Iconic 06 To Be Immortalized On Film….

O6 Female CC BY 2.0 Flickr

She was the alpha female of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon pack, the most famous wolf in the world, with many names. The O6 female, collared wolf 832f, Rockstar but she was most commonly called O6, after her birth year. She was the granddaughter of the beloved Druid Peak Pack alphas, 42F and 21M. She was a legend.

From Notes From The Field:

“She left her family as a young adult and lived a colorful and independent life for the next few years. She became a master elk hunter, one of the best in Yellowstone, and was famous for killing elk by herself. In addition, 06 had scores of suitors over the years. During one mating season she bred with five different males. She left each of those males, however, and
continued to live independently sometimes in temporary association with a few other wolves, sometimes as a lone wolf.

When she was nearly four years old, in early 2010, 06 finally settled down. She ran into two yearling brothers who had just dispersed from their pack. They were later collared and given the numbers 754 and 755. At the time that 06 met the two brothers, they had already started a partnership with seven sisters who controlled a high quality territory. Their father, the
pack’s alpha male, had recently left the group and the sisters needed new males. Despite the brothers being in such favorable circumstances, 06 managed to lure them away from the other females and they joined her in establishing a new pack. That event said a lot about 06. The brothers judged her to be more valuable than seven females.

Being only yearlings, the two brothers had not bred while 06 had more experience. Perhaps due to the significant difference in their ages and experience levels, the brothers, with 755 as  alpha male, were willing to let 06 be the undisputed leader of the new group they formed: the Lamar Canyon Pack. Both brothers bred with 06 a month later. She discovered an old wolf den near Slough Creek and prepared it for her pups. The site was centrally located in an area with enough prey to support her family. But it had one disadvantage: grizzlies were very common in the region. In mid-April, 06 had four gray pups in that den: two males and two females. Since the opening to the den was visible from the road, we often saw 06 nursing the pups and carrying them back into the den when they strayed too far away.

Fiercely protective of her pups, 06 frequently had to deal with grizzlies that approached her den. She would run at a bear, get behind it, bite the rear end, then run off in the opposite direction of her pups. The grizzly would chase her, but could not match her speed or agility. When the bear stopped, 06 would run back, bite it again on the hind quarters and draw it further away. In one case she spent twelve hours decoying a grizzly away from her pups before she felt it was lured a safe distance away and only then returned to the den. That fall, when the pups were old enough to travel, she led her pack a few miles to the east and resettled her family in Lamar Valley. That had been the territory of her ancestors, the Druid Peak Pack..”

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Lamar Canyon Pack Flickr_CC BY_ND 2.0

Sadly, on a cold December day in 2012, her life came to a sudden and ugly end. Brought down by a hunter’s bullet, as she ranged outside the safety of Yellowstone’s boundaries, something she rarely did,  the wolf who had come to mean so much to so many, was no more.

Now a book and film are memorializing her life. She is the ambassador for all  wolves who’ve suffered and died due to the unnecessary delisting of  gray wolves and speedy wolf hunts that followed in 5 states: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota,  Wisconsin with Michigan not far behind. UPDATE: On September 23, 2014, District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson  reinstated  ESA protections for Wyoming wolves, it is now illegal to kill a wolf in Wyoming.

I hope the film, along with celebrating her life, will confront why wolves are being hunted at all. O6 and thousands of other wolves, who’ve been brought down by hunter’s bullets, would still be with us today if they hadn’t been betrayed by Congress and the Obama administration.  The infamous budget bill wolf delisting rider, passed in 2011, wiped out decades of wolf recovery and seriously weakened the Endangered Species Act.  Now wolves face a USFWS national delisting, which would remove all federal protections for wolves in the lower 48, including areas where they remain listed, including western Oregon and Washington.

The movie and book are called American Wolf. Thank you Leonardo for taking on this project to tell the O6 story. It’s well worth telling and in the process will elevate the discussion of the importance of wolves. This could be a game changer!


