To Nurses On The Front Lines Fighting Ebola – Thank You!


I want to take a moment and thank the brave nurses and other health care workers who are on the front lines fighting the deadly Ebola virus. My thoughts go out to Nina Pham and Amber Vinson  for their courage and dedication, as they literally put their lives on the line. You are true heroes! We can’t thank you enough!


Say thank you to nurses. They deserve it.

Updated by on October 15, 2014, 2:20 p.m. ET

A Spanish nurse became infected with the disease after caring for a patient there. And, here in the United States, two nurses in Texas — Nina Pham and Amber Joy Vinson — both contracted the disease.

It’s not especially hard to understand why: nurses provide much of the world’s hands on care. They’re the ones who are checking in with patients, taking their temperature, administering medications and delivering lots of the hands-on care that makes the health care system works.

This isn’t to undercut the important work that doctors do, everyday, helping to save lives and deliver medicine. But it is to draw attention to the fact that nurses are doing equally important work, also everyday, for less recognition and lower pay.

Liberian Health Workers Infected with Ebola by Profession



Photos: Courtesy Vox

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  1. Such selfless brave people! My admiration and healing heart goes out to them with deep thenks.


  2. Blessings, healing and speedy recovery to our nurses…Time to quarantine ALL travellers from West Africa..And end the “Bush Meat” obsession.


    • How right and bright you are with this comment about bush meat. Eating potentially diseased monkeys, bats and other animals implicated in ebola has so far had NO attention from the health experts. Amazing! But that must be addressed since they are the RESERVOIR of this deadly pathogen. As long as humans eat these potentially sick animals the ebola epidemic will increase. This ignorance is like treating people suffering with malaria yet never looking at mosquito control. It is like mopping up water from a gushing hole in the dam and never trying to plug up the hole. Thank you for listening.


  3. Yes, they are brave, but I think we are being lied to. They never should have allowed some of those nurses to board a commercial flight even though they knew they were ill. I just finished reading this very interesting article:


    • Yes, they are a courageous lot, no doubt about it. However, Amber Joy Vinson should have had the good sense not board any form of public transportation knowing (1) she had contact with a BSL-4 patient who died of Ebola, (2) during this period of contact, she had not worn BSL-4 protective gear, (3) she did not work in a BSL-4 environment (of which there only four in the U.S. – about 20 beds total) and (4) she had a fever, regardless of how slight. The plane she was on made five other flights before it was cleaned.

      The government and CDC are either incredibly incompetent, or they are lying through their teeth. Take precautionary measures now: (it’s free).


  4. Yes, our nurses deserve much praise. I do not want to see them, or airline personnel, or others who have direct and prolonged contact with the public, vulnerable to a deadly disease because people are too selfish to limit their activities.

    When you are sick, protect yourself and others by taking precautions, and not exposing others! We are too lackadaisical about this disease. It is much more deadly than the flu. I don’t want to keep reading that people haven’t been exposed, simply as a matter of luck. Get well soon to Ms. Pham and Ms. Vincen.


  5. I wish a nurse had been appointed as Ebola Czar too. And where’s the acting Surgeon General in all this? 😦


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