Anti-Wolf Comments Demonstrate Ignorance and Hysteria Wolves Face….

Wolf paranoia Rational Wiki
A typical wolf about to take your children and eat your job!

It’s been awhile since I cleaned out my spam folder and deleted anti-wolf comments. This is just a small sampling, I could write an entire book on these little gems. They’d be laughable if it wasn’t so serious for wolves. They show the mentality wolves are facing and demonstrate once again why wolves need protection under the ESA.


Wolf Hysteria

“Wolf hysteria (also known as wolf persecution, or rarely, lupophobia) is the widespread public hatred of wolves, incorporating both their enduring role as folk devils, and societal attitudes favouring policies of active persecution of wolves, and opposition and resistance to policies aiming to protect existing wild populations, or reintroduce the species into former ranges where it has become extinct relatively recently. The phenomenon shares much in common with moral panics, including the use of scaremongering, unverifiable anecdotes, demonisation, exaggeration, moral high roading etc., to the extent the phenomenon could be considered a moral panic in and of itself, though it is not commonly referred to as such”…Rational Wiki



Idaho bone pickers
Submitted on 2014/10/08 at 7:57 pm
I’ve killed 4, all pups. You all have killed unborn children with your voting skills. Try to not be so hypocritical. You do your thing, we will do ours. Geographical differences are human nature now leave us the fuck alone. Got my 2014 tag ready for this Friday:)
Submitted on 2014/08/10 at 7:42 pm | In reply to meirad.
I cant wait for this wolf season, so I can get revenge for all the damn wolfs eating my elk!!!!!
Submitted on 2014/07/02 at 12:03 am | In reply to nina clausen.
Get your. Head out of the fog and spend a little time in the forests of montana. We have oodles of wolves. I have one of the hog heaven pack myself. Another pack already is in the region once occupied by them,,, less than two years later.
This comment is  particularly ridiculous since there have been just two controversial wolf/human fatalities in the last 100 years but domestic dogs kill on average 30 people per year and bite millions more. I’m a dog lover but those are the facts. Deer are more dangerous to humans than wolves. Comments like the one below demonstrate the hysteria surrounding wolves. Wolf haters are either sadly misinformed or blindly repeating anti wolf talking points, without having a clue what they’re talking about. 

cheri kessler
Submitted on 2014/06/11 at 10:27 am
I’m sorry but many of these posts seem a little ridiculous. Wolves are dangerous predators who attack people and will hunt people- including children. They produce large numbers of offspring in a relatively quick amount of time, and they are an alpha predator with nothing to keep them in check. They are not going extinct and are actually becoming quite dangerous because of their large numbers even in northern Colorado. Saying they are more scared of us seems pretty false to me since they are in large packs and weigh around 100 pound each vs 1 person— I know I wouldn’t be scared of much, plus they become accustomed to being around people and get less wary, taking more risks Again, they are a wild animal and if it means living or dying, they will attack you to survive, or your ranch animals which you might rely on financially. There is a reason why in Idaho and Montana they have open season to hunt- to keep the population numbers down and in check, not to just keep killing them needlessly. Just like all other animals with a hunting season, it is to help keep the population healthy.

They are quite beautiful but don’t be fooled, they are also quite dangerous.

And to say anything about killing baby’s—my goodness, really? You would rather have a wolf live and have a child die? That’s disgusting–they are animals–and animals are definitely below my children and any child, and I would hope you feel the same. Not that only your children matter but all children. Children are unable to protect themselves, literally, especially babies–leave them out of this.
Jim Duggins
Submitted on 2014/06/01 at 8:37 pm | In reply to Marilyn Glasgow.
“Knuckledraggers”. I like how you stereotype everyone in Idaho. All you tree hugging queers will make your wish come true. You won’t be able to reproduce, so the earth will go back to the animals because YOU have destroyed the human species. Gay wad.
Wolf Killer
Submitted on 2014/05/22 at 7:34 pm
You people are sick. Do you realize that wolves are killing just about every deer, moose, and elk in their area? Not to mention the cattle and sheep they kill. Drive thru Yellowstone and you can count on one hand the number of elk still in the park thanks to these predators. Wolves need to be managed just as much as the rest of the wildlife. What’s wrong with you? Ever seen a deer get eaten by a pack of wolves? It’s not pretty. The deer is usually still alive as it’s back end is eaten. But I guess you have no “feelings” for the animals these wolves kill. Misinformed self righteous idiots.
Animals are tasty
Submitted on 2014/05/15 at 12:27 pm | In reply to Bonnie Browm.
GO kill yourself you piece of shit!
Submitted on 2014/04/28 at 10:29 am
Letting one species stay protected while others are regulated is assanine. These wolves are slowly decimating the wildlife that is hunted by humans already. There must be a system of balance which will require a wolf season. I am not saying kill all the wolves, but keep them from eating themselves out of food.
J pancheri
Submitted on 2014/04/21 at 4:36 pm | In reply to Kathy Vile.
Yes since wolves show so much mercy on the things they munch on we need more wolve predators like grizzlies and wolverines rippin there guts out and there unborn young.
Submitted on 2014/03/20 at 7:07 pm | In reply to orionsbeltwolf.
dont you think they would be better off in central park and LA where they would do more good and you can keep them safe
Submitted on 2014/03/12 at 12:49 pm
Kill them all, fuck all of you
Submitted on 2014/03/11 at 4:10 pm
There is a reason Wolves were exterminated. They kill everything, that is what they do and they do it well. Living in Alaska and Wyoming I have seen them decimate the Caribou herds and Sheep and Cattle. They have really terrorized the Elk populations in Idaho. The only places big enough and wild enough to support them are Canada and Alaska. I agree it is romantic to see them in the wild but there is not enough room in the lower 48 for them and agriculture. If you made your living raising livestock you would have a different view. I’m sure someone who makes their living sitting in a cubicle will spout off here.


