Just In Time – Wyoming Wolf Hunt Would Have Started Today

gray wolf_cc_Wikimedia user Walterince

October 1, 2014

Judge Jackson denied Wyoming’s attempt to regain control of wolves, so they could proceed with the planned wolf hunt that would have started today. Her ruling came just in time.


From Wyoming, Game and Fish Website:


Federal Judge Ruling Continues Suspension of Wolf Hunting in Wyoming


CHEYENNE – A ruling today by a federal district court judge in Washington, D.C. continues the suspension of gray wolf hunting in Wyoming. After two years of hunting, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled on Sept. 23 that Wyoming’s plan was not legally sufficient to support the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2012 rule allowing limited take of gray wolves.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Chief Game Warden Brian Nesvik said, “We are disappointed in the ruling that removes the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s ability to manage gray wolves in Wyoming. We will continue to work with the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office to address relevant concerns and ensure wolf management is returned to the state.”

Today’s ruling continues the suspension of the wolf season and all other take of wolves in the state. In response to the ruling, Wyoming filed an emergency regulation to address the concerns stated by Judge Jackson, but Jackson ruled the emergency regulation was not sufficient to alter the judgment she imposed last week.

The Game and Fish has suspended all sales of gray wolf licenses and will establish a system to refund hunters who have already purchased a 2014 gray wolf license. Hunting in the trophy game area in northwest Wyoming was scheduled to begin Oct. 1.



Photo:  Courtesy USFWS

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  1. Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx xoxo


  2. i will hold on to this one bit of wonderful news.i am so grateful for all the energy everyone put into helping this happen.. really restores my hope and belief that we can change things for the better.so ,here’s to the wolves and those who saved them….hope this kind of attitude thinking will spread to other parts of the west…and everywhere..


  3. My heart is ready to explode, my smile reaches farther than the eye can see, and my prayers continue in full force cause a strong back up never hurts. Thanks for all the good news Nabeki 🙂


  4. To me, this is huge – and to have called what WY tried to pass off as a management plan for a recovered endangered species was a cruel joke.

    The last Hail Mary pass to try to save the hunting season, nothing else important, was incomplete!


  5. The litigation ‘pack’ that made this happen and continue to fight this, will hopefully work through EACH and every wolf state until wolves are again protected. Know that after the first of the year, a decision could come down regarding wolves being given to all states for ‘protection’


  6. This warms my heart.


  7. the scum poachers will still be killing – unfortunately wls will turn a blind eye for having their wrist slapped, we need an agency that will truly protect our wildlife.. but this was an extraordinary victory – thanks to earthjustice and the other conservation groups that brought this victory..and thanks to judge Amy for having common sense and guts in the face of political pressure..


    • Agree!!! Time to ramp up memberships to these folks!


  8. now for the other wolf killing states – rock on wolf supporters..


  9. So, wy folks, you need to get busy and find a way to make the wolves work for you…
    Bed and Breakfast with tourguides??


  10. “We will continue to work with the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office to address relevant concerns and ensure wolf management is returned to the state.”
    May the F and W Dept learn another approach or a few to work with the wolves and not only want to kill them. There are many solutions besides shooting them. This dept and hunters, I really believe, will learn more about themselves in working together to find some lasting solutions. IT IS NOT JUST THEIR WILL THAT WILL RULE!!! OPEN UP DEPT OF F AND W and HUNTERS, ET AL. Thank you.


    • This is their third try to pass off a shoot on sight policy and the third time it landed them in hot water. Insanity is doing something exactly the same and expecting a different result.


      • John, so true and the sad truth is wolves in Montana and Idaho would still be protected if the Senate hadn’t voted for the evil wolf delisting rider, preventing judicial review, hamstring wolf advocates efforts to fight the haters in court. We were winning before that happened and that’s why they went whining to Congress. Despicable!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. such terrific news! FINALLY, for at least a moment, we have been heard!


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  13. Thank you Judge Jackson for the courage and clearness of mind to stop the 2014 slaughter season in Wyoming. Our incredible wolves are the nations’, not just Wyomings’.
    They are entitled to their place on this earth, in this country now!


  14. Hi Nabeki!
    I just want to reinforce a piece of information you may already know, so that you and the other dedicated people who visit your site might be able to work with it to help end wolf hunting, if not poaching (which means illegally hunting/killing), or “lethal management.”

    In speaking with wolf biologists, we have for some years heard the ecological term, “Social Carrying Capacity”, SCC here.
    (my note would put people to sleep if I elaborate on ecology too much – I want you all to think about WHAT you would do to change the situation, which is more effective than complaining and celebrating. Before you attack me, I want you to consider that the deepest bond of my life was with a wolf, who born captive, tried to live in his natural way, and firmly dispersed from his rescuers, made that essential choice of a wolf’s life, determined to choose. He chose me, and I gave up all that I had sought and believed. His time of being passed two moons ago, and I come here for his, above all else.)

    State wildlife biologists and some famous for their wolf studies, are highly sensitive to this SCC, this limitation of the willingness of humans to accept wolves as they are.

    They have compromised with the idea of hunting because, they tell me, that when too much restriction of human response to wolf predation of domestics, or even of failure to seem to consider their human fears (which are rampant, having to do with control of “property”, of restriction of their primate response to fear – kill that which one fears or imagines to be a threat, and some other related impulses) , illegal killing of wolves takes a jump.

    In other words, SCC is quantifiable, and is a factor in the cruel choices made in state legislatures and in wildlife management agencies, partly beholden and partly besieged by men with guns and itchy trigger fingers, along with women who voice fears of ANY possibility they can imagine.

    All the progress in changing public attitudes about wolves from the Euroamerican fantasy, has been progress in increasing SCC.

    Your interactions with the benighted, can either raise that SCC or lower it. Please consider every move you make in this light.

    For my Brother, my Teacher, my Love (and yes, I have seen him and others of his kind do all the things of wolves, right up close, so it would be an error to consider my feeling to be born of fantasy in any way)


  15. This is news, we don’t need more hunts and look they actually listend say what???? Surprising I say, it’s just can we get the hunts to stop forever maybe??? That possible? Or is the government, or president just don’t care to make a law to protect these wolves? I mean seriously? Anyway this is great news… Thank you, somebody cares..


    From, Carly for the wolves, for the supporters. ❤


  16. […] listed. Wyoming wolves, until recently, could be shot on sight in 80% of the state. Last week, US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson,  placed Wyomingwolves  back on the Endangered Species List. Her ruling was the result of a […]


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