It Runs in the Family

Knocking the empathy out of kids one dead animal at a time.

Exposing the Big Game


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Published in: on October 6, 2014 at 10:33 am  Comments (6)  

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  1. I wish CPS could take the child away from his parents. They’re unfit to raise children.


  2. Hunting and trapping, gun culture, recreational sports killing, and it is all wholesome fun, and now it is going on across the country in this 2014 hunting seasons. No wonder we are such a war minded country.


  3. Hi.
    Denise Taylor of Education 4 Conservation Ltd in the UK wrote an essay in “A New Era For Wolves and People: Wolf Recovery, Human Attitudes, and Policy” edited by Musiani, Boitani, and Pacquet (you SHOULD know who these famous wolf scientists are).
    In her chapter “education as a Conservation Strategy” she explores education for inculcating more welcoming attitudes toward wolves. The book itself looks at Europe, North America, and has other chapters relevant to changing the attitudes of the public.

    The last essay in the book points up an interesting phenomenon: Children in England where wolves were killed, extinguished centuries ago, are more afraid to walk in the woods should wolves be there, than any others, where wolves do live.

    I’ve written here before about wolf hunters etc being more fearful of wolves than normal humans, and several works in the book back up this assertion.
    But importantly to YOU, is that ways are found to educate children and adolescents, as they are less hardened in their beliefs. If any of you are educators, PLEASE explore this book (it’s Filled with work by peer-reviewed scientists, and it is in your interest to discover the ways which Dr. Taylor points toward, to develop educational programs that really can change the minds of people!)

    More on Europe’s wolf recovery in the face of it being a place overwhelmed with humans, and even in the face of opposition, is enclosed than seems popularly known in the USA and Canada, where we deeply need to change the hate, fear, and killing done by people who actually do not know or understand the wolf.
    Some info in our continent is encapsulated as well, and the more insight you have into WHY wildlife management makes the choices they do.
    I have mentioned before that social carrying capacity is the issue, and this post by Nabeki cuts to the heart of the problem again.
    Encourage kids to learn about and study wolves, and they will choose to write and speak in school – kids listen to peers, and so it is, again, up to you to just act for understanding.


  4. This is just stupid! Yes yes I want to grow up just like my killing hunter father 🙂 totally cause he is the best person, by killing animals NOT!!!!!! OMG who would want to grow up to be like that guy????? That kid needs a new dad. Like pronto, meaning NOW.

    For the wolves, for the supporters, from Carly.


  5. these kids are the future, rapist, murderers,and over all psycho’s of tomorrow.Stupid men with little body parts teach their sons to kill for power.


  6. Absolutely disgusting–and infuriating.


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