Submitted on 2014/03/03 at 5:36 pm | In reply to AGNES DELANIS.
Hello, I have no interest in trying to chang anyones mind but would like to offer an alternate opinon.I understand how some could get a distorted picture of the wolf situationbut i must ask myself how many of the wolf advocates or supporters have actually been in the wild for any length of time both pre and then post wolf. The problem is that wolves, unlike man is totally opportunistic and none selective, they inhabit an area( many square miles) until it is practically devoid of game and them move on and repeat. I also doubt that any of you have seen a large wolf pack corner a small heard of elk in deep snow and kill them all ,eat the noses and a little meat then move on leaving the rest to rot or for scavengers. I wont go into detail but watcthing a wolf pack make a kill is anything but humane. If anyone has the guts and respect to engage in a true honest dialogue regarding this i would welcome your response. I love all animals and being in the wilderness no less than anyone alive, and i consider myself qualified to make honest and unbiased observations. wolves are not being eradicated, only managed,unfortunatly to do that some must be culled. Remember ,if we truly revert to natural selection then only the strong survive,you want that in the human world to?
Submitted on 2014/02/17 at 3:27 pm
Wolves need to be extermited in the lower 48 states. Not one alive!
Submitted on 2014/02/04 at 7:21 pm
I love wolves! I love dogs and I love animals and amen I hate seeing them killed and hunted. It makes me really sad, but we have to look at it from both sides. the wolves are eating the bison and elk calves and are lowering the levels of those animals. sure its not that bad because the elk where getting overpopulated but now they are practically extinct from the park! the wolves are growing into too big amount Also when the elk and bison go extinct because they will be eaten by wolves too often, the wolves will eventually decrease in number because they wont have any prey. and it wouldn’t be a good idea to remove them from the park because it would effect the animals way of life so I think it would either be wise to hunt few of them or take some out of the park to different parts of the US.
Stu Markell
Submitted on 2014/01/16 at 8:27 pm | In reply to Darren Thomassie.
Good we don’t want your punk Aziz wolf scat eaters here.
fee spirit
Submitted on 2014/01/09 at 6:48 pm
I will shoot and kill any wolf that come into my site.

Submitted on 2013/11/03 at 6:33 pm
Trappers are VITAL in controlling the predation on other animals. Just like every animal, They need to be managed.


HAHA you guys are so brainwashed into believing anything some citiot would has never held a rifle in his hand or seen a dirt road before has to say about northern Minnesota and what farmers want to do with their land. Really you can think what you want to think and talk about how wolf hunting is inhumane but what you don’t realize is that farmers that are making an honest living raising and selling cattle are losing more and more cattle every year because of huge wolf populations in certain areas. “Murdering wolves”? Seriously you believe that the DNR only has a hunt so that people can Murder wolves? Oh you are so terribly wrong and mistaken. People who live in the city should have no say in what rural people want to do with their land and I am more than happy to take care of some of them wolves for those farmers. And by the way, wolf furs are going for around 800 dollars right now! Cant wait for the December late season! I’ll post a couple pictures of my trophies.


I think we should capture and release 200 of these snugly little guys and release them in Edina. It would be really neat to see them thrive in that environment.


