Enough about the “Royal Baby” Already!

Thank you Jim! The baby can’t burp without it being reported. Meanwhile the planet is in it’s sixth mass extinction. I wish people would stop worshiping celebs and royalty and start worrying about what overpopulation is doing to the blue orb we live on.

Exposing the Big Game

If there’s one thing we Americans understand, it’s that royalty isn’t a birthright, it’s a financial status.

A baby is born every 8 seconds—what’s the big deal about this one? Sorry, but to us the so-called “Royal Baby” is just another of the 3,000 human offspring born into this world every 20 minutes (meanwhile, during the same 20 minutes, another plant or animal becomes extinct—27,000 species each year). The majestic brat is really only one more of the hundreds of thousands of little darlings born that day, or the 1.5 million people born every week.

(That’s like adding a city the size of Phoenix or Philadelphia. In just one week! And around the world right now, one in ten people lack access to clean drinking water, one in eight doesn’t have enough food to eat, while one in five lives on less than $1 a day.)

According to the Population Clock, there will be 125…

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  1. Come on guys – lighten up. This is English Dynasty (though they don’t rule any more) and they do a lot for people around the world. They raise money, give money and lighten the spirits of many. It’s nice to know someone lives the life. Just to make you feel better, they carry many burdens and responsibilities just like the rest of us. I’m happy about a new baby for them and for the world.
    After all they behave nothing like those in the Capital City of the Hunger Games.
    Prince Phillip loves nature and wildlife and speaks up for the environment.
    Have your fun and enjoy a new baby.


    • Those in positions of influence should set an example for the rest of the planet: Just think how much influence the Royal Couple could have by saying: We have a future King. We will now adopt a child instead of breeding another. If Prince Phillip wishes to set an example, he should show his enlightened attitude by refusing to hunt animals anymore. Intelligent people should be thinking about the kind of planet they are bringing new humans into, and how these added humans will impact non-human life. Humans are not the only species on Earth–we just act like, and think, we are. And, in the process of our Humanist Arrogance, we are destroying the planet. It is pure selfishness whether one is a “Royal” or a “commoner.”


  2. whatever about the Royal baby ..cute yes but after that thought …I agree lets move on..animals are being tortured. I could care less about the Royals. I have no use for any of it.


  3. Celebrity or leader having children? Woop dee doo, join the club there’s several thousand having one right now. Humans are not an endangered species, well… not yet anyway… that massive population crash is coming. Not a threat, but a natural inevitability.


  4. ;( seriously… We humans don’t know the value of life, actually let me refrase that ok? Some humans don’t know the value of life.. People actually care about wildlife ya yes they do, and some don’t have a heart and soal, I’m the person who cares about wildlife. Just cause animals aren’t one of you. Doesn’t mean you have to hate them.
    For the wolves, for the supporters.
    #HowlingForJustice. ❤


  5. All you wolf haters will gets yours..Karma is a bitch!!! Leave the wild alone!!!


  6. Over population is the source of almost every problem facing the world.


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