Leonardo DiCaprio Tackling Wild Animal Tale ‘American Wolf’ (Exclusive)

2:29 PM PST 09/26/2014 by Borys Kit

Wolf tells the story of O-Six, who in some circles was the world’s most famous wild animal. The female alpha wolf was collared and tracked by researchers at Yellowstone National Park, gaining a huge following from not only scientists but the public as well. She was shot by a hunter in 2012 just outside the park’s boundaries, an act that caused howls around the country (she even got an obituary inThe New York Times)

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Photos: Courtesy Treehugger (CC BY 2.0 Flickr) (Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0)

Video: Courtesy YouTube/ SuperMontanamike

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  1. Nabeki, the announcement of this tribute to the much-loved O6 is wonderful news! So appropriate that she should be immortalized in “American Wolf.” Thank you for letting us know, and thanks to Mr. DiCaprio for taking on the project.


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  3. Thx for the story of O6. What is the hunter’s name and address. I would like to visit him.

    Justus W. Reid, Esq. Reid Burman Phone: (561) 659-7700 Fax: (561) 659-6377 jwr@reidburmanlaw.com; http://www.reidburmanlaw.com


  4. This will be posted on all the sites I can possibly think of and sent to the news stations in hopes that they too will share the life of the beautiful iconic “06”.


  5. By reading this article, I was so much heartbroken, again, because I read this magnificent story about the majestic O6 months ago and I felt the same feelings so intensely. I am so sorry that the Obama Administration failled to protect wolves keeping them listed, but on the contrary, even with heavy heart, I am sure,gave everything to the hunters, listening to the wolf hating politicians,thus betraying these magnificent animals that Nature created with so much wisdom. Millions of people not only in the USA, but all around the world, felt betrayed howlling for justice. Althoug it is too late for the majestic 06,let us unite our voices in hopes one by one the States will ban hunting, trapping, snaring and poisoning wildlife.


    • I was heartbroken again too – I hope it will bring much needed awareness to the needless destruction of America’s wolves.

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  6. me too heartbroken again, I have been thinking what can be done to let more people understand about wolves, this is the great way to educate people to understand the most misunderstood creature in the world, they deserve all our respect and protection!


  7. First where is the film being aired ,will it be on PBS and this is a different film than OR7 correct. But I am heartbroken too to see what happened ,killed by a hunter and Obama has done nothing to protect these beautiful animals. I hope this helps the cause for our wolves.


    • Richie,

      Rights to the book “American Wolf” by Nate Blakeslee, were bought before the book has even been finished.

      “Appian Way, the prod shingle managed by Leonardo DiCaprio, have teamed with Kevin McCormick’s Langley Park to make a film of Nate Blakeslee’s book “American Wolf”.

      According to The Hollywood Reporter :

      Wolf tells the story of O-Six, who in some circles was the world’s most famous wild animal. The female alpha wolf was collared and tracked by researchers at Yellowstone National Park, gaining a huge following from not only scientists but the public as well. She was shot by a hunter in 2012 just outside the park’s boundaries, an act that caused howls around the country (she even got an obituary in The New York Times) despite it being legal — wolves were scaled back from endangered species’ lists, so there were new population control measures in place.

      Blakeslee, a senior editor at Texas Monthly, focused on O-Six (named after the year she was born) and the impact she had on the humans around her, as well as the wolf watchers and nature aficionado who symbolized the conservation movement’s success, and the hunter, a vilified man who remains unnamed to this day.

      New Regency and Robert Zemeckis’ ImageWorks were also looking at picking up the rights to the book.”

      It looks like it’s going to be a full length feature film. This is really a big deal because DiCaprio is a dedicated environmentalist and he will do this right. People from all over the world will watch the 06 story. This could be a sea change in the way wolves are perceived and even have political consequences, ie: changing “wolf management/killing”. I’ve always said wolves need a celebrity to promote their cause and now they have one.

      For the wolves, For 06,



      • yes! Nabeki, you are so right! wolves need a celebrity to spread the words and let people to know them, really hope this will change the fate for all those wonderful wolves!!!