Top Photo: Courtesy Rational Wiki

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Nature Cold Warriors

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  1. I would like to think that these assholes are sick, but the word “evil” seems more appropriate.

    Anyway, just received this article which applies to wolves as well as other species being murdered. It seems there’s a lot of secrecy involved. Also, I and had no idea that Wildlife Services was formed with the intention of “clearing away wildlife for America’s expansion into the west.” Check it out.

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  2. There are some ‘moderates’ who claim that pro-wolf anti-wolf-hunting proponents are just as bad as the anti-wolf people for not ‘compromising’ with hunting and ranching interests, i.e. accepting that wolves have to be killed by hunters and that it would benefit their species.
    These people I lump in with the wolf haters, no matter if they say how much they think wolves are pretty or have a place in the ecosystem or that wolves are ‘here to stay’. It negates any form of pro-wolf aspect as the only reason wolves are hunted or were ever put in this sorry position in the first place was because of anti-wolf sentiments from hunting and ranching interests.
    When I was a child these words were told to me: “How would you like it done to you?” And this is true. How would humans like to be treated the way they treat wildlife? Bet they wouldn’t like it…


  3. Wolf Myths, Lies and Folklore and Other Predator Scapegoating:

    My gym is a rich source of rancher and hunter folklore, lies and myth. It riles me but it is rich in BS. I live in Great Falls Montana, need I say almost pure colloquial myth, lies and folklore? Redneck central! It is very, very “red” here. Anytime I bring up the subject of wolves or over hear ambient colloquial conversations, I run up against one or more of the following myths, lies, folklore. They generally scapegoat predators, including raptors, for any sports game waning rather than looking to the real factors:f encroachment, over hunting, forage changes, climate warming, loss of habitat, and basically man caused problems. Ecology is an abstract concept seemingly beyond their grasp. They operate from a belief system way of thinking and do not want to confused by science, logic or facts. It is folklore way of thinking and knowing. You can tell them the facts and the response will ne, “I don’t believe that.”

    -Political Management of the Wolf
    Congress did not debate delisting the wolf. A rider was attached to a defense appropriation bill (April 2011) put there by Mike Simpson of ID and Jon Tester of MT and sneaked by congress, the American people, the press, and conservationists. It was terrible precedent of over riding the ESA by politics and of wildlife management by politics. Newspapers, the media often reports that congress delisted wolves, in the northwest and midwest, leaving the false impression that there was an at large congressional review and discussion. A rider is a sleazy way for a minority group to get a questionable piece of legislation past congressional debate and discussion and from American public and news awareness that something is passing. The rider should not be allowed for any piece of legislation. This tactic may have opened the door to parochial and often republican political management of wildlife.

    -Wolves are killing herds of cattle. No, wolves kill about 0.002 % of cattle in MT, 65 of 2.6 million in 2012, 55 in 2013. Many ranchers of cattle and sheep are encroaching on wolf populated public land and in general wilderness with 772 permits to graze in national forests in MT alone.

    -Wolves have to be managed, killed in large numbers, their populations driven down to marginal existence or they will rampage over the landscape, and be everywhere and decimate game and stock. No, wolves will fill up wilderness niches in some of their old territory, across the states then regulate their own populations relative to game and wilderness availability and wolf family elbow room, which may be most salient factor (wolf pack elbow room). The alpha male and female are mother and father of the pack. They and older wolves teach young wolves which takes 25% of their young lives, learning from elders how to hunt and what do hunt and most to avoid conflict with man. Wolf management by hunting is asinine. It disrupts families and social learning, accomplishes little to nothing and more likely than not creates problems.

    -Wolves are dangerous. Wolves are scary. They attack people. No, there are only two documented cases in North America in history, in the last 400 years, weakly substantiated. One was in Alaska and one in Saskatchewan (doubtful, more likely a bear, at a dump, per a wildlife biologist). The rest is old world folklore, hollywood BS, visceral reactionary, irrational nonsense perpetrated by fairytales, movies (i.e., The Gray, Canyon, Frozen, werewolf and vampire tales TV). Wolves, bears and lions deserve an annual humanitarian award for tolerating man.

    -Wolves are decimating or wiping out elk herds. Elk numbers are up in the states wherein there are wolves. Elk numbers in MT have gone from 89,000 before wolf reintroduction to 145,000 now. Wyoming has had 11 years in a row of record elk harvests. Per MT FWP (March-April issue Montana Outdoors, 2014) elk are at or above target levels even in wolf territories, 100-150% target levels. Colloquials, hunters often confuse local fluctuations in elk numbers with normal elk movement for forage, over hunting, forage availability, encroachment, climate change effects with normal and healthful predator predation, and blame wolves (scapegoating), forgetting and not understanding that all was well before man, and normal, and balanced, not so since man, especially european man and bloodsport traditions. Where do colloquials get the absurd idea that predators are the culprits in game sport game declines and not man?!

