Yellowstone Wolf Carts Off Road Cone To Play With…

Yellowstone National Park rangers stopped traffic so a few wolves could cross the road and one of them snatched a road cone to play with 😎

Wolves are wild dogs, who have playful natures, so it’s not surprising but very endearing ❤


Video: Courtesy YouTube

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  1. oh, how I’d love to see the wonderful wolves of YS in person 😉 I was there a few years ago and saw a crowd patiently gathering at dusk….what a thrill to see such a daylight game 😉 thanks so much.


  2. Ha! Ha! Wonderful.


  3. Thank you for finding and sharing this wonderful video. It will give you the smile we so often don’t get in our fight to save these magnificent creatures.


  4. Awesome! :))

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  5. Something else that our family dogs might learn from the wolf……the natural curiosity and interaction with a play toy…..OH! They did! Beautiful video. The wolf being…a wolf. Thank you for making it possible for all of us to be able to enjoy such a wonderful, intimate moment with the wolves.


  6. It’s not’s hungry?


  7. Take time to enjoy the little things and therein you may find your own happiness.


  8. Intelligence….


  9. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".


  10. Thank you for sharing this little story of nature in progress, I felt gladdened to see it/music was very peaceful too.


  11. I am ALLWAYS delighted to see these videos about my adorable wolves, I am gratefull to those rangers protecting them.


  12. just having fun, this is what happens when they are safe & free.


  13. See? How can anyone see this animal as a monster? This is a true national treasure we have here.
    It would be most wise for some people to stop fighting against DOG LEASHES and direct their attention – all of it – to protecting wildlife.


  14. Actually, dogs were enslaved wolves, now lusted for so much that not a thought is any longer given to their original capacities and their BIRTHRIGHT.

    Dogs are used with eagerness by “hunters”, and people who want them for “protection.”

    I do not understand whether any significant number of humans remember the times they felt totally free; railroaded into submission, most humans and almost all domestic dogs,possibly never had the opportunity to experience their skills and birthright.

    Here is a link to what humans seem to crave:

    I hope, Nabeki, that you understand that a life without autonomy is foreign to any and every wolf, and that although each one needs the shelter of his or her kind, that the experience of life attains its fulfillment and full value with the exercise of that joyful individual autonomy: freedom.
    (Just a bit North of here, in the Rogue watershed area of the Oregon Cascades, a wolf who spent almost 3 years traveling thousands and thousands of miles originally from his natal pack, and down into the Pit/McCloud and Klamath Shasta, Siskiyou forests, finally found – in utter freedom, against all human-understood odds – the mate the free life with his kind he sought, and now leads and feeds pups together with the female who also walked free for many miles. Their lives their beauty, their triumphs, are seemingly unimaginable, unknowable to those who might thing that domestication is a fate to be desired.)

    (the other day, a photographer wanted to photograph me and a very old and injured wolf, to document or show in his forthcoming book what he believed was an image of an area.
    I told him of wolves, and how each one has an important individual life, and how nearly ALL pass unremarked, unknown to humans, unseen, and nonetheless, of irreplaceable value to themselves, and to the Earth, beyond the understanding and knowledge of men


  15. That’s chewy!
    But if you have hair on your nose, and eat too much of that weird plastic stuff, part of your nose can grow bald and get sunburnt!


    Does this mean more organic, perhaps leather traffic cones, are in order?


  16. This is absolutely precious! That wolf is so adorable playing with the cone!

    And did you guys hear that a litter of Mexican Gray Wolf pups has been found in Mexico, thus making this the first wild litter born since the subspecies has been reintroduced there? Isn’t this great news, the Lobo is returning to Mexico!


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