The Will to Change

Photo by Scott Flaherty

I cried when I read this. Thank you, thank you Stephen Capra for saying everything that needed to be said. You gave my soul a lift, you lifted us all up, we who have been fighting in the trenches for so long, only to be drowned out by the compromisers. Thanking you for speaking truth to power. Now lets keep moving forward and follow your blueprint!

Always for the wolves,


Exposing the Big Game

Stephen Capra

It’s ironic in so many ways; we live in a time where the earth as we know it is literally crying out in pain. The pain which comes from a human race at war with nature, a place that once was such a part of people’s lives is now something that stands in the way of profits, lifestyles beyond measure, and helps to define a world lacking in love and in need of therapy. For nature is perhaps our best reflection of love on earth.

It is not that it cannot be cruel or unforgiving; it is that in its purest form, it perfectly reflects harmony, life, evolution and beauty. Nothing synthesizes wild nature more than the wolf. It is the perdurable life force which reveals that nature is alive!

Today we confront not just ranchers, who since their first steps in the new world have killed, trapped…

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