    -Wolves are wiping out the Yellowstone elk herds.There were only a few wolves in the beginning years. They reached a peak in 2006-2007 with 175 wolves, and are now around 85. There has not been enough wolves to decimate elk numbers. No, there are not and there never has been enough wolves in YNP to wipe out or significantly affect the herds. At most, they may have a 5% impact, which has been good for the herds and the ecological system, flora and fauna. Before wolf reintroduction (1995-1996-1997)) elk numbers in and around YNP were at an all time unsustainable high. The herds had exploded in the 1980’s because of rich forage within the Park due to some wet years and new forage opening up north of the Park, and probably because of insufficient predation.After wolf reintroduction there were two rough winters in a row (1995-1996, 1996-1997) followed by drought years. Even though elk numbers were declining, FWP MT allowed hunting, spring and fall, outside the Park for years, until 2005, spring and fall. Man is the main elk killer outside the Park. Currently there is drought affecting forage, and a current rich predator environment of bear, lions, and wolves. Elk will range in search of new or available forage and not hang in the Park so much. Man (sportsmen), sports killing impact is additive, not natural and often harmful. Predator-prey relationships are natural, millennium old, and healthy. Sports’ killing of animals is not healthy for man or the animals they kill. Wolves are healthy for the elk herds and else as they are apex animals who belong there, making the herds healthier and having a positive trophic cascading effect on flora and fauna (plant and animal). Wolves tend to kill the weak, diseased, vulnerable and to move the herds. Man, sportsmen, go for the trophy animals and kill healthy animals weakening the bloodlines of the herds. It is man that needs to be managed, not wolves, bears on lions. Man is the disease on wildlife, flora and fauna. The YNP elk herds are now at historical levels, and the cow/calf ratio is normal, and the herds are closer to sustainable levels.

    -Yellowstone Park is a zoo and not natural. Of course it is natural and it is not a zoo. It was and is being preserved as a balanced wildlife ecology. The Park Service has made a successful effort to bring back wolves as part of that natural balanced ecology. It has been successful with wolves having trophic cascading effects on flora and fauna. Why is this such a mystery to colloquials, such a hard concept to grasp:: that wolves and other predators are a healthful and natural part of wildlife ecology, worked out of millennia, while sports killing is neither, rationalizations for sports killing I guess. Before hunter regulation, hunters (our forefathers) and ranchers, in cahoots with the federal government, wiped out wildlife across the land. The main benefit of hunting regulation has been the recovery of wildlife and now conservation efforts are attempts to bolster and round out that recovery to include the predator
    -Predators have to be managed. Yes, they do in the sense of individual problems with particular problems, but that does not extend to driving down the populations for sports killing of game animals. Predators, such as the wolf and grizzly will fill up the niches and regulate their own populations for the most part, leaving enough sportsmen blood sport killing.

    -Wolves kill in a horrendous and tortuous way, tearing their prey apart in a slow manner. No, wolves go for quick kills by severing major arteries and limiting risk to themselves and it no more “tortuous” the sport killing which often wounds, not killing right away; especially archery which wounds about 50% of the time, not killing, leaving an animal to wonder off with an arrow embedded. Shooting also often just wounds. So, sports killing is kind and saves the animals from a less kind death?! This is an amazing rationalization. Man mostly contributes to waxing and waning of game (recreational sports killing). Per Montana Outdoors (March-April issue 2011) regarding sports killing in 2010, hunters killed 95,000 deer, 19,000 pronghorn, 20,000 elk, and hundreds to thousands of birds, bears, goats, moose and else. Man is also encroaching on forage, wildlife habitat, and wildlife corridors. Man is also encroaching through global warming. Over 50 % of wild animals have disappeared in the past 40 years.

    These same minds do not accept that wolves belong in a healthy ecological wilderness and could care less. They also do not buy the argument that wolves bring in $35.5 million in added tourism to YNP making each wolf worth over $400,000.00 (based on population estimate of 85).

