More bears dying in Rockies

Exposing the Big Game

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

By Colette Derworiz, Calgary HeraldAugust 6, 2014

It’s been another challenging couple of weeks for bears in the Rockies.

In the past week, wildlife officials confirmed grizzly No. 138 lost her second cub. A tagged grizzly bear, No. 144, was spending time in Harvie Heights, a community on the boundary with Banff National Park.

And two black bears were hit on the highways in the national parks on the weekend, but it’s unknown whether either bear survived.

“It’s been a really tough year for roadside bears,” said Brianna Burley, human/wildlife conflict specialist with Banff, Yoho and Kootenay national parks.

So far, there have been 15 black bears hit on the highways — with at least seven of those bears dying from their injuries. An eighth black bear was hit and killed on the railway tracks.

In late July, a grizzly bear was also struck and…

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  1. I do really feel sorry for BEARS. There aren’t too many just as much DEERS. We have lots deers up this mountian. We used to have bears but people are shooting them. There’s a bear that walks thru my property of 358 acres. It’s a male. He’s so beautiful. He eats here I can sit and he would be about 8 ft away from me. He’s so beautiful. I’m praying that he would hide in my barn when hunting season comes.


  2. I believe there are too many people,, The bears go to sleep for the winter and when they wake up there is a subdivision in there back yard,,I hope people wake up before it is too late,,we need less people,, maybe one child per family for a time period,, We are meant to share the earth ,, we do not own it,,Let Mother Nature take care of her business and we it will all balance out like it should,,


  3. Roads cut through wildlife habitat everywhere. It’s so difficult for animals to forage, breed, find new territory, etc. There are just too many humans on this planet. Can’t we make some space for other living beings? All living beings belong–not just us.


  4. The best one was the FED EX driver who hit the buffalo in Yellowstone and never reported it and never got a fine or nothing….that truck was bad


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