Speak for Wolves – Schedule of Events…

Schedule_Poster_Speak for Wolves

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  2. When will this killing of wolves stop?


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  4. I loved my last visit to YELLOWSTONE 2 years ago.. we stayed in Gardiner and it wasnt far to go view the wolves. My husband and I loves watching them… more interesting than watching elk lay on the ground!


  5. Hope there are many strong comments to rid the western lands of Public Lands Ranching, which has been responsible for millions upon millions of native wild animal destruction–since the late 1800’s. Public Lands Ranching must be abolished if we really want to save the remaining wild lands and wild animals.



  6. The time for this out of control killing of a valuable species has come to an e nd. They have put this off with every excuse. Science backs us….special interests do not. End the killing! back on endangered species list!!!!!


  7. So I’m going to make a joke here. Ok so suppose these 200-300 pound Canadian wolves exist and attack children while they wait at the bus stop. Now even that would be a stretch because they would have to be so morbidly obese their paws wouldn’t be able to touch the ground and by the time they actually manage to drag themselves to the bus stop, they would be out of breath and the kids would already be at home doing homework or watching cartoons.


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