    Then there is the myth of the alien, giant, Canadian wolf being introduced into the states and YNP in the initial recovery efforts. The wolf introduced was the same that was here before they were eradicated, Canis Lupus or Gray Wolf. It was the Canadian Plains Wolf that was re-introduced. Wolves do not recognize the Canada/US border and have wondered back and forth across the imaginary line for millennium. The Gray Wolf is more often named for different locations such as the Minnesota Timber Wolf, still Gray Wolf and not any larger, or the MacKenzie River wolf or the American Northwest wolf, or Canadian plains wolf. They are all Gray Wolves. Gray Wolves range in size from 85-105 lbs. with very few in the world ever found larger. A 135 lbs. wolf was found in Montana, but must fall within the normal range. A 175 lbs. wolf was found in Alaska and a 174 lbs. wolf in Canada, but fewer than 10 in all the world found over 130 lbs., ever, including Russia and Europe. The Mexican Wolf (Lobo), subspecies of Canis Lupus, on the road to recovery, hopefully, around 90 now, is smaller, about coyote size. The Eastern Wolf, Canis Rufus, is also on the road to recovery, hopefully, is also coyote size roughly. Wolves had probably not been totally wiped out in the USA with small numbers remaining in the northwest, southwest and east. Wolves had started reintroducing themselves via Glacier Park during the wolf recovery era of 1975 to 1995-1996-1997.

    -Wolves chase for fun. No, wolves will test a herd for weakness or probe for opportunity, but do not chase for fun. They cannot afford the risk of injury or death on a frivolous chase. Wolves do not kill for fun. Wolves are sometimes blamed for dog kills and coyote kills.

    -Wolves only eat live kills, not carrion. No, at times the majority of wolf diet is winter kill. Wolves are only successful in 5-15% of caribou and elk hunts.

    -Wolf haters (ranchers, sportsmen, yokels) discount any argument they hear for wolves, pro-wolf facts and science, the logic and facts of balanced healthy ecology, the boon to tourism; get angry, shut their minds, walk away. And/or they could care less about anything beyond their own noses, like many/most
    Americans. Wolf haters and phobics (loupophobes) are steeped in folklore, myth, lies, false legends, anecdotal bull between and among themselves. There is an irrational gut, visceral, mindless, irrational, knee jerk, primitive reaction going on here. TV shows and theatre fare reinforces the nonsense, superstitions, folklore.

    -Then there is the media. Is there any investigative reporting anymore? The media repeats the myth, lies, folklore of the anti-wolf minds giving them some credibility, a false balance reporting policy by echoing their lies, folklore and myths as, “Sportsmen say…. or ranchers say…..” There are facts out there and logic, which largely escapes the media.

    -There is a huge implied question, alarm here: Are the state wildlife agencies, especially the one in the wolf jihad states of WY,MT, ID, and WI as ignorant as the hunter-rancher groups or are they completely co-opted by license fees and political coercion? Where is the education and corrections from them on folklore, lies and myth? Where is the emphasis on nonlethal management? (“Wolves do not purchase hunting licenses, and most state wildlife managers draw their pay from revenue derived from sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. That, in brief, is what is wrong with wildlife management in America….” Ted Williams, 1986)

    -Related to wolf myths and predator in general myths is the myth of hunters and ranchers as conservationists. Conservationists? Sport Killing and Trapping as Conservation
    Trappers and hunters are good with rationalizations, both rationalizing themselves as “conservationists” which is absurd, when what they really do is game farming for sports and profit killing, marginalizing predators. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. reasons for game decline is almost always man and his activities: Loss of habitat to farming and grazing, as it is with sage grouse, forage loss due to man or weather or fire, over-hunting. Hunting is additive killing falling outside the wilderness ecology. Man is no longer few and dependent on subsistence hunting; now it is just sports killing. In any case, it is not predators’ depredations that are primary factors to be “managed” in a knee jerk way way of thinking, often spurring wildlife agencies to join in the “management” of predators rationale.; predators-prey have established millenniums of balance, and predators should never be scapegoated as the sportsmen do with bird, ungulate and fish number fluctuations. Climate change may be resulting in flora and fauna changes and even movement to other climes and loss of forage, fire damage, and disease. It is man that needs management in terms of controlling hunting levels, habitat loss and recovery, corridors of travel for wildlife kept or regained (available), learning to live with wildlife instead of against it in the march of civilization in ranching and farming, extraction industries, development. The rationalizations of trappers and hunters for managing the predators is an old, invalid mantra belonging in the categories of myth, folklore, lies, and with us from the dawn of civilization and sports hunting.

    As a result of the myths, lies, folklore mindsets, and repetitions of it all, and general ignorance, the public also repeats the myths, lies and folklore, especially wolf hating parochial(s) and ranchers and hunters until they become ingrained and stubbornly resistant to change. Conservationists are not going to have any or much impact on the rigid and reactive mindsets, so they must not only continue to counter the ignorance with valid information, but also appeal to a larger audience and find wolf friendly legislators at the state and federal levels. Also, the dollar appeal of wildlife viewing, by far more profitable than wildlife killing, needs to get out there more. All of this must come out over and over.


