Los Angeles Bans Animal Traps that Grip or Snare

leg hold traps

Now let’s get busy banning this torture device in the rest of the country!

Exposing the Big Game

In a victory for animal rights, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban traps that grip or snare foxes, coyotes, and other such animals in the city, labeling such traps as inhumane.


The new rule disallows commercial trappers from using any traps that grip or snare the animals in any way. However, such traps can still be used for mice, rats, and other small rodents.


Cage traps that utilize a locking door can still be used by commercial trappers, which will allow many to stay in business.


The city’s Department of Animal Services will also create measures that ensure locking door traps are not used inhumanely, in instances such as keeping a locked animal caged for hours in summer heat.


Wildlife protection groups applaud the decision, saying that the banning of such traps will prevent suffering…

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  1. Thank goodness!


  2. I hope the rest of the country will follow Los Angeles’ example


  3. Those states that allow trapping offer seminars in leghold and snare use.
    You will not want to hear that commercial trappers for furs or “control” often beat, club stomp, and shoot the trapped animals on their lines.

    It is rare, by the way that trapped wolves offer any threatening behavior to those who come upon them in legholds. They wait patient for whatever comes. as a rule, if they have not chewed through the body part to release themselves. While this is sad and horrifying in its contemplation, snares are fabricated to tighten, and strangle the victim, although the victim may have been caught not around the throat, and consequently suffers one of the fates mentioned above.

    I write this to arouse your emotions, so that you will determine to do something whenever the opportunity arises, to prevent the cruelty and suffering – and of course, the needless death.


    • It’s utterly disgusting. All of this, even today, stems from the belief that animals do not feel pain in the way humans do, and are lesser than humans. What I have come to learn in life is that there are humans who are the ones do not feel pain and emotion.

      Incidentally, I hope nobody challenges me to the ice bucket challenge either, because I am against testing on animals.

      The comments to that article about Pam Anderson are absolutely mindless.


    • It’s comforting that the wolf would behave with dignity in such a perverse situation. I would expect that. I’d like to spit in a trapper’s face, if I were in their place.


  4. yes lets work together to get ride of the traps, save wolves!


  5. Sick minds will still find ways to be as cruel as possible.
    The point of cruelty is a subject that does need to be addressed, but ‘commercial trapping’ is another aspect of this activity that needs to be done away with promptly.
    There are plenty of examples, especially from online communities, (*cough* Deviantart *cough*) where animals are just killed en masse for petty trinkets, ornaments and for ‘art’. A man is arrested for drowning cats, but coyotes get bludgeoned to death frequently (or worse) and not single animal cruelty charge…

    On a loosely related note:
    A trapper from Queensland is filmed killing dingo puppies and adults on national television (on a news program no less); he openly admits he has no remorse for what he does, not a single pause. He is filmed dragging pups out of the den and uses their whimpering to draw their parents in and shoots them – and what’s more he is payed taxpayer money from the bounties. The story presenters still try to pass him off as some sort of rural Aussie hero.
    Sound familiar?
    These types are reprehensible, self-serving and shamelessly cruel.




  7. Yeah for LA!! Proud of your City courage and compassion!! Thanks forms from the East Coast.


  8. I cannot describe my disghust for these people who torture continously and bit to death the innocent animals


  9. Thank God they banned all this cruelty! I’m relieved. The first humane thing I have seen happen so far and a good example for others to follow. Which I hope and pray they do. It’s disgusting how some Wildlife State Departments “protect and serve” the beautiful animals in their areas. They don’t. They destroy them which is unforgivable. Such as the Huckleberry Pack of Washington State where they shot down all the adult wolves in the pack and left the puppies to run for their lives and survive. And were planning to destroy yesterday! Unforgivable. I hope they survived and someone picked them up before they could do this. Please let it be.


  10. LA Rocks!


  11. Congratulations to all who voted to ban traps and snares. However, Los Angeles is a city, and very urbanised, so are there any areas where hunting is allowed. I would like to see California ban all traps and snares. That would be great news.

    It is a start, so once again good work Los Angeles!


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