EU court upholds seal fur ban!

Wonderful news!!!

Exposing the Big Game

The EU’s three-year-old ban on seal fur will remain intact after the bloc’s highest court threw out a legal challenge by the Canadian Inuit and the country’s fur trade.
The case had been brought by Inuit community group, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), and the Fur Institute of Canada, with both organizations claiming that their livelihood depends on the trade.
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  1. Not enough,


  2. I am saddened by the Inuit’s decision to be a party in these proceedings with the fur trading company. I am of Native American decent & know how much we value the wildlife we protect. Hunting to feed your family is acceptable, but trophy hunting, hunting for sport & hunting for fashions sake is unacceptable!! Our planet is dying & we are deaf to what our scientists are proving & blind to what we see our world going through. Our wolves & other apex predators are being killed off & our ecosystems are dying because of it. Greed has taken over our hearts


  3. I am so thrilled. Glad to see the harvest numbers down this year. Maybe we can get it to 0 if we can suppress the demand for FUR. Boycott anything from Canada, seafood especially. This is progress for animals, hopefully spilling down to WOLVES!!


  4. What a little darlin’ – I love this photo. And what a magnificent, regal looking pair of wolves in the previous post too!


  5. thank you to the EU for staying with this now to spread the word and get it done throughout the world..


  6. Traditions are not important, life is.
    Quick fact of the day the “International Humane Trapping Standard” was the result of an economic strong arm tactic pulled by countries that used leg hold traps on the EU due to their ban on the traps and refusal to trade in fur with countries that still used them.


    • To expound: The European Union created the IHTS to avoid economic depression because the countries they annoyed with the ban and boycott threatened to pull out of trade with them. So there is really nothing humane about any of it.


  7. I just read the tweet about the woman who received a call from Scott Walker’s campaign asking if they could count on her support? I think she showed remarkable restraint!!!! 🙂


  8. EU ought to be commended and congratulated !


  9. Have a barf bag ready this man is corporate scum:


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