    “Wolves do not purchase hunting licenses, and most state wildlife managers draw their pay from revenue derived from sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. That, in brief, is what is wrong with wildlife management in America….” Ted Williams, 1986

    “To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul.” Aldo Leopold

    “Whenever and wherever men have engaged in the mindless slaughter of animals (including other men), they have often attempted to justify their acts by attributing the most vicious or revolting qualities to those they would destroy; and the less reason there is for the slaughter, the greater the campaign for vilification.”

    ― Farley Mowat, naturalist, conservationist and author of Never Cry Wolf


  4. A federal judge just ruled, September 23, 2014, that Wyoming wolves have to be re-listed and Wyoming must come up with a conservation plan which is not a wolf killing plan and that hunting is ceased immediately. He stated that Wyoming is too hostile toward wolves to manage them. The same can be said of Montana and Idaho and Wisconsin and elsewhere. These wolf jihad states should be relieved of wolf management indefinitely because they are run by traditional wolf hating elements. Wyoming had wolves classified as varmints and eligible for shoot on sight and allowed only a narrow corridor outside Yellowstone where they could exist and even there hunted in season. In Montana last year (2013) “sportsmen” got 5 wolves for one $19.00 ticket. Since then landowners have been given permission to kill up to 100 “threatening” wolves, which really amounts to an open season year around for landowners and their designated “agents”. This year there are no quotas for any areas except outside Yellowstone and Glacier. Idaho intends to get their wolf numbers down to as little as 150. Who was it, Ed Bangs (?), that pulled that out of their arse for number of wolves as target numbers for delisting, 150, 30 breeding pairs. ID, MT, WY can easily support 700 wolves. Actually, the wolf numbers seem stabilized in in the 600’s in MT and ID, but both states want much more killing. But these states, sportsmen and yokels have latched onto those numbers as a rationale for liberal kill policies. Wolves will manage their own populations relative to wolf pack elbow room and prey. General killing called “management” is asinine. The hunting, trapping season starts in Montana in September and goes to February 2015. Matters for wolves seem to be getting worse each year with the traditional enemies of ranchers, sportsmen, and yokels with their folklore, lies and myths and parochial ignorance, mostly about elk predation and stock predation, wolves as threatening, wanton killing of wolves, wolf size (giant, alien, Canadian wolf), and degree of wolf predation, numbers of wolves. State management of wolves is wolf jihad, not science, a hunter-rancher-wildlife agency led war on wildlife.


  5. Some of these would be funny if people didn’t really take them as truth. Its really scary to read the viciousness some folks have toward wolves and those of us who value them.


  6. When I was at the Capital in Salem during the 2011 legislative session, the crap spewing from many legislator’s mouths made me laugh, then the realization of the SEVERITY of it hit me. I remember Sen. Smith who represents the PORTLAND AREA was telling the PRESS that his constituents FEARED wolves snatching children off their porches…this is PORTLAND. I had a bit of a chat with him after that.


  7. It’s hard for me to accept/believe that this kind of thinking still exists in the 21st century. These people completely ignore mankind’s effects on ungulates and the environment from constant habitat loss to humans, or perhaps they think that is a given.

    It’s like the creature who was so morally outraged about wolves effects on elk calves that he (claimed to) have used a puppy for wolf bait! The disconnect is astounding. And yet mankind rules the world, and his ignorance has permanent effects on the world.


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  9. The folks who remark about how horrifying it is to watch a wolf pack tear apart an elk or other prey…
    I spent this past week-end in a wild horse and burro management area, where it also happens to be hunting season. We visited a site where a wild horse familiar to us had died about 6 months prior.
    There on the ground was the skin, legs and entrails of a deer kill, no more than a day or two old – just dumped in a pile.
    I don’t think most hunters get that what they do is any different from what wolves do; killing and field-dressing a deer or other ‘game’ is equally as reprehensible, and it’s done for mere sport. Wolf haters tend to post photos of their kills in as much graphic detail as possible, and what the picture won’t say, they’ll be happy to describe.
    Being a human isn’t anything to brag about in the realm of killing wildlife, and certainly no less ‘inhumane’ than what apex predators do. They’re not ‘your elk, ‘your deer’ or anything else that grants you exclusive ownership. The how and why wolves kill doesn’t have to make sense, nor must it qualify as humane.
    Of course, that falls on deaf ears and black hearts.


