Save The Yellowstone Bison!

(From the Buffalo Field Campaign)

“NEW FILM: Silencing the Thunder
Independent film maker and Montana State University student, Eddie Roqueta, has just released an incredible 26-minute documentary about the ongoing war against America’s last wild buffalo.”

Yellowstone Bison_2013

Winter 2013 –  Magnificent Yellowstone buffalo, one of  the last wild, free roaming bison. A natural treasure!

Please help save them! Stop the slaughter!

Visit the Buffalo Field Campaign for more information.

Just like the wolves, bison are voiceless, speak for them!


Yellowstone to cull (kill) 900 buffalo this year


Buffalo Field Campaign


Photo: Nabeki 2013

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  1. These ranchers are the root of all our problems with the wildlife in the West. I am vegan myself, and I wish more people would stop eating meat, beef especially, since it causes more trouble than good.


    • You’re so right, Anne! Eating meat is at the root of all these animal assaults. Just think, people eat meat to entertain their palates, because they like the taste, not because it is a required food for health. Back in the early 1970’s the American Dietetic Association confirmed humans can be well nourished on a vegan diet. It is a crying shame that humans kill so wantonly and pollute the earth, just to enjoy the taste of flesh, so uncivilized!

      Nothing is more important than demonstrating kindness and compassion to those who are vulnerable, which are cornerstones of all great religions. Consuming flesh is indicative of SPECIES-ism. It is savage power and brutality over the weak.


    • Livestock Grazing on western lands (or anywhere, for that matter now) is the single most destructive human activity, besides the Human Population Explosion, responsible for the slaughter of millions of native wildlife (since the 1880’s): It is responsible for water depletion, pollution, soil degradation, native grass decline, damage to forest ecosystems, word-wide rain forest destruction & more. It is also is a major contributor to the exacerbation of Climate Change here and around the world. This industry is inexorably tied to the hunting/trapping industry, with many ranchers who are also hunters/trappers, and who sell permits for such activities on “their land.” Rodeo and other “cowboy” entertainment is inhumane, along with the transport of animals by semi trucks for days, going to slaughter.
      This terrible industry grazes on National Forests, wilderness areas, National Wildlife “Refuges,” BLM, state lands, at subsidy rates, demanding that native animals like bison, wolves, coyotes, prairie dogs, bobcats, mountain lions & many other wildlife be killed by the Federal Government on these public lands–so they can graze exotic domesticated food animals. Our public lands have been turned into de-natured feed lots, where wildlife once roamed.


  2. So, we’re going to destroy the strands in the web of all life and planet Earth to help the “hooved locust” that devour the face, heart and lungs of Mother Earth????

    While bison and wolves are the rivets holding spaceship Earth, altogether, cattle and sheep are rabid rivet-poppers!


  3. National Park Service officials in Yellowstone are an utter disgrace. And welfare ranching on our public lands needs to go. So sick of non-native livestock taking precedent over native wildlife.


  4. No animals should be killed because humanity see fit, every living creative has the right too life as we do no one has the right to take a life let alone for sport etc. So please as it should be leave these animals be free to live life as it was given to them. Humanity don’t have the right too play GOD WITH ANY ANIMALS.


  5. {{{sarcasm}}}} gee, how did the earth ever survive before human intervention????!!!


  6. Hi. Even though I’m behind a I pad, typing this. I still understand the way life works. If your a believer.. You know. The truth, life has and the truth nobody sees. Wolves, bison, hyena, elk, deer, all animals. We leave one thing out on that list every time.. We leave people out. People do it for fun, people are just careless that they kill a heart, a soul, a beauty. People who do it for a living are different, but alike they kill, don’t realize what they do. They don’t care if they let the device they use to harm a animal they don’t. But, I care for everything, and it’s scary to think how many people in the world do this, it’s scary to think how many people on the world think they are nothing, think they are worthless. It’s scary. I’m a person who doesn’t see the beauty in myself, I see beauty in other people, animals to. I can hide sure, but I chose not to hide because something might wait, wait, and wait for me to come but I don’t come and it slowly decides to leave, and then I come out and that thing that I wanted is gone, left, never coming back to let me try again, ever.. People decide to do so much to their selves, yet they think nobody cares about them at all everyone cares about them in reality. Same with animals, they try and try but people just pass them up. It’s a scary thing to think about.. But if you know what’s right, and what’s wrong in the world you know the answer.. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.. Hope can be good and bad, too much hope just goes to waste, the correct amount of hope is right, fear is worse too much fear hurts you to much fear destroys you, to little fear helps you. And no fear at all means you win and are you. I hope you don’t do this in reality, and I see the beauty in life, it offers more than hunters, and killers, and fear.. I hope one day these people realize the value of life, and stop destroying it one they get the chance, I wish they will stop abusing it more than they have the earth is delicate and every time you do this if your a hunter, or killer or any abuser of animal life, you bruise the world every time you do this, and soon enough the world will be all black and blue if you keep it up.. The value of life, and death, are so different, life is joy, hope, happiness, beauty, and death, is cruel, hurtful, ruining, damage. See the difference? I hope you do, a. Animal every time that bullet goes off or that arrow goes far, they feel death they feel all of death, it hurts to think about it.. It hurts a lot, so with that being said… The value of life is so much more then you know you know your a good person inside, and if you hunt, kill, or just abuse animals for fun, I hope you remember this and we, will soon forgive your damage if you mean it.. Truly. Have hope, stay strong,

    From, Carly ❤ for the wolves for the supporters.


  7. ranchers again,soon there will be no wildlife left.


    • There is already no wildlife left.. Hunters, keep it up, it’s already halfhearted just a little left..
      From Carly, for the wolves, for the supporters..


  8. You know what it is really really pathetic that a bison can realize what has happened to its own kind, and when it’s death and life is gone, but humans just let it go and don’t care about a animal dying! It sickens me seriously that animals have a better heart than most humans..
    Just a thought thinking about it in my room, just thinking about these animals. From Carly. For the wolves, for the supporters.
    #HowlingForJustice. ❤


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