  8. Right On!


  9. I have fond memories of watching 06, 754M, and the rest of the Lamar Canyon Pack when I worked in Yellowstone. Reading this article brought a sadness to my heart, but also gave me hope that the film will help to shed light on the needless slaughter of wolves that has occurred since that despicable delisting rider. 06, 754M, and all the wolves who have died due to man’s ignorance and cruelty: You will never be forgotten, and we will never stop fighting for the wolves that remain.


    • Best of luck with the film about 06 Mr. DiCaprio.


  10. O6 is one of my favourite wolves, you know why? Because she’s fearless, she never walks away from anything,she’s smart and sassy, she’s a perfect wolf, she has a white snow fur coat, and beautiful hazel eyes? Or what Color it is, it’s beautiful, I can tell you that. She’s just amazing.. Her story is amazing, she’s fierce, but caring.. Doesn’t back down from a fight, but understanding. She’s an amazing wolf, and will leave a legacy in wolf history, ❤ ps. Is she smiling in the photo? Too cute! 🙂 we'll bye for now ok? Bye! ❤



  11. Know, that I’m heartbroken… She lives in memory… ;( she was my favourite wolf too.. ;( I’m praying.. #O6Power. #HowlingForJustice..

    ~ From Carly, ;( ❤


    • Carly,

      I believe 06 is the ambassador for all persecuted wolves, she may help bring about the sea change in thinking that’s needed, when the movie hits the theaters. She has an amazing heritage, her grandfather, 21M, was the son of wolves Ten and Nine, who were part of the group of wolves brought to Yellowstone from Canada for the reintroduction. Ten and Nine has 8 puppies but before they were born Ten was shot by a poacher. Ten was an absolutely magnificent wolf and he only lasted a few months after reintroduction before he was shot and killed, just goes to show you that wolf hatred was just as strong then as it is now among the haters. But Nine had Ten’s eight puppies, 4 girls and 4 boys. Only 21 went on to become the great leader of the Druids, at one point they were 37 strong. 06 demonstrated her grandfather’s fearless leadership.

      How many 06’s are out there, that we know nothing about, who’ve lived and died without being celebrated. I’m glad the 06 story is going to be told because she will be telling the story of all wolves and for that I’m very grateful to Leonardo DiCaprio.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Thanks, Nabeki it helps to know that you care and that you replied to it, I just can’t take it, wolves are getting hurt all over the word.. Everyday.l ;( it’s breaks my heart, thanks again.

        #HowlingForJustice. #WolfPraying.. #CarryOn..

        From, Carly. For the wolves, for the supporters, ❤


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    • I agree, Linda, but look they won’t stop understood? We are all trying.. It’s not easy, but we keep telling them to stop, and guess what? They gain more power to hunt the wolves down. It’s a on and of thing, a hunters mail goal is a Wolf. First they start small like deer, then I don’t know, elk? Then moose, then bear, then wolf, that wasn’t the order but it’s how hunters start I would imagine, they start small, then medium, then large, then huge! And huge is the wolf.. It’s just we are trying the best we can I hope.. Just stay strong ok?

      #HowlingForJustice. #WolfPrayer. #StayAliveWolves. ❤

      From, Carly, for the wolves for the supporters. And send 🙂


  14. I recall being shown photographs and a short video taken of O-Six, and other wolves from the reintroduction project, unlike the people who ‘hunt’ (slaughter) wolves for ‘pleasure’ these were smart, fearless, resourceful wolves who sought to only to provide for themselves and their extended family group. The video reminded me of just how wide the chasm – between these creatures in reality and the way elements of our culture and the media have chosen to portray them – we have to bridge is … First Nations lived closely with wolves for thousands of years, they grew to respect and revere them – it strikes me that we could learn a lot from those we have sought to demonize and destroy. If wolves are such a threat to mankind then surely they’d have wiped us out thousands of years ago when we were week, disorganized and few in number?


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