  10. Very informative factual information, well written, Nabeki. I would like a copy of this information to take to each agency(MTFWP, USDA{DOL,WS},USFWS, Senator Jon Testor’s Helena office, Rep. Steve Daines Helena office, Gov Steve Bullock, with our group on Oct 20, 2014, when we will go to each of these agencys, reps, to demand that they stop managing wolves, stop hunting and trapping of them, and using the latest available science and independent wildlife and wolf biologists, and start using NONLETHAL methods, to CONSERVE wolves.
    We are asking others to join us at the park across the street from the state capitol at appx 10 am, and carpool and march to these different agencys and representatives. We also want to demand that MTFWP have board members from the scientific and pro wolf and wildlife communities for a balanced board. Please join us Nebeki, and other wolf advocates. We are not doing PCD or demanding arrests for us or those joining us. We want peaceful, but a calm serious approach to get them educated and make positive change for wolves.


    • Thank you Dagmar. All the information about wolf scapegoating can be found on Rational Wiki, I provided a link to the site. It really does tackle all the wolf hating rationalizations.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. I meant : to use the latest available science…………….. Blackfeet Chief, Jimmy StGoddard will be leading us in this action. We will also make demands to stop the intended slaughter of Yellowstone NP bison this coming winter, and to make positive changes for them also.


  12. I would like to also state that when checking the weekly MTFWP wolf reports, I saw that the two run over wolf pups at Lookout Pass, in Mineral county on Aug 5th, by that Toby Bridges, were from the Brimstone pack. Well, listed on that page, in the wolf mortality column, 2 more wolves from the SAME PACK were road kill also. One on August 19, and one August 29. I believe that that Toby jerk is baiting an/or calling that pack and stalking and waiting for them and intentially running them down. I am alsdo going to address my concerns on this to the agencys and reps on Oct 20, and demand a full thorough investigation.
    Also, why are 17 Wyoming wolves dead when they are back on the Endangered Species List????????


    • Dagmar,

      The 17 wolves killed were wolves killed in the Wyoming Predator Zone in 2014 before they were placed back on the ESA. I thought it was important to keep their numbers up there.

      That is very upsetting news about the Brimstone wolf pack. I’m not surprised that nothing is being done to further investigate this, the response from MFWP was wholly inadequate IMO. The entire situation is tragic but what can you expect from an agency who is overseeing the ongoing wolf hunt in Montana? A wolf’s life is not valued in any state where sanctioned hunts are taking place.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • It appears that Montana employs only “wolf specialists” who express the political viewpoint, disguising it in vagaries when confronted with actual policy vs. biology.

        Again, the issue at present is “social carrying capacity”, the willingness of the human population to tolerate wolves.
        That carrying capacity falls with frustration or anger, whether that anger is related to wolves or not.

        This is unfortunate, and in the long term (although tolerance appears to have generally risen – Boitani, and others have shown that those occupying land where wolves have been absent are less tolerant of their return tanh are those who have lived a long time with wolves) numerous changes in human society will have to occur:

        1. Before free ownership, or invention, of guns, wolves could not be and were not persecuted to the extent that they are today.

        2. Since habitat suitable for wolves has been shown to include less than about 3/4 mile of roading per square mile, roads on public lands – and wherever else possible – need closure. The specific problem is that human access with motor vehicles (including snomos, which also alter ungulate behavior though stressing them in the late winter when they will more likely starve due to excess threat) allows the obese human to enter into wildlands and poach or, as you now understand in WI, bring dog packs in to assist in finding wolves to kill.
        In addition, wildlife crossings of large highways needs great enhancement – there are overpasses in western Canada allowing this, and wherever US highways traverse p[ublic lands, these need to become reality.

        3. Unfortunately, antipoaching laws are insufficiently enforced, and the penalties levied too small. Should less antiwildlife legislatures ever be elected, far more severe laws must be enacted, perhaps removing the ability of violators to own guns for the rest of their lives – after all, humans lived without these for 200,000 years, and close relatives for over 2 million, thriving.

        I do find it interesting that many housebound itchy-triggerfingers claim that wolf advocates either spend less time in the wild than they, or that we have not seen personally the actions of wolves.
        I spend more time here on your site, than I do with personal socializing with humans, and have just returned from a few days wherein my only speech was yelling “cease firing” in response to gunfire in the distance (it works to some extent, and I RECOMMEND it).

        Born next to wolf country when they still roamed before the killing was near complete, I notice that there would be NO ranchers if it were not for urban areas. Only subsistence and a more commensurate political power would occur if Canada and the USA would cease to support domestic meat-eating.

