new technique from 2007 to 2012…

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  1. *head desk*
    Why not have pedophiles as child care centre aides and employ serial rapists as gynecologists while we are at it?


  2. Nabeki,
    Alaska is a large state with rugged mountains and dangerous terrain, but they manage to keep track of their wolf packs by taking actual photos of the wolves and the packs are numbered and have names.
    Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks does not want to spend the time and money to do what they were hired to do — protect wildlife.
    In 2010, there was a reported 550 wolves in Montana. You have kept track each year of the number of wolves killed by hunters. That does not take into account the wolves that are killed by Federal Wildlife Services, ranchers, and poachers. It is not possible to have an increase in the number of wolves in our state with so many killed and so many packs destroyed. Studies have shown that only 2 wolf pups
    on average survive in a litter and often pups die from disease or attacks by other predators. With wolf killing also going on in Canada, Idaho, and Wyoming, it is very difficult for wolves to enter Montana safely. If a wolf does make it here, poachers will probably kill it as happened recently in the Bitterroot Valley. Reference: The Bitterroot Star, June 11, 2014 “Reward increased for tips on wolf poached in Burnt Fork”. A two year old collared wolf from Oregon made it through Idaho and the Big Hole Valley only to be shot by poachers in upper Haacke Creek in the Bitterroot.
    If hunters are allowed to present false information about the number of wolves in Montana, hunting quotas will greatly increase and there will be few, if any wolves, left in our state.


  3. Tell the fox to watch the chickens!


  4. In europe we have wolves too and they are protectet, because of they help the forest to grow and they onely kill for living. they kill mostly the sick and weak animals and that is god for the natur


  5. Wish everyone could see this video. What an eye opener.

    I used to live outside of Homer, a small town in Alaska. I had moose and bear in my backyard, but what really annoyed me is that the 3 years I lived there, I never heard or saw a wolf.


  6. It’s a fact that wolves are here in Montana and hunters need to accept that they aren’t going anywhere. It’s a fact that wolves need to be managed and pro wolfers need to accept that. Just as Montana and Idaho have a wolf season, Oregon will to someday and OR7 will hopefully be a rug on my wall. That is the way it works. If you don’t like it burn down your house, let nature take it back over and get out of here. You have contributed to the loss of the natural habitat and therefore there is no longer such thing as “natural balance”.


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