Gray Wolves in the Crosshairs


Mt. Emily male wolf/odfw

September 9, 2014

Howling for Justice turns five on September 16 and “Gray Wolves In The Crosshairs” was my first post.

It’s hard to believe all that’s happened  to wolves in the past  five years, much of it bad. We had such high hopes of prevailing in the courts, because we were winning! After the initial delisting in the Spring of 2009 and sadly losing 500 wolves the first year, Judge Molloy relisted wolves on August 5, 2010. But the victory was short-lived, the anti-wolf forces knew they were losing so they turned to Congress to trump the ESA and delist wolves. And Congress listened.  In the Spring of 2011 the US Senate  betrayed wolves. Apparently they valued holding onto their Senate majority more than the lives of wolves. The wolf delisting rider, attached to a must pass budget bill, will forever live in infamy as a part of each Senator’s legacy who voted yes.

For the next few days I’ll be revisiting my earlier posts, written in 2009, to take us back five years and help us remember what a hard-fought battle we’ve waged for wolves.  Just remember, wolf blood continues to flow, as another year of hunting wolves spans six states. Even wolves who remain “protected” are not safe, as the accidentally/on purpose killing of  Washington’s  Huckleberry Pack alpha female clearly shows.  That’s why we cannot stop fighting for wolves!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Gray Wolves In The Crosshairs

gray wolf in snow wallpaper

September 16, 2009

The gray wolf stands at a crossroads in the lower 48.  Stripped of their Endangered Species status by the Obama administration, they are left unprotected from the guns in Montana and Idaho. The first federally sanctioned wolf hunts in the Continental US are taking place as I write this.  Thanks Ken Salazar for allowing the de-listing of wolves to stand.  I thought a Democratic administration would be different, apparently it’s business as usual in wolf country.

Idaho’s hunt started on September 1st, with a quota of 220 wolves from a population of 875.  That’s one-fourth of Idaho’s wolves.  Montana’s hunt began Sept 15, 75 wolves are slated for execution. How did it come to this?

The purpose of this blog is to explore that question and try to understand why this magnificent apex predator is so misunderstood and hated, merely because they exist. I welcome your comments and opinions wolf lovers.

Meanwhile a federal judge in Missoula, Montana holds the fate of gray wolves in his hands. Thirteen environmental groups filed a lawsuit opposing the de-listing and asked Judge Molloy to grant an injunction to stop the wolf hunts, while the lawsuit was pending.

The judge issued a partial ruling on September 8th denying the injunction to stop the hunts but stated the plaintiffs opposing the de-listing were likely to prevail on the merits of the case. Small comfort for the wolf as it’s being hunted. Male, female wolves and pups of the year can be taken. Yes, apparently it’s OK to hunt PUPPIES!!

The war against wolves continues unabated.


Photo: wolf wallpaper

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  1. Love to Nabeki and all who stand with wolves for the rule of law in the United States. The United States is becoming a tyranny of oligarchs. The dismantling of the Endangered Species Act, with wolves as the first victims, clearly demonstrates no rule of law here. Next on the extermination hit list are our Grizzly Bears. When will the massacres end? Slaughter is not the will of the people…


  2. As of Sept., 2014 it’s difficult to believe that wolf re-introduction into the Northern Rockies was once seen as a profound reconciliation with wildness. It’s not just that wolves are being killed, but that the killing carries so little moral and political significance. Both our government and our sense of moral community have contracted, and wolves are now completely expendable. “Save the wolves, you can’t be serious!” seems to be the attitude. Right now I think our best bet is to stop the whaling campaigns and captive marine mammal parks. If we succeed in this abolitionist movement, then the wolves might more readily become framed as a similar species worthy of protection.


  3. Hi Nabeki, tell us more what we can do to help wolves, thank you so much for all your hard work for the wolves.


  4. Nabeki, in your reference to 2011when wolves were sold out in the historic vote bu the Senate.. what was the final bill SB? Number.
    I would like to see what Senators and Congress voted in support.


    • Debra…This post doesn’t have the bill number but it lists how everyone voted.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Waiting for call from Biological Diversity. They’re looking up the final Bill No.


      • While waiting for call back…interesting piece:

        “In the 38-year history of the Endangered Species Act, Congress has never intervened to override the law and remove a plant or animal from federal protection,” said Kierán Suckling, executive director for the Center for Biological Diversity.”


      • From what I can find on the Internet, it looks like it was Bill SB411. There was another bill AB502, but I think SB411 is the one with the 81 vote to delist. (Still waiting for phone call/confirmation on that.)


      • That was Wisconsin bill (SB411…still looking)


  5. Okay..finally have the correct bill numbers. This was passed on April 15,2011: HR510 and S249. p/Center for Biological Diversity


    • Good job Anne!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


  7. I was just noticing the wolf count – barely out of the first week of September and already 24 wolves killed. We’re pathetic.


  8. This is profoundly depressing 😦


  9. Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been so long already! Kudos to you for fighting to protect wolves all of those years and for never giving up no matter how bad things seem to be!

    Sorry that I have not been on as often as I used to, but school has been extremely busy and when I do get spare time I either write letters/petitions or post about the Wolf Wars on other sites in order to raise awareness. Do know that I will always support you in the fight to protect these amazing creatures!

    For the Wolves!


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