        I’m outside in unowned western land year-round, although not with a weapon to keep my knees from quivering. I have elsewhere mentioned stats showing that those who kill wolves entertain more fantastical fear than do others who do not – since I’m about to return to some wildland, I am unwilling to repeat the effort to find the peer-reviewed studies. I encourage you, especially wolf haters, who need to know this about themselves – to peruse predator studies etc. to become versed in truth, rather than fiction.

        As Nabeki may remember, I am biased – toward the wolf, although I have seen predation from quite close-up. Very, very few wolf haters have actually seen it, although they may claim so. We know that mammals have the capacity of cognition, and it is impossible for those whose business is to kill domestics long before maturity for cash, or to be involved in any way with that amoral venture, to claim compassion for any ungulate. Hypocrisy on this level is purest falsehood.

        My own grandfather used to curse and hate his bovines, perhaps so he would have less compunction about slaughtering.
        Men who slaughter men, neither have any moral ground to demean the wolf so they may do so without cognitive dissonance. The US has not been engaged in any truly just mass killing- war- in well over half century. All the following were mere excuses to kill, indulged in by men who first had to diminish the value of others in their own mind, before so easily pulling the trigger..

        There are no heroes among them.

        No reason, no argument will change those people you have quoted. Only the slow attrition of age will send them to either understanding the value of other life not subject to their fear and consequent hate, or, a final descent while still grasping these two failings as prized values as they die.
        Life for those who see and feel empathy relatively equally for all, has some abyssal sorrow, from which real love can grow, though we are all mortal. This is a rare love, encompassing all without exception; no god does this, but only a very few humans, and, (although I may be biased, I believe that I have seen it a time or two, in the necessary taking by the wolf) some other animals seem to understand in such a way that we cannot judge them to be absent of feeling the beauty of life in their time.

        Remember to yell loudly whenever you hear gunfire.


  13. Keep on keeping on….as the old civil rights protesters once said..We will win the fight to protect and preserve wolves and their habitats…Because it is the morally /soulfully right thing to do..for ourselves and the wolves.



  14. They sound very elitist, the wolf haters…like it is their right to be able to kill Wolves… ignorance is no excuse for killing and just because they live in Montana and Idaho doesn’t entitle them to kill America’s wildlife..The wild belongs to the earth, not to them.

    And Roger Hewitt’s comments are simply marvelous, I just can’t thank him enough for always putting the facts out there and letting them speak for themselves
    Nabeki …thank you for this great blog allowing those in favor of wolves and the environment a place to rest our weary souls and come together to howl for the magnificence of our brother and sister wolf…


  15. No no no no, I though it was crossed the line when 06 was killed, but this?! No no no, ok no slapping our wolves faces on the side of a paper and call it la la land smarty, because anti wolf haters know how to get to you they crossed it I’m serious now, can you give complains to the governor or the president? Because they are sitting around doing nothing about our animal community all they care about is getting there money I’m understanding because let me tell ya, there isn’t a law for wolves being protected in ALL AREAS. Just random places, I’m thinking they said (yea yea, just protect them in California or yellow stone , as long as I get my money.) that’s the president and the governor saying that. What I would say is ( ok this is the plan we make a law to protect animals and duh wolves everywhere in the world, all woods, main hunted areas, Yellowstone and Yellowstone national park.) and etc. this isn’t fair you guys.. Not at all..
    For the wolves, for the supporters.
    #HowlingForJustice. Bye guys.. ❤


  16. “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
    — Immanuel Kant I would prefer these rednecks do died out who want’s more inbred narrow minded children to take their place,The earth belongs to everyone especially the animals.


  17. I love wolves


  18. I think they are beautiful creatures


  19. This is a great piece and excellent comments. Will repost on Defenders of Wolves.


  20. Ignorant, hateful, and fearful comments like these continue to demonstrate why the states are entirely incapable of “managing” wolves. It’s hard to believe we’re in the 21st Century, and even harder to fathom why the federal govt. put the fates of wolves in the hands of these backward idiots.


    • Pure politics dearest.
      Just as biologists most often will trade any one, or several, wolf’s life for that of the species, so will humans trade any or every life for vague concepts like unity, social power, “greater” good.
      If your own life seems worth more – is not to be traded for such fantasies and fictions- you will have to find some better way.

      Tolerance for another kind unlike ours (you will be pleased to learn that Canis lupus is astonishingly more tolerant), and not directly socially benefiting oneself, this is very rare and precious. It is the only definition of real courage.

      But maybe you have that already!


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