How Wolves Changed the Landscape in Yellowstone

This video is a little dated, filmed about five years after wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone but already their effects on rivers and the environment were being felt!!


Video: Courtesy YouTube

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Tags: Trophic cascades, Yellowstone National Park, gray wolves

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  1. So glad and happy about the great news.


  2. Another wonderful factual film of wolves incredible importance to the survival of Yellowstone. Thank you Center for Biological Diversity for another great view into the extreme importance of our wolves.


  3. Hard to watch in places – and nothing a wolf could do to elk and deer can match what we did to wolves and bison, and others.


    • A wolf coexistence with elk and deer, takes only the extremely ill, dying, aged, unfit, and excess young.
      THIS makes the wolf a long-term asset to the health and survival of ungulate species, unlike where humans have removed the wolf.
      Back east, where wolves were utterly holocausted the deer suffer from what are called “crowd” diseases – highly transmissible viruses and other organisms, which are causing real problems.
      On a self-centered human scale, some of these diseases are transmissible to humans.
      (who are themselves far overproduced, and extremely damaging to the environments I have known for some time now.
      Even a few acres of forest still able to be visited by wolf, bear, deer, have been wiped out – ( the trees GONE, the understory plants and flowering food from berries to leaves for all the creatures, GONE – to make an old folks home for humans, with huge fence, pavement, Monsanto Roundup grass. Dead, the forest which persisted for millennia.)


  4. It is OK to keep repeating the messages about the ecological values of wolves.
    Even the most “progressive” people in politics have a human-centered utilitarian value system, and without ceasing the repetition of the value of wild wolves, they will never bother with its protection against the massive and warped gun hunting and utilitarian self-interest of those who profit from killing or vilifying the wolf.

    Have you heard the news in the Sierra Madre of Northern Mexico, that the reintroduced Mexican Wolves in that nation have produced a litter of pups?!?


    • Yes, fantastic news. I used to think the US had the most progressive values for conservation, but now I’m not so sure. I hope other countries will challenge us for the most wildlife conscious countries. Costa Rica is doing a great job too.


  5. The very fact that this film is a little dated, only goes to show that all the states that are killing off their wolf populations, are not considering science at all. They are either blood thirsty people, or so ignorant that the only way they got to where they are today, was through money. Of course the expanding livestock business may have added greed to the equation – pay-offs – so that the ranchers can expand their herds. Then their are these so called educated people who still believe in the myths, who fear the beautiful howl of these magnificent creatures. And I suppose that I have to mention politics. You let me delist the wolves, and I want you to pass my anti-pollution bill.

    It is such a pity that mankind has to complicate his life.


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